Java End :

public String report() {
return "/credit/report/report";

public void reportOut(@RequestParam(value = "fileName") String fileName,@RequestParam(value = "jasperPath") String jasperPath,@RequestParam(value = "docType") String docType,HttpServletRequest request,HttpServletResponse response) throws JRException, IOException, ServletException, SQLException {
SimpleDateFormat sd = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyyMMddhhmmss");
Map<String, Object> searchmap = getParametersStartingWith(request, "search_");
jasperPath = report_url + jasperPath;
ReportUtils reportUtils = new ReportUtils(request, response);
reportUtils.servletExportDocument(ReportUtils.DocType.valueOf(docType), jasperPath, searchmap,jdbcTemplate.getDataSource().getConnection(),fileName+sd.format(new Date()));

JSP Page side :

<div style="padding: 10px 30px 10px 30px">
<form id="creditInfoForm" method="post" action="reportOut">
<td> Report name :</td>
<input name="fileName" value=" test ">
<td> Report path name :</td>
<input name="jasperPath" value="statementReport.jasper">
<td> Export type :</td>
<select name="docType" >
</select> element
<td> Parameters :</td>
<input name="search_name" value="CaoZ">
<input type="submit">

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