nginx -s reload -p <nginx Environmental Directory > -c < Specified profile >

among -p -c Optional , Do not write as default path and configuration

Before executing a command, you can pass

nginx -t -p<> -c<>

Check that the custom configuration file is correct

in addition nginx The stop command is

ps -ef | grep nginx

kill -QUIT <pid>

30439 For example in the figure , by nginx master process Of pid

Start the command again

nginx -p<> -c<>

One of the pits is reload The command only supports changing the configuration file , Changing files is not supported , For example, the currently running configuration file in the figure above is nginx.conf, Then I modify this file and restart it. No problem

nginx -s reload -c conf/nginx.conf

But if I want to change to conf/nginx.other.conf

nginx -s reload -c conf/nginx.other.conf

It doesn't work , He still reads the configuration of the original file again

So if there are multiple configuration files that need to be switched , My solution is to rename the configuration file , Change the name of the required configuration file to nginx.conf

mv nginx.other.conf nginx.conf

Actually, it's for switching between blue and green

The switch script is as follows

case $ in
if [ -f "" ]
mv nginx.conf
mv nginx.conf
nginx -s reload -p /weblogic/nginx -c conf/nginx.conf
echo ' Switch to blue '
echo ' Configuration does not exist '
if [ -f "" ]
mv nginx.conf
mv nginx.conf
nginx -s reload -p /weblogic/nginx -c conf/nginx.conf
echo ' Switch to the green group '
echo ' Configuration does not exist '

The switch command is

sh blue/green

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