《LINUX Authoritative guide 》 Good book , It's comprehensive and extensive , It's not deep , It's good as an introductory book , We can have a more comprehensive understanding of linux . In addition, the more popular can also see 《 Bird brother's house dishes 》 Such as books , Management books . If you want to do server You can look for directions .

drive   piece
《LINUX Device driver  》 That's what the Internet says “LDD”, A classic , Essential books . Domestic classic 《Linux Drive detailed solution 》 It's also a very good book , Very practical , Source code in the book   There's a lot of analysis , be based on 2440 Of , Yes linux Peripheral driver has a very comprehensive explanation

Zhejiang university 《LINUX Scenario analysis of kernel source code 》, Foreign devils 《 Leon UNIX Source code analysis 》 also 《 In depth understanding of linux kernel 》 They're all famous classics . In addition, Zhao Jiong's 《LINUX The kernel is completely dissected -- be based on 0.12 kernel 》 It's also very good , Detailed comments on the kernel code , It is very helpful to understand the kernel and analyze the code .

shell piece
《LINUX And UNIX Shell Programming Guide 》

application   Programming
Needless to say, it must be 《unix Environment advanced programming 》 go by the name of unix The Bible of programming .

TCP/IP piece
《TCP/IP Detailed explanation 》 author W.Richard Stevens It's also 《unix Environment advanced programming 》 The author of , None of the books written by niuren is not classic . But he died young , A moment of silence .

c Language
《The C Programming Language》 It's the author who made it c Language , It's strange that books can be rubbish
《c And a pointer 》 and 《c Pitfalls and pitfalls 》 Two must-have books . Contains c The most fallible part of language , deepen c Good material for language skills .
About the algorithm
《 Introduction to algorithms 》



Linux The operating system is mainly some configuration files and some command-line tools , Master the main directory structure and configuration files of the operating system , Use the system's command line tools to complete the routine maintenance of the operating system , Monitoring work . Then you can install and deploy some enterprise applications , monitor 、 Management and so on .

hold /etc You can understand all the common configurations under the directory , hold /bin /sbin /usr/bin /usr/sbin The following common commands are understood Will use shell Write regular maintenance scripts

So you're very good .


linux The command has to be familiar with , Yes find.sed,awk Must be more familiar with , It will be regular .
understand unix Programming , compile , know gnu A lot of famous software and can use .
Be able to use it skillfully vi, be familiar with makefile...
Master one, if possible xwin The development way gtk,qt etc. .
Figure out the file system , Can master 50% above /dev What's the equipment for , And can use .
To know /var What are the most important things in the world .
be familiar with /etc Configuration below , Learn about common service configurations
I know when it starts up unix In which order to start , And configure services
C Language .
Know how to install software
not only pkg_add,rpm,
Know how to monitor progress , The Internet
Know how to track core
These are familiar , Basically unix It's new , Can you do it unix Primary users


It depends on what level you want to reach , My personal understanding is :

primary : Use command skillfully 、 be familiar with Shell Programming 、 Can configure simple services , Know the location of configuration files related to various services ,
Can understand and modify the configuration script provided by the system (/etc/*.*)
Recommended books :
《 Bird brother's private dishes 、 Advanced 》
《Advanced Bash Shell》

intermediate : be familiar with TCP/IP principle 、OS principle 、 Skillfully use C Language 、Linux System programming 、 Network programming .
Recommended books :
《The C Programming Language》
《Unix Environment advanced programming 》
《Linux Programming 》
《TCP/IP Detailed explanation of the agreement Volume I 》
《Unix Advanced network programming 》

senior :
《Linux Device Driver》
《 In depth understanding of Linux kernel 》
《 Deep understanding of computer systems 》
《 In depth understanding of LINUX Inside the Internet 》

In the list above , It's our company that plays Kernel It's from the cattle man .
Learning any knowledge is not achieved overnight , It needs to be done over and over again , Over and over again .
wish you success !


linux There is a saying in the industry ,《 deep 》 For the purpose of 、《 love 》 For the purpose . Sentiment refers to situational analysis , A classic book . Scenario analysis is difficult , It also needs the readers to have a certain talent . Don't suggest linux Reading for beginners , It's easy to get lost . The book itself is more about when you have problems , Hope to explore the reasons in depth , Read one of the chapters .

     linux The complete book of Four Treasuries
1.          LINUX Kernel design and implementation       Edition2    
2.          Linux Device drivers       Edition3
3.          LINUX Scenario analysis of kernel source code     
4.          In depth understanding of LINUX kernel ( The third edition )   
The above is called       Linux      Kernel      Complete Library of Four Branches of Books , ha-ha .
Let's see LINUX Kernel design and implementation       Edition 2

Application development
<Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment>
If you look at the code , Use Source Insight 3.5

To get these books , You can scan the following QR code , Official account : A bite of Linux

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