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1   Existing courses




================================================================================================================== 【 Here comes the dry goods | Wheat seedling IT Data sharing 】* Wheat seedling DB Workplace dry goods :https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Vm5PqNcDcITkOr9cQg6T7w* Wheat seedling database health check :https://share.weiyun.com/5lb2U2M* Wheat seedling shop :https://weidian.com/?userid=793741433* Database installation files under various operating systems (Linux、Windows、AIX etc. ):https://pan.baidu.com/s/1hqff3Evv6oj2-Tn87MpFkQ* Information shared by wheat seedlings :https://share.weiyun.com/57HUxNi* Wheat seedling classroom materials :https://share.weiyun.com/5fAdN5m* Listen to the materials in class :https://share.weiyun.com/5HnQEuL* Wheat seedlings published related books :https://share.weiyun.com/5sQBQpY* Wheat seedling blog article :https://share.weiyun.com/5ufi4Dx* Database Series (Oracle、MySQL、NoSQL):https://share.weiyun.com/5n1u8gv* Open class video files :https://share.weiyun.com/5yd7ukG* Other common software sharing :https://share.weiyun.com/53BlaHX* Other IT Information (OS、 The Internet 、 Storage, etc ):https://share.weiyun.com/5Mn6ESi*Python Information :https://share.weiyun.com/5iuQ2Fn* Installed and configured virtual machines :https://share.weiyun.com/5E8pxvT* Wheat seedling Tencent classroom :https://lhr.ke.qq.com/* Wheat seedling blog :http://blog.itpub.net/26736162/*OCP train :https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/2cymJ4xiBPtTaHu16HkiuA*12c Of OCP train :https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/hMLHlyjMHhLmA0xN4hLvfw*OCM train :https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/7-R6Cz8RcJKduVv6YlAxJA* High availability (RAC+DG+OGG) train :https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/4vf042CnOdAD8zDyjUueiw* Wheat seedling classroom Tencent video :http://v.qq.com/vplus/71f69a319a24c6808cd6e6189ae90664




1   Advantages and benefits of wheat seedling class

1、OCP、 The highly available classroom can cycle and listen to the class forever .

2、 The course is practical , It's more like actual combat , Only practical , It's no use not talking about it .

3、 Online classes don't take up weekend time . You can learn again and again at any time after class .

4、 Sign up a lot , A lot of discounts . More discounts for old students .

5、 Upgrading learning . To sign up Oracle 11g, You can learn for free 12c、18c、19c、20c Content , All versions involved OCP The content is free to learn .


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RAC Install some videos :

Wheat seedling height available course No 1 section -- High availability courses (RAC+DG+OOG) The content of ;ASM、Oracle Restart Part introduction

Wheat seedling height available course No 2 section --Linux virtual machine (RHEL 6.5) Installation and basic configuration of ( Using logical volumes )、MD5, To configure YUM Source , install rlwrap Software etc. ;OpenFiler Installation and basic configuration of

【 Wheat seedling class 】 High availability training (RAC+DG+OGG)--RAC part

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Lecture document :


RAC Part of the mind map :



 RAC Training Syllabus

notes :

Ø 1 Class hours =1 Hours

Ø 1 Class hour =1 Second class =2 Class hours =2~3 Hours

Ø  The training syllabus is a reduced version of the training document , Only the most important parts are listed , The final lecture content is subject to the lecture document , You can refer to the following table of contents , The table of contents is the most complete part .


Course module

Training points

Class hours

VMware Workstation Knowledge of virtual machine

Ø  load and unload

Ø  Version introduction (32 Bit and 64 position )

Ø  The network configuration ( Fixed configuration IP And it can be on the Internet )

Ø  Introduction to the snapshot

Ø VMware Tools

Ø  Host and virtual machine resource sharing

Ø  Time synchronization between host and virtual machine

Ø  Configuration files for virtual machines


Linux Installation (RHEL 6.5)

Ø  How logical volumes are managed

Ø  User's environment variable configuration

Ø PS1 The role of environmental variables

Ø su - oracle and su oracle The difference between

Ø  Simple configuration of network environment ( Fixed configuration IP And it can be on the Internet )、 Firewall configuration

