Combined with four years of University experience, I will take you to uncover the method and route of efficient self-study Java (from the perspective of understanding, method and feedback)

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Hello everyone , I am a bigsai Long time no see , I miss you so much , The article is also included in Return to class . This article is about self-study Java Of n Two questions and n There are two ways to make some suggestions , And recommended a self-study Java The route of the , It's more suitable for some new beginners .
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Whether you're a college student or an employee , Want to learn Java when , There are two choices , Self study or class registration . It's usually too expensive to report to class , Time is not free ; Self study and do not know how to start , I'm afraid I can't stick to it . What shall I do? ?

This article will answer your self-study questions Java Of N Seed problem :

Are you suitable for self-study Java Well ?

How to self-study Java Well ?

Is there anything reliable Java Self study materials recommendation ?

How to let oneself see progress , Stick to it ?


Above questions , I'll sort out the answers for you in the course , Let's start learning .

Who is suitable for self-study Java

Before self-study, you may have a lot of confusion and doubts because of your own conditions , I don't know if I am suitable for self-study Java. Now let's do a test , To test whether you are suitable for self-study Java.

The first question : You are learning Java How strong is your belief ?

Lowest score 0 branch , The highest 5 branch , How would you rate yourself ?

On learning Java To have a firm belief is to learn Java The prerequisites for , If you rate yourself less than or equal to 2.5 branch , I suggest you give up studying Java Well . If you rate yourself more than 2.5 branch ( The higher, the better ), congratulations , The first test has passed !

The second question : You learn Java The purpose of the project is to promote interest or employment ?

If you study Java It's just interest , No matter how self-study class is suitable for you , Because you don't need time . Then you can skip the next test , Look at the dry goods in the back .

But if you want to study and work Java, That's good for learning Java There are certain requirements for effect and time , We should also meet the requirements of social posts . Suggest you consider class or self-study .

If you are greater than 30 The age of , I don't recommend you to study any more Java 了 , One side 30 Poor learning ability and energy , On the other hand 30 Year old Java Junior Xiaobai can hardly find a job .

But if you are less than 30 The age of , Then your objective conditions can still be learned Java Of . The rest will test your self-control and perseverance .

The third question : Lowest score 0 branch , The highest 5 branch , How do you rate your self-control and perseverance ?

If your score is less than 3 branch , I suggest you apply for a class Java, Self study is not for you .( If you're not sure about your level of self-control , You can also go online to find some self-control test questionnaires .)

But if you have more self-control 、 More personal time 、 Love independent thinking and study , So congratulations , I think you are very suitable for self-study . If you also choose self-study , Then you can learn from the content of this course , I believe you can find a suitable road for yourself !

Finally, you may ask , Gender 、 English level 、 Mathematics level 、 Whether it is a class or not, whether it affects self-study Java, If you pass all the tests above , These are actually some non critical factors .

Let's summarize all of the above problems with a diagram :

 Selection Chart

Although gender 、 English level 、 Mathematics level 、 Whether it is a computer major or not is not the key factor , But when you're a girl , English 、 The level of mathematics is poor , Non computer major students , English 、 The computer major with better mathematics level will still have some influence , More effort may be required to achieve the same result .

Let's compare computer major with non computer major .

Self study of computer major and non computer major Java The difference between ?

Although the computer mainly depends on self-study , But students majoring in computer still have great advantages over non computer majors , Most computer majors are open Java In this course , We can make these students study Java Fast on the road " Cold start "; There are also some important basic courses , For example, data structure 、 operating system 、 database 、 Computer network and other courses can help students understand computer more deeply , Learn to Java Language can also have a deeper understanding .

