stay 2020 Years of today Linux It has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and gained more and more acceptance , However Linux There are many releases , There are universal barriers to choice . Except for the server side, the operators all like Redhat Centos, Developers and containers generally like Ubuntu Outside , For other new beginners, Xiaobai and desktop UI For the party, it is necessary to study and select a good-looking and easy-to-use distribution version . In this article, we will introduce 2020 The most popular Top 10 Distribution version .


2020 The most popular Linux Distribution version Top 10


Ubuntu It's South Africa's richest man Mark Shuttleworth stay Debian Based on the open source operating system .Ubuntu Based on the desktop , Release quality , Security updates and availability .Ubuntu Use the regular version and LTS( Long term support ,5 In support of ) The release strategy of the version .

Ubuntu Is currently the most widely used and supported Linux One of the releases . The default comes with rich and easy-to-use GNOME Desktop Environment . According to preference , Users are free to customize MATE,KDE and XFCE Wait for the desk .

Ubuntu Highly customizable , And through the software center (apt Package manager ) Provide a large number of applications .

Ubuntu A vibrant community of open source developers , Continuous efforts to improve the system and provide users with online help .Ubuntu The latest version is 20.10.

Ubuntu The installation needs to meet the following requirements :

4 GB Above memory ;

2 GHz The above dual core processors ;

least 25 GB Available hard disk space ;

1024 x 768 Screen resolution .

DVD Drive or USB port , For connecting to the setup media .


2020 The most popular Linux Distribution version Top 10


Fedora be based on Redhat, And supported by the open source community Linux Distribution version .Fedora Provide free and open source software packages , have access to RPM,YUM and DNF Package manager for application management . The latest version is Fedora 33.

Fedora There is broad support for , Provide Fedora Custom spins. These variants apply to security , game , Design and calculation :

Fedora The workstation : Focus on desktop users and software developers .

Fedora The server : Focus on open source server software with easy to deploy solutions .

Fedora CoreOS: Focus on the container operating system .

Fedora IoT: For IOT edge computing .

Fedora silverblue: Focus on containers that enable developers and the community to develop useful solutions .

Fedora The version life cycle of is very short (13 Months ), Its software packages are updated very frequently .

Fedora Installing hardware requires :

2GB Above memory ;

Intel 64 Bit processor , have AMD-V and AMD64 Extended AMD processor ;

least 6GB Of disk space .

MX Linux

2020 The most popular Linux Distribution version Top 10


MX Linux It's a medium-sized Linux Distribution version , With an elegant and efficient desktop . and Ubuntu It's also based on Debian Stable version , Use the core antiX Components . It's simple and reliable , And it can run well from traditional hardware to modern desktop . In recent years ,MX Linux The number of users is increasing , Is currently the Distrowatch The most popular distribution . Its latest version is 19.2.

MX Linux Has its own very useful MX Tools , Including boot repair , System snapshots and Nvidia Driver Installer .MX Package installer (apt Package manager ) In good order , Easy to use .


2020 The most popular Linux Distribution version Top 10


Manjaro Is based on Arch Linux Simple and easy to use operating system . yes 2020 Distrowatch Second on the popularity list . Its main feature is the intuitive installation , Automatic hardware detection , Version of the stable update, etc .

Manjaro Support all kinds of desktop styles , such as GNOME,Xfce,KDE,MATE,Cinnamon and Budgie.

Manjaro The hair bag comes with Firefox,LibreOffice and Cantata Or something like that , Suitable for daily work, study and entertainment, etc , It also supports a convenient widget , One click to add to the desktop .

Manjaro The Setup Manager can easily select the required kernel version, as well as the third-party drivers and language packages for specific hardware .Octopi Package manager can organize packages , And easy to use .

Manjaro The latest version is 20.1, The minimum installation requirement is :

be based on Intel Of i686 or i386 processor

1 GB Above memory

On the lowest hard disk 8 GB Available space


2020 The most popular Linux Distribution version Top 10


Linux Mint Is based on Ubuntu TLS perhaps Debian Stable version of the most popular Linux Desktop distribution , be located 2020 Distrowatch On the popularity list .

By default ,Mint Incidental Cinnamon desktop , The desktop is intuitive and easy to use , It's especially suitable for other operating systems ( for example Windows and Mac) Turn to Linux Users of . and Gnome or Unity comparison ,Cinnamon The desktop consumes very little memory , Also equipped with lightweight fashion Software Manager (dpkg).

Mint Yes DVD and MP3 And other media formats have excellent support . You can play video and music directly .

