Whether it's operation and maintenance 、 Development or testing , be familiar with linux Command is a necessary skill . But beginners often stay on the basis of mastering basic commands , It's used to use those common commands , But I don't know , Real experts are looking for the shortest path to solve problems .
Experts can always accomplish tasks in an efficient way , It's not because of talent , It's because they step in more holes than you , Finally, the most efficient method is summarized .
Today, I will give you a list of several shortcut commands summarized by experts , Let your linux Operation can also be as fast as flying .

linux Most commonly used 8 Shortcut key

1.tab: Should be linux The most commonly used shortcut keys , Enter any command 、 file name 、 Some of the characters in the directory , Knock tab key . It will automatically complete what you enter , Or show you all the possible results , Quickly improve input efficiency .

2. Direction keys or ctrl+p、ctrl+n: When you see the command you want to use , Press [Enter] Key to execute .

↑(Ctrl+p)  Display the last command ↓(Ctrl+n)  Show the next command 

3.ctrl+u: Clear the contents before the cursor , stay vim And the command line , Don't backspace one character at a time , It is highly recommended to use . stay vim in ctrl+u And the role of replication , General collocation ctrl+y Use .


4.ctrl+c: Interrupt a command or task , For example, when looking at log files , Want to park somewhere , You can use the command .

5.ctrl+l: Fast screen cleaning , Stop clear 了 .

6.ctrl+r: Find... In the history command , Than history More efficient , According to the input character fuzzy matching . Continue to press Ctrl+r, Switch multiple results of matching .


7. Move the cursor quickly

Quickly move to the beginning of the command line :ctrl+a

Move quickly to the end of the command line :ctrl+e


8. Copy and paste from the command line

linux At the command line ,ctrl+c/ctrl+v It's not copy and paste anymore , Here are two to replace them :

Copy :ctrl+insert

Paste :shift+insert