It's not a computer major that's learning by itself Java when , Because of the original professional courses 、 Limitation of operation , Compared with computer majors, the study time is much less , But these problems can be overcome and solved , You can spend more time after class 、 Weekend time , Learn to practice Java, Can also rub a rub computer professional opened Java Course , More communication and collision with computer related majors . self-taught Java It's also important to have a good attitude , Don't complain about being dragged down by the professional courses , We should be optimistic to face the difficulties in learning , Have a long-term vision , Sunshine always comes after the rain !

in general , Self study of computer major Java resources 、 More time , More attention should be paid to the methods and contents of self-study ; It's more difficult than computer conditions , In addition to focus on methods and content , The important thing is to stick to your busy schedule and squeeze out a lot of time for you Java, It's a great test of perseverance .

When you are suitable for self-study , Then you need to find a good way to improve self-study Java The efficiency of , How to do it? ? Take a look at the following ~

Efficient self study Java Three key points

Here I summarize three main points , Respectively from the know 、 Method 、 feedback From the angle of view , There must be a plan for you !

1 understand Java Knowledge system

self-taught Java front , Right Java and Java Have a certain understanding of system knowledge , Have a general outline in mind to learn , In order to be more practical . Through a few questions to understand Java.

What is? Java?

Java It's a way to write Cross platform Application's 、 object-oriented The programming language of . In short ,Java It's a language , It's just a kind of running on the road JVM Language on ,Java After compilation is bytecode , and JVM Will interpret these bytecodes as machine codes , Then make the corresponding action .

Java Can do ?

Java At present, the most popular one is back-end development 、 Big data development 、 Android Development , This is the present. Java Three popular positions in technology stack , Among them Java The market demand of the back end is the biggest .Java Can also do desktop application development 、 Game development , But the demand is relatively small .

Big factories in China , Like Alibaba 、 Meituan 、 JD.COM 、 Spell many, etc , The main languages used are Java, Most small and medium-sized enterprises also choose to be mature and stable Java As a back-end development language . Besides , A lot of famous middleware is created by Java Compiling , for example :Elasticsearch、RocketMQ、Hadoop etc. .

Java What knowledge do you have ?

One 、Java Basics

Java Introduction part :

  • JDK、IDEA install , first HelloWorld
  • Basic content : Input and output 、 Naming specification 、 notes
  • data type : Basic data type ( And its packaging )、 Reference type
  • Modifier : Access modifier 、 Non access modifier
  • Operator : assignment 、 Count 、 Increase and decrease 、 Compare 、 Logic 、 position 、 Ternary operator and its priority
  • Control process : conditional 、 Loop statement
  • Array 、 Character
  • Classes and objects
  • Three characteristics of object orientation : Inherit 、 encapsulation 、 polymorphic
  • date 、 Regular 、 Large number operation ( Simple understanding )

Java Advanced part :

  • IO Common file operations
  • Collections framework :ArrayList、LinkedList、HashMap、HashSet、ArrayDeque etc.
  • exception handling
  • Generic
  • JDBC
  • Network programming
  • Java8 New characteristics (Lambda)
  • Reflection 、 annotation ( A little difficult )
Two 、Java senior
  • Multithreading 、 High concurrency
  • 23 Design patterns
  • Trees 、 Red and black trees 、B Trees 、 hash 、 Pile up 、 Map, etc.
  • Algorithm : Top 10 ranking 、 Two points search 、 Divide and conquer 、 Greedy Algorithm 、 An operation 、 to flash back 、 Dynamic programming 、 search algorithm (bfs、dfs)、 Shortest path (Dijkstra、Floyd)、 Minimum spanning tree (Prim、Kruskal)、 Union checking set 、KMP And so on
3、 ... and 、JavaWeb:
  • HTML、JavaScript、CSS
  • Tomcat
  • Servlet/JSP( With Servlet Mainly )
  • JQuery、Ajax
  • MVC
  • Cookie、Session
  • filter 、 Monitor
  • File upload download (Servlet3.0)
  • Linux
Four 、 Common framework :
  • ORM frame :Mybatis

  • Spring Family bucket :Spring、SpringMVC、SpringBoot

  • Security framework :Shiro、Spring Security( Choose one to learn first )

  • Other frames :Swagger( Online interface )、Log4j2( journal )、Quartz( timing ) etc.