Ø  Learn to modify the host name

Ø MD5 Introduction and calculation of values

Ø  Other OS knowledge


Oracle Software RAC install

Ø Openfiler Analog shared storage

Ø  Configure multipathing


Oracle Software uninstall

Ø Windows platform -- It's mainly about cleaning up the registry

Ø Linux platform


Create database

Ø DBCA Graphic Creation

Ø  Silent creation

Ø  How to set silent creation database to archive mode

Ø  How to deal with the common problems in silent database construction

Ø  Create the database manually

Ø OCM Content


There are several ways to delete a database

Ø dbca -silent




Ø  brief introduction

Ø ASM Benefits for Administrators

l ASM What is it? ? What are its advantages ?

Ø ASM example

l  The main process

l ASM Instance initialization parameters

Ø  Database instance and ASM Interaction between

Ø ASM Related dynamic performance views

Ø  System permissions


Ø  Use OEM management ASM user

Ø  Start and stop ASM example

l SQL*Plus

l srvctl

l asmcmd

Ø ASM disk

l  establish ASM There are several ways to use disk

l ASM Document and FS Several methods of file conversion

l  Allocation unit (AU)

l ASM There are several ways of disk redundancy ?

l ASM  Related views of the disk

Ø ASM Disk group

l ASM Fault group

l  Manage disk groups

²  Create and delete disk groups

²  Add disks to the disk group

²  Remove disk from disk group

²  Rebalance (Rebalance)

l ASM Disk group compatibility

l ASM Disk group properties

l  retrieval ASM Metadata

²  View

² asmcmd

Ø  And ASM What are the related processes ?

Ø ASMLIB What is it? ? What are the common commands ? Where is the running log path ?

Ø  When using asmlib when , How to confirm the physical disk

Ø udev What is it? ? How to configure udev?

Ø  Multipath (multipath) What is it? ? How to configure multipath ?

Ø asmcmd Tool details

Ø asm dependent OCP Topic explanation

Ø ASM Management command line three tools :KFOD、KFED and AMDU


Oracle Restart

Ø  brief introduction

Ø Oracle Restart Process start sequence

Ø  control Oracle Restart

Ø  Choose the right one SRVCTL Utilities

Ø Oracle Restart To configure

Ø  Use SRVCTL Utilities

Ø  Get about SRVCTL Utility help

Ø  Use SRVCTL Utility to start and close components

Ø  View component status

Ø  Display the Oracle Restart To configure

Ø  Manual direction Oracle Restart Configure add components



Ø RAC What are the advantages and disadvantages ?

Ø  The difference between instance and database

Ø RAC What's the difference between a database and a single instance database ?

Ø  Which parameter can be used to determine whether a database is RAC library ?

Ø  What are the commands to start and shut down the cluster ?

Ø  How to add a database to CRS in ?

Ø  colony (Cluster) What are the unique background processes ?

Ø  What kind of heartbeat mechanism does a cluster have ?

Ø RAC What do you mean by cleft brain and forgetfulness ?

Ø  The log system of cluster

Ø  What is? OCR、OLR and VF? How to backup and restore OCR?

l OCR brief introduction

l OCR Backup recovery


l OLR Backup recovery

l VF(Voting File, Voting disk file )

l  Replace OCR The steps of disk group

Ø  What is? GPnP?

Ø RAC Medium Public IP、Private IP、Virtual IP、SCAN IP、GNS VIP And HAIP What are the functions of ?

Ø Oracle Cluster Health Monitor(CHM) What is the role of ?

Ø  In the cluster Master Node In which two aspects ?

Ø cvuqdisk What is the function of the package ?

Ø oraInventory What is the purpose of a catalog ?

Ø  Talk about right Oracle in RAC Use of Cache Fusion The understanding of the .

Ø  During cluster installation $GRID_HOME/root.sh What's the role of scripts ?

l  How to get rid of OCR Configuration information ?

l  If $GRID_HOME The permissions under have been artificially modified , So how to fix this permission problem ?

