Installation method :

sudo apt-get install p7zip

Unzip the file :

7z x 100ask_imx6ull-sdk.7z  -r -o/home/peng/xx

Explain the following :
x Represents the decompression file , And decompress it according to the original directory ( There's another parameter e It's also a decompression file , But it will unzip all the files to the root , Instead of your own folder )manager.7z It's a compressed file , Here we need to change it into our own . If you are not in the current directory, bring the complete directory with you
-r Represents recursion of all subfolders
-o Is to specify the directory to extract to , You should pay attention to -o Then there is no blank space directly connected to the directory

Compressed files :

7z a -t7z -r manager.7z /home/peng/*

Explain the following :
a Add representative file / Folder to package
-t Is to specify the compression type Generally, we set it as 7z
-r Represents recursion of all subfolders ,manager.7z Is the name of the compressed package ,/home/manager/* Is the directory to be compressed ,* It means all the files in the directory .