  • Microservices :SpringCloud、Dubbo etc.

5、 ... and 、 Common middleware and tools :
  • version control :Git、SVN
  • Package management :Maven、Gradle
  • Relational database :MySQL、Oracle etc.
  • Non relational database :Redis( cache )、Memcached( cache )、MongoDB( Document type ) etc.
  • Search engine :Elasticsearch、Solr etc.
  • Message queue :RocketMQ、ActiveMQ、RabbitMQ、Kafka etc.
  • Web The server :Apache、 Nginx
  • Containers :Docker、K8S
  • big data :Hadoop、Spark、Strom、Flink etc.

Of course , It just lists most of the knowledge points , There is also a lot of knowledge, such as log analysis and monitoring (ELK)、 Continuous integration 、 Sub database and sub table are also popular technologies ,Java The back-end technology system is huge . These can be based on your work or interests , Selective deep learning .

2 self-taught Java Three ways to improve the quality of products — Books 、 video 、 Blog

self-taught Java There are usually books 、 video 、 Blog and other learning materials , Here mainly explains three in self-study Java The similarities and differences between Chinese and English .

Read by yourself Java

Reading is the most traditional way of learning , Most of our self-study knowledge is acquired through reading books , So maybe a lot of people like and adapt to this way . Books are rigorous 、 The system is complete , And the paper content back and forth in review time is also more convenient .

But reading also has some disadvantages : May not be able to distinguish between primary and secondary , I'm learning Java In fact, when I was young, I had a focus , And the book may not have too much introduction and annotation in this respect , And some unpopular knowledge can be eliminated without learning ( for example Java Swing part ); Some of the content, even if the author is great , But it may be because of the case 、 There are few explanations that cannot be fully understood ( Especially Xiaobai ).

Self study by watching video Java

Compared with books , More people are willing to watch videos for self-study Java, Because most people will find reading boring . But the video is different , In the video, teachers usually explain while knocking , It is easier to understand knowledge points , And people are sentimental animals , Watching videos is like communicating with teachers , A good teacher will double the efficiency of learning .

Of course, watching video has some disadvantages , Video time is longer and more , It's hard to quickly review what you've learned or browse the chapters , So it's possible to waste a little time studying .

Self study by watching blog Java

Blog is an essential learning resource for programmers , High quality blogs in recent years 、 There are more and more articles . This kind of blog article is easy to read , Content selection is also relatively rich , A good blog with pictures and vivid images is very helpful for understanding and memory , And blog has more advantages in code copy learning .

There are also some disadvantages in reading blogs : For example, blogs are fragmented , The system is not very complete . And the quality of blog is uneven, the gap is large , Some blogs even make big mistakes , So choosing a good blog is a big challenge .

in general , Systematic self-study Java The main force or not Watching videos and reading books , You can mainly watch videos , Read a book as a supplement , If you don't understand difficult points, you can learn and absorb them by searching related blogs and reading more articles .

In order to facilitate your study , I collected a wave for you Excellent video 、 Books 、 Podcast , And a list of websites and communities , You can take your time “ enjoy ”.

Text class tutorial website :

Novice tutorial : Free course , Suitable for basic introduction

W3Cschool: Free course , Suitable for basic introduction

Yibai tutorial : Free course , Suitable for basic introduction

How2j: Java Basic to advanced , There are also various frameworks 、 Middleware tutorial

Return to class : Teaching in the form of level , From basic to advanced , The content quality of the article is relatively high

Book stack net : Free online e-books 、 note 、 Document site

There are other free tutorials 、 Examples of personal sites importNew , I would like to self-study network can also see .

