Spring and Autumn Moon

Photography 2021-05-04 14:00:02
spring autumn moon

See Siming Mountain Hiking strategy , My first thought , This place must be visited . I don't care about the scenery , Making this decision goes beyond hiking itself . Siming Mountain is a red mountain , The mountain of Heroes , It is one of the seven major guerrilla bases in the Anti Japanese war .

During the Anti-Japanese War , The eastern Zhejiang guerrillas have experienced a lot here 600 Many battles , wipe out the enemy 4000 many . At the same time, the guerrillas also made great sacrifices , There are only revolutionary martyrs who died in the battle of Liangnong 800 Many people .

The deep affection for Siming Mountain lies in , Many of our revolutionary predecessors in Pudong and Nanhui , Actively participate in the eastern Zhejiang guerrillas of the New Fourth Army , In Siming Mountain, there are many heroic stories . At the same time, the eastern Zhejiang guerrillas also launched fierce battles with the little devils on our land of Nanhui many times . He has made an indelible contribution to China's revolutionary cause .

However, the unconditional surrender of little Japan , Not repenting has brought great disaster to the Chinese people , And regardless of the safety of their descendants and the people of neighboring countries , Dumping nuclear waste into the sea for self-interest . They also colluded with the extraterritorial overlord who had thrown atomic bombs on their territory to exclude China , Gossiping about China's internal affairs . The Chinese people must remember history , Make efforts , Accelerate the realization of the dream of a powerful country , Standing in the east of the world with dignity .

Siming Mountain is very big , Yes “ Siming Mountain is more than 800 li away ……” said , The mountain covers an area of more than 100000 mu . If you don't have a concept of these numbers , Then use the market 、 Imagine the concept of county administrative region . Siming Mountain is located in Ningbo 、 Shaoxing is located in two cities , Across Yinzhou 、 Yuyao 、 Shangyu 、 Shengzhou 、 Xinchang 、 Six counties and cities in Fenghua . In this way, you should realize the size of Siming Mountain .

The main peak of Siming Mountain is located in huangze Town, Shengzhou City , At an altitude of 1018 rice . The mountain of jinzhongfeng is abrupt , It's named after the inverted golden bell . The average elevation of each peak of Siming Mountain is 700 Rice or so , The main peak of Jinzhong mountain is at an altitude of 1018 rice . The landscape in the area is winning , layer upon layer of peaks and knolls , Strange scenery , be well-known , far and near , This famous mountain in eastern Zhejiang, which stretches across many counties and cities, is shrouded in a mysterious veil . A vast area , The complex terrain also created unique conditions for the guerrillas of the New Fourth Army to carry out guerrilla warfare .

The third day of the May Day holiday

With dragon fans 50 many

Blue sky, spring breeze

Drive straight into Shengzhou

The top of Siming Mountain is Jinzhong mountain

National spirit in the Anti Japanese area

It's more than a thousand meters

Like a golden bell, the real name is

A hundred years of stone steps

Nine bends and ten bends, step by step

Step by step, step by step

The spirit of the martyrs encouraged morale

A steep slope of several hundred meters

It's hard to grasp the pedals

I want to fight ghosts from afar

We're going to be the first

The red flag floats on the top of Siming Mountain

Put a pose Leave a beautiful shadow

The king came to the world with a roar

Release the pressure and feel good

The top of the mountain is small

Looking south at the valley, mountain village show

Look around, East, Northwest

Hundreds of miles of towering mountains

It's not easy to go up the mountain, but difficult to go down the mountain

The steep slope is 60 degrees

Step by step, my legs are shaking

Lucky to have donkey friends hand in hand

It's good to practice outdoors

Safety is the first thing to remember

When we meet difficulties, we should shoulder them together

Wind and rain in the same boat with the Dragon


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