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stay Oracle in , What is? ORAchk Tools ?

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ORAchk yes Oracle Officially produced Oracle Product health check tool , It can be downloaded from MOS(My Oracle Support) Download it on the website , Free use .ORAchk The package is simple , It's just one. zip package , Upload it to the server and unzip it . It should be noted that , at present ORAchk Only support 64bit System , stay 32bit Next not available .ORAchk Formerly known as RACcheck( For automation Oracle RAC Environmental inspection and development ), later Oracle The scope of its inspection has been expanded , So it was renamed ORAchk, It is a special tool for health examination in the database system , This tool is mainly used to check whether the software configuration meets the requirements and whether some best practices have been applied . Through this tool , Users can easily 、 Automatically check and evaluate your system's health .

ORAchk The main software that can be checked are :OS、CRS(Cluster Ready Service)、GI(Grid Infrastructure environment)、ASM(Automatic Storage Management) as well as RAC(Real Application Clusters)、 Single instance database 、OGG(Oracle GoldenGate).

ORAchk Support for all mainstream platforms , Of course , Support for some platforms is not perfect , such as , Yes windows The platform supports limited versions , And it needs to be installed Cygwin Such software . Latest version ORAchk Yes Oracle The database version support is :10gR2,11gR1,11gR2,12cR1,12cR2.

ORAchk Is a command line tool , Collect system configuration information after running , At the same time, according to the predefined rules , Evaluate the configuration for compliance with Oracle Best practices , The evaluation result is output as a html Format of the health examination report , There will be detailed data of all inspection items in the report , And give a comprehensive score to the system under examination according to the rules . Although this scoring rule is more “ Simple and crude ”( The score of all items is the same ), But this score has some meaning , At least for the leaders or Party A , We can give a quantitative index , And between different systems , Or a comparison between the same system at different times . Just focus on the report FAIL and WARNING It's OK to check the items .

ORAchk Supports custom check items , Users just follow certain rules , Create the corresponding XML The configuration file , You can make ORAchk Do a custom check .ORAchk There is a sample_user_defined_checks.xml, Several examples are given , And there are detailed notes , Just follow this rule , Generate user_defined_checks.xml, Put it in orachk directory , You can make orachk Do a custom check . Two types are supported before customizing inspection items :OS Command and SQL sentence .

ORAchk An important feature of is upgrade checking , You can check the database status before and after the upgrade respectively . For pre upgrade checks , You can check whether the system has met the requirements for upgrading , Post upgrade check is used to check whether the system has been successfully upgraded to the new version , Is there any work to be done after upgrading . The pre upgrade and post upgrade check commands are as follows :

1 Pre-upgrade inspection : ./orachk -u -o pre
2 Check after upgrade : ./orachk -u -o post

MOS file “ORAchk - Health Checks for the Oracle Stack ( file ID 1268927.2)” Yes ORAchk There are detailed instructions .