Video Online Course Website

Power nodes : There are many good free courses

For class network : There are free and paid

B standing : Yes "B Station University " A good name

For video tutorial websites , first B standing , Many training institutions will put some high-quality videos on the Internet B Station attracts users , These free resources can be used well , also B Station is an open platform , There's a lot of up The main will record some video to explain is also quite good . There are also some training institutions, such as podcasting 、 Silicon Valley 、 Darnay and others can get some free knowledge from the official website , There are also some course websites, such as Tencent classroom 、 Tanzhou Education 、 pinkie promise 、 Geek time 、 Blue bridge cloud class 、 Many courses are very cheap at the beginning of the promotion period. You can start a wave of learning .

Of course , Another way to get video tutorials is to ask for them , Many public official account resources are shared freely in the official account. , There are also some resources through Taobao and Xianyu low-cost access to network resources , It's still worth it .

Brush question website

Power button :

Cattle guest :

apply ACM Some of the players brush the topic website : Hang Dian ojCodeforceVjudgeAtcoder

Java Do we need to brush the topic in development ? That's for sure , Looking for a job no matter big or small ( Especially big factories ) Can't avoid the written examination questions , There are sword fingers on both Likou and Niuke offer, It is recommended to brush 2-3 All over , Power button hot100 Be sure to brush it , If you want to make a big impact on the factory 200 It's above the road .

Other learning websites

csdn: The largest Chinese Blog Website , Use with search

Blog Garden : Old community , There are still a lot of users

You know : There are a lot of high quality Q & as 、 article 、 special column

Nuggets : The community is relatively new , More front-end users , The content quality is relatively high

Think no : The content is of good quality , The quality of Q & A is high

github: The world's largest open source community , There are a lot of open source projects

Stack Overflow: The world's largest technology consulting and exchange platform

V2EX : High quality communication community

as for 51CTO、Infoq、 The quality of community content such as open source China is also very high , But there are relatively few users . These learning websites and resources are not systematic , These platforms are relatively mobile and interactive , So you need to find the right resources for yourself , Make good use of the search function , In addition, you can follow the bloggers who feel good and read his column , The benefits are also great .

Recommended books

self-taught Java The books I recommend are 《Java From entry to mastery 》, There are cases 、 The code is easy to understand .

Of course, known as the four famous books in the industry, the quality of books is also good :

《JAVA Language programming 》---- primary

《JAVA The core technology 》 volume I---- primary 、《JAVA The core technology 》 volume II---- intermediate

《JAVA Programming idea 》---- primary ~ intermediate

《Effective Java》---- intermediate

When learning from books , If you have difficulties, you can also put them on , also Java Swing The window application part can also be skipped . You don't need to buy all these books , A reference book is enough .

3 Review and exchange , Firmly lock knowledge points

Learning is easy to forget , So keep looking back . Video is not recommended as a long-term review method , More recommended blogs 、 Review of paper books , Because they can quickly locate , A lot of things come to mind after reading them .

In addition to the review , Communication may be another good way to lock in knowledge , Listen to others through communication , Can think deeply , Deepen the understanding of knowledge . There are many ways to communicate

Communicate with people around you : The most convenient and efficient way of communication is with the students around 、 Roommate 、 Communicate with people who study together , Learning together and sharing learning experience ;

Community forum exchange : The most popular is to add some QQ、 Wechat technology exchange group or in some Q & A forums , There will be many great gods or like-minded people in the group or forum who can help you . As a technical person, add several technical communities 、 It's necessary to visit more technical forums .

There's another way, of course, that's not necessarily for everyone , That's right. " own " communication , Take notes of the key and difficult points of your learning content 、 The article form output , Although it takes a lot of energy and time , But it keeps thinking 、 Optimize 、 The process of writing will make you more impressed with knowledge .

The most practical in history Java Learning path

Efficient self-study has been introduced above Java The key point of , Here are some practical suggestions Java Self study path .

