Today, let's take a look at the various commands of the database , The following commands are all from CMD Command line input instructions in the command window , First of all, if you type mysql, System prompt “mysql It's not an internal or external order . So this is actually the reason why the environment variables are not set properly , For example, I mysql The installation directory of is C:\news\mySql, Then the system variables in the environment variables PATH Path C:\news\mySql\MySQL Server 5.5\bin, Restart CMD, Then type mysql, It should work properly , Of course, the premise is mysql The service should start normally , If not, then CMD Will be displayed CANNOT
CONNECT th..........

First mysql Statements are case insensitive . Look at the first command :

mysqladmin -uroot -p123  password  456

The meaning of this sentence is to root Password changed to 456 , The original password is 123,-u Represents the user name , What follows is root user name ,-p After the password 123 Is the login password , The space in the middle can be omitted . but password The space between the password and the new password cannot be omitted .

1.1、 Connect to a remote database , The basic format is as follows :

Mysql    -h Computer name (IP Address ) -u user name  -p password

For example, my database is local , database ip The address is, Then you can write like this :

mysql  -h  -u root   -p 123

1.2、MySQL Rights management :

mysql Authority management follows the principle of minimum authority , That is, a user ( A process ), You should have the lowest level of authority to perform the tasks assigned to it . So you can set up a permission system root To perform the daily management of the database . The administrator's authority is Create temporary tables、File、Lock Tables、Process、Reload、Replication client、Replication slave、Show databases、Shutdown、Super, In addition, there are two special permissions , Namely All and Usage, It means all permissions and no permissions, that is, only the right to log in to the database without other rights , More permissions are usually granted later .

1.3、 Add new users

Log in first mysql database ,root After logging in, first select the database and then add new users ,

>use database_name;  // Select database

The following steps run in tandem , Until it ends with a semicolon , Enter does not cause the command to end ! You have to hit the semicolon and press enter to end the sentence .

>grant all

>on  database_name.*   // For all tables in a database, there are all jurisdiction

>to  rick   identified by  '123'

>with  grant  option ;

The above sentences indicate the creation of a user name of rick, The password for 123 And have access to dtabase_name All operation permissions of the database . The last sentence allows the user to grant permissions to others .grant It means to grant .

Take back the user's rights

>revoke all

>from rick;

Next, create a regular user without any authorization

>grant suage

>on  database_name.*

>to rick identified by '123' ;

You can also grant some appropriate permissions , for example select,delete wait .

>grant  select,delete,insert,alert,create,drop,update

>on database_name.*

>to rick identified by  '123';

1.4、 Delete user

mysql>drop database testDB; // Delete user's database

Delete accounts and permissions :>drop user user name @'%';

  This sentence can also be deleted :

 >drop user user name @ localhost; 

1.5、 Create database :create database name;

1.6、 Delete database :drop database name ;

1.7、 Create a data table example :

        create  tablename (

id   int(2) unsigned not null auto_increment,

name   char(10) not null,

age      tinyint unsigned not null,

addr    text not null,

time    timestamp


1.8、 Backup database

There are two ways : The first method is to use... When copying database files LOCK TABLES Command to lock these tables . less , So I don't want to say , Let's talk about the second method : Use MySQLdump command .MySQLdump Command to export the database to .sql In file . The format of the command is as follows :

Mysqldump [options]  database [table]

options It's usually --opt,table Refers to the specific database name .

I don't know the command can be used mysqldump --help Command view usage .

Be careful mysqldump The order is in cmd Directly input under the window of , So you have to quit first mysql The client of , That is, it can't be in mysql> State input , Exit before operation , Because I'm in mysql So this command has been invalid , Wasted a lot of effort !

1.9、 Restore database

For example, I want to put stu.sql File import to studyphp In the database , The command is as follows :

>use studyphp

>source  c:/stu.sql;

2.0、show command

a. show tables or show tables from database_name; // Displays the names of all tables in the current database

b. show databases; // Show mysql Names of all databases in  

   c. show columns from table_name from database_name; or show columns from database_name.table_name;   // Show column names in the table  

   d. show grants for user_name;   //   Show a user's permissions , The result is similar to grant command  

   e. show index from table_name;   // Show index of table  

   f. show status;   // Display information about some system specific resources , for example , Number of threads running  

   g. show variables; // Displays the name and value of the system variable  


   h. show   processlist; // Displays all processes running in the system , That is, the query currently being executed . Most users can see  

                                  Their own process , But if they have process jurisdiction , You can see the progress of everyone , Include password . 

   i. show table status; // Displays the currently used or specified database Information for each table in . The information includes the table type and the latest update time of the table  

   j. show privileges;   // Show the different permissions supported by the server  

   k. show create database database_name; // Show create database Statement can create the specified database  

   l. show create table table_name; // Show create database Statement can create the specified database  

   m. show engies;   // Shows the storage engines and default engines available after installation . 

   n. show innodb status; // Show innoDB The state of the storage engine  

   o. show logs; // Show BDB Log storage engine  

   p. show warnings; // Displays the error generated by the last statement executed 、 Warnings and notices  

   q. show errors; // Only show the error caused by the last execution statement

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