Spring founder uncle rod's real thoughts on yaml

Jiedao jdon 2021-05-04 14:01:32
spring founder uncle rod real

If you are in the Twitter Pay attention to me , You might think I hate YAML.

I'm not against YAML, Just against abuse  YAML. I want to help prevent people from abusing YAML In the process, he unintentionally inflicted cruelty on himself and his colleagues .

YAML The advantage of is structured data format . Yes , It has problems . Blank is a minefield . Its syntax is very complicated . It comes to the conclusion that :“  Any use YAML Most people are trying to abbreviate Norway It was eventually burned down in the middle of the fire .”  however YAML It's human readable and supports comments : These are the two main benefits that drive its popularity .

Where it can go wrong is that we use YAML To describe behavior .

consider CI Some examples in the domain . This is not YAML The only area that has been abused in this way , But it's one of the most serious criminals .

With GitLab To realize themselves by defining the pipeline of :1170 That's ok :

  <<: *dedicated-no-docs-pull-cache-job
  image: dev.gitlab.org:5005/gitlab/gitlab-build-images:ruby-2.5.3-git-2.18-chrome-71.0-node-8.x-yarn-1.12-graphicsmagick-1.3.29-docker-18.06.1
    - setup-test-env
    - docker:stable-dind
    NODE_ENV: "production"
    RAILS_ENV: "production"
    SETUP_DB: "false"
    WEBPACK_REPORT: "true"
    # we override the max_old_space_size to prevent OOM errors
    NODE_OPTIONS: --max_old_space_size=3584
    DOCKER_DRIVER: overlay2
    DOCKER_HOST: tcp://docker:2375
    - node --version
    - yarn install --frozen-lockfile --production --cache-folder .yarn-cache
    - free -m
    - bundle exec rake gitlab:assets:compile
    - time scripts/build_assets_image
    - scripts/clean-old-cached-assets
    name: webpack-report
    expire_in: 31d
      - webpack-report/
      - public/assets/

Please note that script contain shell Block of script list . Does this look like data ? Is this the right model to specify execution ?

There are many similar cases . Here are Tekton  Example A segment of , It's based on Kubernetes New delivery solutions for :

apiVersion: tekton.dev/v1alpha1
kind: Task
  name: build-push
    - name: workspace
      type: git
    - name: pathToDockerFile
      description: The path to the dockerfile to build
      default: /workspace/workspace/Dockerfile
    - name: pathToContext
      description: The build context used by Kaniko (https://github.com/GoogleContainerTools/kaniko#kaniko-build-contexts)
      default: /workspace/workspace
    - name: builtImage
      type: image
  - name: build-and-push
    image: gcr.io/kaniko-project/executor
    - /kaniko/executor
    - --dockerfile=${inputs.params.pathToDockerFile}
    - --destination=${outputs.resources.builtImage.url}
    - --context=${inputs.params.pathToContext}

Ouch , Variable , Qualified name ? Parameters ? This is not structured data , This is programming disguised as configuration .

Haven't we come across the concepts of variables and continuous instructions before ? Why reinvent imperative programming clumsily ? How about modularity and testability ? So what about the scalability that programming languages can get for free ? Why reinvent the strictly defined exception handling in Modern Languages ? How about logic operations , Not to mention more advanced and elegant FP or OOP Concept ?

Support this kind of based on YAML The best reason for grammar is that it's an external DSL, Enforce a beneficial structure . however , For the following reasons , That's not the case :

  • The prescriptive structure is largely an illusion . Most of the work is crammed into... Etc shell Script (GitLab Example ), In practice , It's the Wild West .
  • If in DSL There is a missing step in the design of , Then you'll hit the wall . for example ,CI Tools typically model the delivery phase as YAML section . If you need a unique stage , You may be out of luck .
  • For external DSL Come on ,YAML It's a bad format , It's like XML equally . Popular configuration formats are always misused in this way .

in any case , You probably don't need the outside DSL: We are Atomist I learned a lot .

external DSL ...... It's like a puppy , They all began to be lovely and happy , But as they grow up , Without exception, they become vicious beasts .

Modern programming languages are flexible enough , Can make the inside DSL More and more attention , Better tools and scalability .

It's wrong to try to use the data format as a programming language . Using it like this has nothing to do with the merits of the data format .

YAML As a data format, it's ok .YAML Not a programming language . If you're programming , Please use the programming language . You owe it to Turing,Hopper,Djikstra And countless other computer scientists and practitioners , They built our computer science . Use what you've learned !

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