This path is made by me for you , It combines my personal self-study experience with Daniel's learning suggestions , Avoid the learning pit . The path is divided into four parts :

  1. Java Basic learning stage
  2. JavaWeb Learning phase
  3. Frame learning stage
  4. Self improvement stage

Learn the third stage , To the level of a junior programmer , You can find a job . The fourth stage —— Self improvement stage —— What is the knowledge in the library Java Advanced and framework parts of the need for in-depth learning of knowledge , You can work and improve at the same time , Others are .

Here is my recommended self-study path , Mainly video . because Java Each stage of the path is relatively independent , No need to pursue a video company , However, it is recommended to watch a video at the same stage .

Java Basic learning stage

This phase corresponds to Java Knowledge management in knowledge system Java Basics , The method is learning + Brush problem , Learn every day 8 Hours , It is recommended that the total time be controlled at 60 Days or so , Video is recommended , Reference books as supplement .

The learning video of this stage is recommended for the class of carriage return 《Java Introductory tutorial 》( The total duration is about 30 Hours ). When watching the video 1.5 Multiple look ( If you don't understand, you can read it several times , It's better not to watch the original speed ), Pause in case of case , Do it yourself and tap ( Focus on , It's very important to follow , To understand is not to understand ).

After watching the video , Read the book again , recommend 《Java From entry to mastery 》 or 《Java Core volume Ⅰ》. If the corresponding content is easy to understand, it means that the effect of learning is good , If you don't understand, read more books to study or find some blog articles to learn . The cases in the book should be followed .

After learning , You also need to test how you learn , Can brush a few simple questions to consolidate . I suggest that we go to Hangzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd 11 page perhaps C Language network Brush some simple questions to test yourself , A sense of success makes you feel successful , There is motivation to continue learning .

At this stage , You may have learned a lot about the use of collection frameworks , But I don't know why , For example, it's hard to understand why ArrayList Quick query ,LinkedList Faster insertion , This is because you don't have data structures and algorithms in reserve , So at the end of this stage , You need to fill in the data structure and algorithm ( The first time to learn to see and understand , You don't need to do it yourself ), Here I recommend Wangdao postgraduate entrance examination data structure and video B Standing in Qingdao University Data structure and algorithm column , Although both are based on C From the perspective of language , But it doesn't prevent you from understanding , If you are interested, you need to implement various data structures and algorithms , You can find the implementation on the blog .

In this period, of course, we have to brush the topic , However, it is not recommended to be in Hangzhou power and Hangzhou power C Language network brush topic , It is recommended to brush at this time “ The finger of the sword offer” Last question , The finger of the sword offer total 67 Questions are high frequency written interview questions , And many of them are related to data structure . Maybe it's hard to brush at the beginning , Power button There are many high-quality explanations in the topic discussion area corresponding to Niuke's official website .

JavaWeb Learning phase

JavaWeb part , Learn every day 8 Hours , The recommended control time is 30 Days or so , The recommended learning method is mainly video , Tutorial website as a supplement . This part is relatively simple , But it involves many new technologies and concepts, which need time to absorb and understand ( for example HTML,JavaScript,CSS,JQuery,MVC,Ajax etc. ). Study JavaWeb recommend B Stand madness JavaWeb Introduction to actual combat video , Probably 25 Hour or so , We also need to look at it more quickly . I'm learning JavaWeb When , It's going to involve other areas, like Html,JavaScript,CSS,MySQL You don't need to learn very much , First of all, you can learn some basic knowledge . In addition, when watching the video JSP Some of them can be seen briefly , Especially labels 、EL Expressions are rarely used , Just browse .

JavaWeb part , If some errors are encountered, it is difficult to solve them , Accessible Github Find some runnable projects to run . Some things don't have to be rigid , Many resource tutorials can be run out for the initial stage is the most critical .

Study JavaWeb In addition to the video , You can also follow the tutorial website or blog column to learn ( For example, rookie tutorial Servlet), Because following the tutorial website is more efficient in code learning , Of course, when learning other people's code, we should have our own innovation .

