1、 Problem server :.3.115; 3.116 , No other servers have this problem . System :Red Hat 7.3  - The time zone is Asia - There's no problem with the Shanghai time zone .

2、 Problem description : The server exists for two times , Hardware time and system time , The hardware time is right , But the system is fast 91 second , After correction , too 40 Seconds later, it was changed back to fast 91 second .( It's the same with every change ) So although the timing task has to synchronize the time server every hour , But because of this problem , After synchronization, it was quickly changed back , This invalidates the synchronization .

tail -f /var/log/message It shows that , When changing the right and wrong time , There will be time has been changed. My log pops up .

3、 Treatment process :

(1) Time zone check , No problem .

(2) Check off ntpd Service procedures and chronyd Program .-- It's closed

(3) Restart the server .  -- Invalid

(4) The suspicion is that background programs use clock --systohc or clock --hctosys This hwclock (clock) The order tampered with the time , After correcting the time , immediately clock Order a change of name , send clock(hwclock) Invalid command .   --- It still doesn't work .( If the test is invalid, change it back to clock command )

(5)timedatectl  Shown in UTC The time is not right , Change the time zone to universal after , correct UTC The time zone , Change it back to Shanghai The time zone , --- Invalid .

(6) Suspect other services in the system , take systemctl list-unit-files It shows time related , Close after confirmation . --- Invalid .

(7) I wonder if micro services are affected , Microservices that will run jar All packages stopped , Change the time .    -- Invalid .

  (8) take rdate, ntpdate The order was also renamed when the time was right , It doesn't work .

【 Final solution 】

vmtoolsd Service is the devil , take vmtoolsd Service stopped   --  systemctl stop vmtoolsd It's normal after that .