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stay Oracle in , What is? Metalink or MOS?

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Metalink yes Oracle The official technical support site of , Its website is :metalink.oracle.com, Later changed to :support.oracle.com. So far ,2 All web sites can be used . The website is named My Oracle Support, Abbreviation for MOS, So now we all call it MOS 了 .

When you buy Oracle After the company's software , According to License towards Oracle request CSI(Customer Support Identifier) Number , adopt CSI You can log in to MOS Site registration .

During the service period , If there are any technical problems, they can be found in MOS Register on TAR(Technical Assistance Requests).Oracle The company will specially appoint engineers to handle the submitted TAR problem . The highest level of problems will be immediately contacted by engineers to help solve . Now? ,TAR The word was replaced by SR(Service Request, The service request ). You can submit SR To apply for help .SR There are many problems 4 A level (1 Highest level ,4 Lowest level ), If it is 1 level SR, It usually means that the service is not available , There will be technical support 24 Follow up for 24 hours .

MOS Accumulated a lot of document resources 、 Troubleshooting solutions and customer cases , It's learning Oracle A treasure house of Technology . Every DBA Should learn to use MOS This treasure house of resources , And try to find the answer to the question by yourself .