@Autowired Automatic injection ( There are multiple injectable Bean when , adopt @Qualifier Appoint )
@Resource And @Autowired The same effect
@Repository Can only be marked on DAO Class . The purpose of this annotation is not just to identify a class as Bean, At the same time, it can encapsulate the data access exception thrown in the annotated class as Spring Data access exception type for
@Component It's a general concept , Represents only one component (Bean) , Can work at any level .
@Service Usually at the business level , But at present, this function is similar to @Component identical .
@Constroller It usually acts on the control layer , But at present, this function is similar to @Component identical .
@Scope Appoint Bean The scope of action of

contain @Configuration、@EnableAutoConfiguration、@ComponentScan
Usually used on the main class .

Used to label control layer components ( Such as struts Medium action), contain @Controller and @ResponseBody.

Indicates that the return result of the method is written directly to HTTP response body in
Typically used when fetching data asynchronously , In the use of @RequestMapping after , The return value is usually resolved as a jump path , add

@responsebody The return result is not parsed as a jump path , I'm just going to write HTTP response body in . such as
Asynchronous acquisition json data , add @responsebody after , Will go straight back to json data .

Component scan . Personal understanding is equivalent to <context:component-scan>, If there is @Component 
@Controller@Service Wait for these annotated classes , Then register these classes as bean.

It is pointed out that this class is Bean Configured information sources , amount to XML Medium <beans></beans>, It is generally added to the main class .

amount to XML Medium <bean></bean>, Put it on top of the method , Rather than class , It means to produce a bean, And to spring
management .

Give Way Spring Boot Depend on the dependencies declared by the application Spring The framework is automatically configured , It is generally added to the main class .


Indicates that this is an entity class . Commonly used in jpa
These two annotations are usually used together , But if the table name and the entity class name are the same ,@Table It can be omitted


Used to determine whether it is a parent class entity On . The property subclass of the parent class can inherit .


Usually used as a parent repository, There's this note ,spring Will not instantiate the repository.

If the field name is the same as the column name , You can omit .

Indicates that the property is a primary key .

@GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.SEQUENCE,generator = "repair_seq"):
Indicates that the primary key generation strategy is sequence( It can be for Auto、IDENTITY、native etc. ,Auto It can be used between multiple databases
Switch ), Appoint sequence The name of is repair_seq.

@SequenceGeneretor(name = "repair_seq", sequenceName = "seq_repair", allocationSize = 1)
name by sequence The name of , For use ,sequenceName For database sequence name , The two names can be the same .

Indicates that the property is not a field mapping to a database table ,ORM The framework will ignore this property .
If a property is not a field mapping of a database table , It must be marked as @Transient, otherwise ,ORM The default annotation of the frame is @Basic

Tags can specify how entity properties are loaded

Role is json Serialization will java bean Some properties in are ignored , Both serialization and deserialization are affected .

one-on-one : Foreign key in this table pointing to another table .
One to many : Another table points to the foreign key of this table .

Corresponding Hibernate One to one in the configuration file , One to many , For one more .

RequestMapping Is an annotation used to process the request address mapping , Can be used on a class or method . For classes , This address is the parent path of all methods in the class that respond to requests .
The annotation has six attributes :
params: Appoint request Some parameter values must be included in , To be handled by this method .
headers: Appoint request Some of the specified header value , To have the method process the request .
value: Specify the actual address of the request , The specified address can be URI Template Pattern
method: Specify the requested method type , GET、POST、PUT、DELETE etc.
consumes: Specifies the submitted content type to process the request (Content-Type), Such as application/json,text/html;
produces: Specify the type of content returned , Only when the request In the request header (Accept) The specified type is included in the type to return

Before the parameters of the method .
@RequestParam String a =request.getParameter("a").

Path variable .
Such as RequestMapping("user/get/mac/{macAddress}")
public String getByMacAddress(@PathVariable String macAddress){
//do something;
Parameters are the same as the names in braces

contain @Component. Can be scanned to . Unified handling of exceptions .
Use above the method to indicate that if you encounter this exception, execute the following methods .

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