One   Master Components

 kube-apiserver

Kubernetes API, Unified entrance to the cluster , Component coordinator , With RESTful API Provide the interface

service , Add, delete, change, check and monitor all object resources APIServer Process and submit to

Etcd Storage .

 kube-controller-manager

Handles regular background tasks in the cluster , A resource corresponds to a controller , and ControllerManager

Those are the ones that manage these controllers .

 kube-scheduler

According to the scheduling algorithm for the newly created Pod Select a Node node , Can be deployed at will , Can be deployed in

On the same node , It can also be deployed on different nodes .

 etcd

Distributed key-value storage system . Used to save cluster state data , such as Pod、Service Equal object information .


Two   node role


kubelet yes Master stay Node nodes Agent, Manages the life cycle of the native run container , For example, create
Build containers 、Pod Mount the data volume 、 download secret、 Get container and node states and so on .kubelet Each one Pod Convert to a set of containers .


 kube-proxy stay Node Node-on-node implementation Pod Network proxy , Maintain network rules and four - layer load balancing .


docker or rocket
Container engine , Run container .