Java multithreading Foundation

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java multithreading foundation



  • A process includes memory space allocated by the operating system , Contains one or more threads . A thread cannot exist independently , It has to be part of the process .
  • A process runs all the time , It can't be finished until all non waiting threads are finished .

The life cycle of a thread

  • New state

    • A newly generated thread starts its life cycle from a new state . It remains in this state until the program start This thread .
  • Ready state

    • When a thread is waiting for another thread to execute a task , The thread is ready . When another thread signals the ready thread , It is time to switch to the running state again .
  • Running state

    • When a thread in a new state is start in the future , The thread becomes runnable , A thread in this state is considered to start executing its task .
  • Blocked state ( Sleep state )

    • Because a thread runs out of time slices , The thread goes to sleep from the running state . When an interval expires or a waiting event occurs , The thread in this state switches to the running state .
  • Death state ( Termination status )

    • A running thread completes a task or other termination condition occurs , The thread switches to the termination state .

Three ways to create thread

  • Realization Runnable Interface ( The most simple )

  • Inherit Thread Class itself

    • Method

      • start()
      • run()
  • adopt Callable and Future Create thread

Common thread methods

  • sleep

    • The current thread is paused
  • join

    • Join to the current thread
  • setPriority

    • Thread priority
  • yield

    • A temporary suspension
  • setDaemon

    • The guardian thread

Synchronization problem

  • Multiple threads modify one data at the same time

    • Data becomes dirty data
  • Also known as Concurrency( Concurrent ) problem

  • solve the problem

    • synchronized Sentence block

      • The current thread owns the object , Until it's released
      • By synchronized Embellished , Called thread safe classes
    • Lock

    • chart

Common thread safety classes

  • Map

    • HashMap

      • Non-thread safety
      • It can store null
    • HashTable

      • Thread safety
      • Cannot be stored null
  • character string

    • StringBuilder

      • Non-thread safety
      • Single thread speed is fast
    • StringBuffer

      • Thread safety
      • Multithreaded data security
  • List

    • ArrayList

      • Non-thread safety
    • Vector

      • Thread safety

Multithreaded programming

  • Multithreading can satisfy programmers to write very efficient programs to make full use of CPU Purpose , because CPU We can keep our free time to a minimum .

  • Main concepts

    • Thread synchronization

      • Mutually exclusive synchronization

        • Only one thread is allowed to access the code segment at a point in time
      • Conditional synchronization

        • Through conditional variables and three operations to achieve : wait for , Signals and radio
      • Sync keywords

        • synchronized
    • thread deadlock

      • chart
    • Thread interaction

      • wait

        • Give possession to this Thread waiting for , And release possession temporarily
      • notify

        • Notice waiting this The thread wakes up , Can continue to possess
      • notifyAll()

        • Notify all waiting threads
    • Thread control : Hang up 、 Stop and resume

    • Thread pool

      • Mode of production and consumption

        • The object is a task by task
      • The created thread loops


  • The key to the effective use of multithreading is to understand that programs are executed concurrently rather than serially . for example : There are two subsystems in the program that need to be executed concurrently , This is where multithreading is needed .
  • Through the use of multithreading , Can write very efficient programs . But please note , If you create too many threads , The efficiency of program execution is actually reduced , Not promotion .
  • please remember , Context switching overhead is also important , If you create too many threads ,CPU It will take more time to switch context than to execute program .

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