Study JavaWeb in Servlet/Jsp This part of the content of the time , In addition to following the tutorial case one by one knock code , Finally, we must start a small website , Website content includes Servlet、jsp、Session、Cookie、JDBC、Ajax And other related technologies , Contains specific login and registration functions 、 File upload and download function 、 Page access count and other functions , You can get some front-end page templates or UI frame ( recommend Layui perhaps EasyUI) Make changes .

Frame learning stage

Frame learning + Project practice , Learn every day 8 Hours , The recommended control time is 60 God , The recommended learning method is video + Document learning .

JavaWeb in Servlet/Jsp It is rarely used directly in enterprises , Learning the enterprise development framework is the top priority , If the framework class is only for learning and application, don't buy books , Because the mainstream framework technology update iteration faster , Most books can't keep up with the development of technology ; In order to understand the framework design deeply 、 Principle can buy the corresponding framework of source code analysis books ( Pay attention to the Framework version ). When looking for videos or blog tutorials, pay attention to the release date of articles or videos , If it's too early, it's not recommended .

In the frame , The most important thing is Spring、SpringMVC、Mybatis、SSM、SpringBoot etc. . Learning order is suggested from Mybatis To Spring To SpringMVC, The three frameworks will be integrated after learning separately SSM frame , utilize SSM Write some small cases . Then learn SpringBoot, recycling SpringBoot Complete actual combat projects and consolidate learning .

Recommendation of madness series videos :

  • Madness Mybatis course :( Long video 11 Hour or so
  • Madness Spring course :( Long video 8 Hour or so
  • Madness SpringMVC course :( Long video 10 Hour or so
  • Madness SSM Integrate the tutorial :( Long video 3 Hour or so
  • Madness SpringBoot course :( Long video 19 Hour or so
  • Madness SpringBoot Develop web site ( Long video 5 Hour or so

Start with the learning framework , You're going to learn to read official documents , Because an open source framework is popular and successful , And its documents are inseparable , Official documents are first-hand high-quality information . There may be some official documents without Chinese version , Therefore, you need to have a certain level of English or use translation . Here are some good columns 、 Blog to share with you :

In addition to the above framework , And learn Java What you must learn Security framework (Shiro perhaps Spring Security, One can be learned );Redis cache , Message queue ( Choose a message queue learning method ), I will learn other middleware later .

End of framework study , We must do more to master it , If you are a student, according to the task of the classroom or the original creation of the school 、 Big creative projects to improve proficiency and expand learning , If you are not a student 、 There are no project conditions for non computer majors , Then you can follow the project actual combat teaching video to write the project to consolidate the learning content .

Self improvement stage

The previous content is relatively simple to learn , It is the core content of self-study , But we should have a general understanding of what we need to learn in the early stage , Here is a brief introduction and some recommended books .

  • Java Concurrent programming :《Java Concurrent programming practice 》
  • JVM:《 In depth understanding of JVM virtual machine 》
  • MySQL:《MySQL Technology insider 》
  • 23 Design patterns :《 Big talk design patterns 》
  • Data structure and algorithm :《 Data structure and algorithm analysis Java Language description 》( Black Book of China Machine Press ), Stick to the brush force button
  • operating system 、 computer network
  • JDK Source code 、 The framework source code
  • Redis、MQ And so on
  • big data 、 Distributed 、 Microservices 、 Container and other parts

This part of the study may be more boring than before , But if you want to be strong and break through the bottleneck of primary education, you have to be calm , Calm down to learn .

Java Self study FAQ

In self-study Java Do you have such doubts before or during self-study :

self-taught Java, How long can I get a job ?

Self study in large factories and small and medium sized companies Java Is there a difference in the focus of the project ?

Why did you only learn after so long “Hello World” ?

When did programming ability start to improve by leaps and bounds ?

The above options are not right or wrong , Let me nag you slowly ~

1 self-taught Java, How long can I get a job ?