Ø Linux and Windows How to quickly unload RAC?

Ø kfed、kfod and amdu What are the functions of tools ?

Ø  stay RAC Environment , How to kill the session of another instance under the current instance ?

Ø RAC Events wait gc buffer busy acquire and gc buffer busy release What's the difference ?

Ø RAC What are the possible reasons for the node being kicked out ?

Ø  What is a socket file ?

Ø RAC In the environment Redo Can the file be placed locally on the node ?

Ø RAC In the environment “ALTER SYSTEM SWITCH LOGFILE;” And “ALTER SYSTEM ARCHIVE LOG CURRENT;” What's the difference? ?

Ø RAC In this environment, all instances share one Undo Table space ?

Ø RAC Backup and recovery in the environment

l  Archive log backup

l  Configure the automatic sending of archive files among the archive nodes

l RAC Database recovery to RAC

l RAC Restore backup set to single instance database

l  Single instance backup set recovered to RAC


DG part

Course module

Training points

Class hours

DG Build (RAC To RAC)

Ø  Physics DG---- use duplicate

Ø  Logic DG---- use rman

Ø  snapshot DG---- use duplicate


DG The architecture of

Ø DG What are the advantages and disadvantages ?

Ø DG The classification of

Ø RFS、LNSn、MRP、LSP What are the roles of processes ?

Ø DG Some parameters of

Ø DG Of 3 Two protection modes

Ø  increase redo Log groups and standby Log group


Role switching

Ø Switchover and Failover The difference between

Ø  Physics DG Of Switchover Switch

Ø  Physics DG Of Failover Switch

Ø  Logic DG Of Switchover Switch

Ø  Logic DG Of Failover Switch

Ø  Using Flashback Database (flashback) Repair Failover After DG Environmental Science


DG Repair

Ø  Main library lost archive , Physics DG How to restore ?

Ø  The backup database data file is abnormal , Physics DG How to restore ?


DG in GAP There are several solutions ?

Ø  Physics DG Manual solution GAP

Ø  Logic DG Manual solution GAP


DG Some of the more useful SQL sentence

Ø  Physics DG It is often used in maintenance SQL sentence

Ø  Logic DG It is often used in maintenance SQL sentence

Ø  Main and standby database information query


DataGuard Client special configuration

Ø Data Guard Broker Configuration of

Ø Fast-Start Failover  Configuration of

Ø Oracle DataGuard  Client of TAF  To configure




OGG part


Course module

Training points

Class hours

OGG Build ( stand-alone )

Ø OGG install

Ø  One way replication configuration ( Support DDL Copy )

Ø OGG Simple configuration of bidirectional replication

Ø OGG One way replication configuration for (DML To configure )


RAC In the environment OGG management

Ø RAC Environment OGG One way synchronization

Ø RAC Management in an environment OGG-HA



Ø  What is? OGG? What are its advantages and disadvantages ?

Ø  What is high availability ?

Ø Failsafe and RAC The difference between

Ø RAC and OPS difference

Ø RAC、DG and OGG The difference between

Ø OGG Command interface


OGG framework

Ø OGG process

Ø RAC Under the OGG

Ø OGG Common operation and maintenance commands

Ø OGG What are the general steps of exception handling ?

Ø OGG How is it used in the environment OS command ?

Ø OGG Where is the location of the alarm log file for ?

Ø Oracle  Additional logs (supplemental log)

u  Database level settings

u  Minimum additional log

Ø  Identification key log

Ø  Table level additional log settings


Trouble shooting

Ø  About using different versions in a set of replication environments OGG The problem of

Ø  How to solve OGG Synchronization without primary key

Ø Logdump What is the function of tools ?

Ø OGG-00446 Could not find archived log for sequence The wrong way to deal with it


OGG Some parameters in the configuration process

Ø MGR Parameters

Ø extract Parameters

Ø datapump Parameters

Ø replicat Parameters

Ø  Common optimization parameters

Ø  prohibit Parameters





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