Process control

One 、 Conditional statements

if Statement instance :

delimiter //
BEGIN declare i int default 0;
if i = 1 THEN
delimiter ;

Two 、 Loop statement

while Instance of statement :

delimiter //
CREATE PROCEDURE proc_while ()
SET num = 0 ;
WHILE num < 10 DO
num ;
SET num = num + 1 ;
delimiter ;

repeate Examples of loop statements :

delimiter //
CREATE PROCEDURE proc_repeat ()
SET i = 0 ;
select i;
set i = i + 1;
until i >= 5
end repeat; END //
delimiter ;

loop Example :

declare i int default 0;
loop_label: loop set i=i+1;
if i<8 then
iterate loop_label;
end if;
if i>=10 then
leave loop_label;
end if;
select i;
end loop loop_label; END

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