utilize Linux System rescue mode, find the password

Method 1 :

  1. Press any key quickly when power on , Because of the default time 5s

  1. grub menu , There's only one kernel , There's nothing to choose from , Press e key . Upgrade the system or install Xen After virtualization , There will be multiple displays .

  1. The next display is as follows , Select the second term , Press e key

  1. The next display is as follows , stay rhgb quiet Finally add " Space ", Then type. "1" or "s" or "S" or "single" Fine , Press enter to return to the previous level

  1. Press b Key to start the system

  1. Finally, the interface directly inputs passwd You can change it root password


Method 2 :

  1. Put the system CD or U Dish in Bios Set as the first boot item in

  1. Restart the system and enter the setup menu , Up and down to Rescue install system Rescue installation system

  1. Choice language , Keep default English

  1. Select the keyboard type , Keep default us

  1. Whether to start the network , You need to choose according to your actual situation , If you need to copy data over the Internet , choice YES, Here we choose NO

  1. Enter into Rescue Interface , choice Continue

  1. The system is mounted on /mnt/sysimage Next If you want to go to root In the environment , function chroot /mnt/sysimage command

  1. Three options :shell Enter command line mode ;fakd It's diagnostic mode ;reboot Restart the computer ; We choose shell

9、 Change password

Chroot /mnt/sysimage Execute the original system file , You can use passwd Change password , perhaps vi open passwd File to modify the password flag bit