One . vmware

1. vmware Download address

2. VMware15 Installation

1、 double-click VMware-workstation-full-xxx.exe. And then the next step

2、 Check I accept the license agreement , next step

 Insert picture description here

3、 Change where the software is installed , next step Or go straight to the next step without changing the location


4、 If you don't want to automatically check for updated software , Don't check next


5、 Two checkmarks on the desktop and menu bar to create software icons , next step

6、 After the next step, choose install


7、 Complete the installation


8、 Then double click to start VMware Enter key


Two 、 install ubuntu

1. Download address :

2. install ubuntu

Set the username peng
password 1

Set the virtual machine save Directory /G:\ubuntu20

The hard disk is set larger 500G

Click Finish , To save time , Please disconnect the network , Bear in mind , Or it'll take hours .
Please disconnect the network
Please disconnect the network
Please disconnect the network

Log in and enter the password 1

3. Modify resolution

Right click on the desktop , Select display settings :

Turn off the auto lock screen , Reduce the trouble of entering a password every time :

4. Modify hostname

ctrl + alt +t You can open the terminal

Input sudo gedit /etc/hostname And then go back

 Insert picture description here

Click save , Then exit the interface .

Click on the triangle in the upper right corner :

Click on Cancellation Log in again after ,

Open the terminal again , You will find that the host name has been modified .

5. install vmtools

At present, we can't directly from windows Copy files directly to ubuntu, Execute the following command :

sudo apt-get install open-vm-tools-desktop

Restart the ubuntu You can copy files directly to the virtual machine

6. Other tools to install

apt install vimapt-get install ctags
apt install gcc
apt install make      apt install make-guile apt-get install gawkapt-get install ncurse*apt-get install restart*apt-get install ifconf*apt-get install p7zipapt-get install p7zip-full
apt install sqlite3apt-get install git