Click to collect >>> Red hat Certification Learning kit ( contain rhcsa8 Notes on excellent courses 、Linux Common troubleshooting 、 Operation and maintenance of the most commonly used command analysis ) 

Hello everyone , I'm from IT Technical college system operation and maintenance class , The main contents of the following notes are linux Basic use of , Including commands related to files and directories 、 Network configuration 、 Rights management 、 Process management 、 Text processing and other basic content .

The note taking software used is notecase, I've been using this note taking software for a long time , The feeling is very good , It can be displayed hierarchically , Support advanced search, etc . If you want to use it, you can download it from the Internet , You can also come to me directly , I'll send you the installation package .


At the same time, I hope I can learn with you , Progress together , Share your own learning experience .


Here are some screenshots of my notes

This is the list of notes , There are also some hidden




Here is an exercise in creating files and directories , Every step is worth a thousand miles , These are the most basic , Always practice .