Linux Mint The latest version is 20, code-named ulyana, The minimum installation requirement is :

64 position x86 processor ;

2 GB The above RAM;

The minimum 10 GB Available disk space .


2020 The most popular Linux Distribution version Top 10


POP!_OS It's also based on Ubuntu Of Linux Desktop distribution , It aims to minimize the amount of clutter on the desktop .Pop OS The creator of is specialized in building custom Linux PC The job of , They have managed to adjust... With the necessary improvements in the graphical interface Pop. Just click the mouse , In the integrated Intel Graphics and dedicated NVidia Switching between graphics .

Pop!_OS Now it supports multiple graphics cards . The user can run the desktop on the integrated graphics card , Then right-click on the application icon to display it in the stand-alone Nvidia GPU Start it on . When it comes to other Linux When comparing releases , It's easy to be in Intel and NVidia Switching between graphics solutions .Pop!_OS Can be in any PC Up operation , And Linux What the distribution expects .Pop!_OS Can provide a good desktop experience for the game .

Pop!_OS Has a AppCenter, Also known as Pop_Shop By ElementaryOS Team developed projects . The main goal is to simplify the organization of applications , To provide an easy search experience .

Pop!_OS The latest version is 20.10, The minimum installation requirement is :

The minimum 2GB above RAM, The suggestion is 4GB;

least 16GB Storage space , The suggestion is 20GB;

64 Bit processor ;

Elementary OS

2020 The most popular Linux Distribution version Top 10


Elementary OS Is based on Ubuntu Beautiful and fast Linux Distribution version . It's intuitive , Simple and stylish desktop environment .

Elementary OS The desktop environment is based on Gnome Of Pantheon, Its design is similar to macOS. It has a AppCenter, The application can be easily installed outside the terminal .

Elementary OS The latest version is 5.1.7, Code name hera. The minimum installation requirement is :

Intel core i3 Or compatible dual core 64 Bit processor ;

4 GB Above memory ;

At least 15 GB Of SSD Available space ;

Zorin OS


2020 The most popular Linux Distribution version Top 10


Zorin OS Is a very similar to Windows The desktop environment of the desktop , From Windows or macOS For the transformed users , It's the ideal environment . This is a base Debian Powerful but easy to use operating system . In the new PC On , It's very fast and stable , It can definitely bring you an extraordinary user experience .

Zorin OS With useful productivity applications available out of the box , such as LibreOffice, Media players and games that can be purchased from their software store . You can also use Wine Applications to run Windows Applications .

Zorin OS The latest version is 15.3, Accumulation has 170 10,000 downloads , It has important update and hardware compatibility functions .

Minimum installation requirements :64 position x86 processor ;2GB above RAM;10GB Available hard disk space .

depth Linux

2020 The most popular Linux Distribution version Top 10


Deepin depth Linux It is launched by Wuhan shenzhidu technology, a domestic manufacturer, based on Debian Of Linux Desktop distribution , Committed to providing a beautiful , Easy to use 、 Security 、 Free and reliable Linux Distribution version . It is based on the integration of excellent open source products in the world , Independent use of Qt5 Technology's new desktop environment 、 System settings Center , And the music player 、 Video player 、 Software center and other applications for ordinary users , With fashion UI Design and better UX. Fashion with color icons DDE, Fresh GUI and beautiful gui . depth Linux Great emphasis on easy-to-use experience and beautiful design , Easy to install and use , It can also be a good substitute for Windows The system is used in various fields such as work and entertainment .

depth Linux The latest version is Deepin 20.


2020 The most popular Linux Distribution version Top 10


Solus Mainly for home computing Linux One of the releases . Committed to providing a clean and tidy experience .Solus Of PiSi The package manager is eopkg, The repository includes any software imaginable , The software is always updated with each release .

Its customized desktop environment Budgie, Attractive , Simple and clean features , No need to buy Chromebook, Can provide with Chrome OS A similar experience . Will be taken from GNOME Get all the software you need in the desktop environment , The software is light and fast .

Budgie Clean and tidy , And has an attractive visual user interface , Can provide a wonderful and spectacular user experience .

Solus The latest version is Solus 4.1 , The minimum installation requirement is :

Dual core at least 2 GH And above ;

4 GB Above memory ;

Direct X11 / GeForce 460 Or higher graphics cards

The minimum 10 GB Available disk space .


In this paper , I introduced 2020 year The most popular 10 individual Linux Distribution version , For your reference . If you have a better version, please reply and share .