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I remember when I started developing , It uses notepad++, And then used it eclipse A span , Until later IntelliJ IDEA, Attracted by his powerful functions , Since then , It has always been my preferred development tool ." If a worker wants to do a good job, he must sharpen his tools first ",IntelliJ IDEA As the best tool recognized in the industry , There are so many magical things about it , Master this idea After you've learned your skills , Development efficiency at least tripled , And it is also very friendly to some poor English learners , This article will introduce the common configuration and some practical plug-ins in detail , I hope I can help you . Master these skills , Your coding speed and quality can definitely get a qualitative leap .

1.JDK Configuration of

open IDEA Launch page , Click on Configure, choice Project Defaults –> Project Structure, You can set the default for all items JDK edition

2. Coding settings

stay File->settings->Editor->Code Style->File Encodings Set up

3.maven Set up

stay File->settings-> Search for maven, then Mavan home directory Set in the maven Of bin The location of the file , stay User settings file Set in the setting The location of the file , stay Local repository-- Set up a local warehouse

4. Set up maven Rely on auto import

1. stay Maven Choose Importting Check

5.idea Theme modification of

stay File->settings-> Search for Appearance, Make changes

6. Change the font

open intellij ->File ->Settings-> Search for Font

7. take IDEA It is amended as follows Eclipse Shortcut key

stay File -> Settings -> Keymap => Keymap To be amended as Eclipse

8. Set the code prompt to be case insensitive

modify Code Completion Set up -Match case No election

9. According to the line Numbers

stay File -> Settings ->Editor ->General -> Appearance Interior selection Show line numbers Page multi line display

stay intellij ->File ->Settings-> Search for Editor Tabs

11. Set the comment style of the code

1.File -> Settings ->Editor ->Code Style Interior selection Java->Code Gendration


12. Global modification of file description information

File -> Settings -> Editor -> File and Code Templates Set in the

13.IDEA Generate serial number serialVersionUID

stay IDEA in , You need to make the following settings , After setting up , Press Alt+Enter key , You can see that “Add serialVersionUID field” Information

14. export jar Package configuration

1. stay file -> export setting Set the exported settings.jar The location of the package

15. Common shortcut key

1. Intelligent completion :Ctrl+Shift+Space

2. Self repair :Alt+Enter

3. Reconstruct everything :Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T

4. Cut back and forth :Ctrl+Tab

5. Choose what you want 【 Select the context sensitive code 】:Ctrl+W

6. Code generation :Template/Postfix +Tab

7. issue orders :Ctrl+Shift+A

8. Nowhere to hide :Shift+Shift

9. Done automatically :Ctrl+Shift+Enter

10. Create everything :Alt+Insert

16. Common plug-ins

  1. Sun theme Solarized Themes

 2.idea On Class call sequence diagram    SequenceDiagram for IntelliJ IDEA  

  3. Color brackets   Rainbow Brackets

  4.mybatis Plug in collection   :MyBatis Log Plugin   MyBatisCodeHelperPro  Free Mybatis        plugin

  5. Translation plug-ins   translation plugin

  6. Typing effect   Power Mode II  

  7. Jump fast Action Method RestfulToolkit

  8. Highlight tips   HighlightBracketPair

  9. Convert case CamelCase or UpperLowerCapitalize

  10. Code generator codehelper.generator    perhaps GenerateAllSetter 

  11.  Console log The highlighted   Grep Console

  12. Decompile plug-ins  IdeaJad 

17. Other plug-ins

  • Amway has a very practical IDEA plug-in unit --RestfulToolkit

  • The website links :, English Chinese bilingual help document .

  • ai Intelligent coding tips :aiXcode

  • Alibaba code protocol detection p3c  (github Address :

  • Shortcut key prompt tool :Key promoter X

  • Code annotation plug-in :Lombok

  • Code generation tool :CodeMaker

  • Unit test generation tool :JUnitGenerator

  • Mybatis Tools :Free Mybatis plugin

  • Maven Auxiliary artifact :Maven Helper

  • JSON Domain object tool :GsonFormat

  • Domain object transfer JSON Tools :POJO to JSON

  • Time series graph generation tool :SequenceDiagram

  • String tool :String Manipulation

  • Code coloring tool :Rainbow Brackets

  • RESTful Set of service development AIDS : RestfulToolkit

  • Logging tools :Grep Console

  • Generating objects set Method :GenerateAllSetter

  • Redis visualization :Iedis   charge

  • K8s Tools :Kubernetes

  • Chinese English translation tools :Translation

  • Zookeeper visualization :Zookeeper

  • Bytecode viewer :Bytecode Viewer、jclasslib

  • Bytecode editing tool :Edit Bytecode

  • bug Pre inspection :FindBugs-IDEA

  • Micro benchmarking :JMH Plugin

  • According to the sequence diagram :SequenceDiagram

  • Use Markdown How to draw a sequence diagram :PlantUML


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