The control made in China is short, flat and fast. In Java, XML is transformed into excel by programming

mnrssj 2021-04-08 12:27:24
control china short flat fast.

Spire.XLS for Java It's professional Java Excel API, So that developers don't need to use Microsoft Office or Microsoft Excel You can create , management , operation , Conversion and printing Excel Worksheet .

This paper introduces the use of Spire.XLS for Java take XML The file to Excel Methods , Including conversion to .xlsx / .xls etc. . As a free download Spire.XLS

import com.spire.xls.*; public class xmltoexcel { public static void main(String[] args) { // load xml file Workbook wb = new Workbook(); wb.loadFromXml("test.xml"); // To xlsx Format Excel wb.saveToFile("xmltoExcel.xlsx",FileFormat.Version2013); // To xls Format Excel wb.saveToFile("xmltoExcel.xls",FileFormat.Version97to2003); } }

For testing xml The documents are as follows :

Excel Java Components Spire.XLS course : take XML To Excel

Conversion result :

Excel Java Components Spire.XLS course : take XML To Excel


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