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All the orders in this article are in macOS Big Sur and Opensuse Tumbleweed Upper test passed

socat & netcat

netcat(network cat) It's a web toolkit with a long history , It's called TCP/IP The Swiss Army knife , The major Linux Distributions have default installations openbsd Version of netcat, Its command line name is nc.

and socat(socket cat), Official documents describe it as "netcat++" (extended design, new implementation), The project is quite active ,kubernetes-client(kubectl) The bottom layer is used to forward all kinds of traffic .

It's not convenient to install socat In the environment of , We can use the system's own netcat.

And in other environments , Priority can be given to socat.

One 、 brief introduction

socat The basic command format of :

socat [ Parameters ] Address 1 Address 2

to socat Provide two addresses ,socat The job is to connect the flows of two addresses . The output of the left address goes to the right , At the same time, the output of the right address is sent to the left , That's one Two way data pipeline .

Sounds like nothing special , But in fact, what the computer network does is data transmission , It affects the whole world , Its function cannot be underestimated .

socat Support a lot of address types :-/stdio,TCP, TCP-LISTEN, UDP, UDP-LISTEN, OPEN, EXEC, SOCKS, PROXY wait , Can be used for port monitoring 、 link , File and process read and write , Proxy bridging and so on .

socat It's that simple , The command line arguments are also simple , The only thing that needs to be learned is the definition and collocation of its various addresses .

and netcat The definition doesn't seem so rigorous , Can be simply understood as the network version of cat command 2333

Two 、 Installation method

Every distribution comes with netcat, The package name is usually nc-openbsd, So here's just socat Method of installation :

# Debian/Ubuntu
sudo apt install socat # CentOS/RedHat
sudo yum install socat # macOS
brew install socat

Other distributions can also be installed using the package manager socat

3、 ... and 、 Common commands

1. Network debugging

1.1 Check the connectivity of the remote port ( Make sure the firewall is OK )

You may have learned how to use it before telnet To do this test , But now many distributions don't come with them telnet 了 , Additional installation is required .

telnet Almost dead , Or suggest using more professional socat/netcat

Use socat/netcat Check the connectivity of the remote port :

# -d[ddd] Increase log detail ,-dd Prints fatal, error, warning, and notice messages.
socat -dd - TCP: # -v Show details
# -z Don't send data , The effect is to close the connection immediately , Quick results
nc -vz 8080 # -vv Show more details
# -w2 The timeout is set to 2 second
# Use nc Do a simple port scan
nc -vv -w2 -z 20-500

1.2 Test whether the local port can be accessed by external ( Detect firewalls 、 route )

Listen to a TCP port , The received content is sent to stdout, At the same time stdin Input to the client :

# Server start command ,socat/nc A choice 
socat TCP-LISTEN:7000 -
# -l --listening
nc -l 7000 # Client connection command ,socat/nc A choice
socat TCP: -
nc 7000

UDP Protocol testing is very similar , Use netcat An example of this is :

# Server side , Monitor only ipv4
nc -u -l 8080 # client
nc -u 8080
# Client native test , Be careful localhost It will be preferentially interpreted as ipv6! This will cause the server to (ipv4) Of nc No data received !
nc -u localhost 8080

Use socat Of UDP The test example is as follows :

socat UDP-LISTEN:7000 -
socat UDP: -

1.3 debugging TLS agreement

Reference resources socat Official documents :Securing Traffic Between two Socat Instances Using SSL

Test the generation of certificate and private key. See [TLS agreement 、TLS certificate 、TLS Certificate configuration method 、TLS Encryption cracking means ]({{< ref "about-tls-cert/" >}})

Simulate one mTLS The server , monitor 4433 port , The received data is also output to stdout:

# socat You need to use a pem file , The generation method is as follows 
cat server.key server.crt > server.pem
cat client.key client.crt > client.pem # Server start command
socat openssl-listen:4433,reuseaddr,cert=server.pem,cafile=client.crt - # Client connection command
socat - openssl-connect:,cert=client.pem,cafile=server.crt
# Or use curl Connect ( We know ca.crt and server.crt Can be used for cacert/cafile)
curl -v --cacert ca.crt --cert client.crt --key client.key --tls-max 1.2

The above command uses mTLS Two way authentication protocol , By setting verify=0 To turn off client authentication , Examples are as follows :

# socat You need to use a pem file , The generation method is as follows
cat server.key server.crt > server.pem # Server start command
socat openssl-listen:4433,reuseaddr,cert=server.pem,verify=0 - # Client connection command , If ip/ Domain names are not protected by certificates , It also needs to be added verify=0
socat - openssl-connect:,cafile=server.crt
# Or use curl Connect , The certificate is invalid. Please add -k Skip Certificate Validation
curl -v --cacert server.crt

2. The data transfer

Usually when transferring files , I'm used to using scp/ssh/rsync, however socat You can actually transfer files .

In order to demo.tar.gz From host A Send to host B For example ,

First, on the data sender A Execute the following command :

# -u It means that data is only transmitted from the address on the left to the address on the right (socat The default is a two-way pipe )
# -U and -u contrary , Data is only transmitted from the right to the left in one direction
socat -u open:demo.tar.gz tcp-listen:2000,reuseaddr

And then at the data receiver B Execute the following command , You can receive the file :

socat -u tcp: open:demo.tar.gz,create
# If it's too cumbersome , It can also be directly passed through stdout Redirect
socat -u tcp: - > demo.tar.gz

Use netcat Data transmission can also be realized :

# Start the server at the receiver first 
nc -l -p 8080 > demo.tar.gz
# Then start the client to send data at the sender
nc 8080 < demo.tar.gz

3. Take on the temporary web The server

Use fork reuseaddr SYSTEM Three commands , Reuse systemd/supervisor Manage it , You can use a few lines of command to achieve a simple background server .

The following command will listen 8080 port , And connect the data stream with Of stdio Connect , You can access it directly with a browser http://<ip>:8080 To see the effect .

socat TCP-LISTEN:8080,reuseaddr,fork SYSTEM:"python3"

hypothesis The content is :

print("hello world")

that curl localhost:8080 It should output hello world

4. Port forwarding

monitor 8080 port , Set up the port with Two way pipe between :

socat TCP-LISTEN:8080,fork,reuseaddr

take curl Command to test , You should be able to access Baidu normally :

# Pay attention to the designation Host
curl -v -H 'Host:' localhost:8080

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