If it's Xiaobai , Promise every day 8 Hours or more of study time , achieve Java The level of junior programmer is the fastest 6 Months . front 5 Normal study for 12 months Java technology , Prepare your resume and interview in the last month .Java The interview is very important , We need to find some face-to-face experience to understand the questions often asked in the interview . You can go to Niuke to have a look at other people's interview experience Github I'd like to find a sutra ( It's recommended here JavaGuide(

2 Self study in large factories and small and medium sized companies Java Is there a difference in the focus of the project ?

Big factories pay more attention to foundation , Need your understanding of learning Java The content has a thorough understanding , And learning and understanding Data structure and algorithm 、 operating system 、 computer network 、 Design patterns . And small factories pay more attention to the use of projects and frameworks . So different positioning , Decided in the study and the interview preparation time must have the different emphasis .

One more point , Big factories all pay attention to programming ability , Algorithm questions in written test , The demand for new year students is higher , So if there are conditions, we must put the sword finger offer brush 2-3 All over , It's better to brush the buckle 100 Above ( Students' words 200 Above ).

3 Why did you only learn after so long “Hello World” ?

After studying for so long, I can only learn English "Hello World" It's just because we just don't practice or we don't practice much . Many people have high vision but low hand when they study , No code typing or just copy Let's do it , To the back of the difficult code encountered , I find that I can't do anything .

To solve this problem, on the one hand, we need to knock the cases we encounter on the way to study ; On the other hand, it is necessary to brush the topic to consolidate , Because follow the case , It's still logically dependent , But when brushing the questions, we must think about it fully .

So self study Java, Step by step , Every part of the case should be implemented by hand , And consolidate and innovate on the basis of realization .

4 When did programming ability start to improve by leaps and bounds ?

The progress of programming ability depends on practice , Generally, there are two stages of rapid development .

The first big step is to finish Java Base part . It's painted 100 The question is about , At this time, simple logic problems can be easily solved , My own logical ability 、 Programming ability has been greatly improved , You will feel self-taught Java So long , It's not in vain .

The second experience of rapid development is when completing one or two back-end modules of a project independently . From build project 、 To MVC Writing business logic code hierarchically will make the learned knowledge really applied , I'll be a little happy : wow , I can write projects myself ! This is the second big leap in programming .

Of course , Later may also be for some other reasons to make their own rapid progress again , But on the whole , Want to make a big difference , We should study hard in a short time 、 High intensity knock code .

Article summary

Through the above self-study Java Introduction to , I think you are right Java We have already known and mastered the learning methods and routes of , Let's review through a table .

Learning path Main work and learning resources Suggest ways to learn Suggested study time
Java Basic learning stage 1. Return to class Java Introductory tutorial ( link ) 2. Wangdao postgraduate entrance examination data structure and video B Standing in Qingdao University Data structure and algorithm column Video based , Reference books as supplement + Brush problem 60 Days or so
JavaWeb Learning phase B standing [ Madness JavaWeb Introduction to actual combat video ] Video based , Tutorial website as a supplement 30 Days or so
Frame learning stage Frenzy series video + Official document + Project video video + Document learning 60 Days or so
Self improvement stage Concurrent programming +JVM+MySQL+ Design patterns and other books Books ——

If you think you are suitable for self-study Java, We have to work hard ! Understanding before self-study Java Knowledge system , Master some learning resources and methods , Learning process must be more knock code 、 Review and exchange more .

IT There's a saying that goes around the world :“talk is easy,show me the code”. self-taught Java, It's about learning to write code , It's very, very important to practice a lot . The icing on the cake is to understand the principle , But it's a long way to go to understand the principle .

Come on, houlang !

Thanks for reading , See you next time ! in addition , In addition to the resources above , I also hoard some pdf Book resources and interview materials , If necessary , It can be in my official account. :bigsai Reply after attention 【bigsai】 Can get .

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