The reason why I wrote this journal , It's because the installation process is a bit abusive . The current article is aimed at windows On the operating system mysqldb Installation . install python Of mysqldb modular , The first is to find some official websites to download : After downloading ,cmd Get into MySQL-python-1.2.3 Folder , As usual python install Command to install this module , And then it's wrong :

This error report is very obvious ,print

Conduct python front , We should first determine the current mysqldb All versions of support python Which versions of . Some screenshots are as follows :

mysql-python1.2.5 It's the latest version , This version supports mysql3.23-5.5,python2.4-2.7 Of , I won't support it python3 series . Between... Of the current system at the time of installation python yes 3.7.11 Of , At the time of unloading , Wrong report :
  there is a problem with this windows installer package.A programe run as part of the setupdid not finish as expected.Contact your support personnel or package vendor.
       It is estimated that this problem may be caused by file defect , So I tried some solutions on the Internet :
Method 1 : Rerun setup , choice repair, Uninstall after repairing .( result : It's useless ,repair Another network abnormal error is reported when the network is running )
Method 2 : Install a different version of python, And then unload python3.7.11.( result : It's useless , Installing the files generated by the new version will not fix the missing files of the old version )
Method 3 : Delete registry information , Or use Your Unin-staller! Mandatory deletion python3.7.11.( result : Finally, it was deleted successfully ,ps:, There's product registration in the link )
       above 3 There are only three solutions, the third most violent solution to my problem , front 2 Some netizens can use it , It can also solve the problem after operation . Uninstall the higher version of python after , Finally, a lower version of python.

Then install mysqldb, And then I reported a mistake : The lack of c The compiling environment of language , You need to download one VC Environmental Science . This is actually quite easy to do , There is a download link in the error message ( Forget the screenshot , I'm sorry ), Download it VCForPython27.msi Installation will not report this error . But there's another mistake .( I forgot the screenshot again ), And then I think it's necessary to MySQL-python-1.2.3 Look in the folder readme 了 , It usually records how to install and use it . Part about windows The screenshot of the important information of system installation is as follows :

I don't do Windows. But if someone offered me a bag Windows, I'll make it available . Don't ask me about Windows Because I can't help you .
Generally speaking , function Similar to the above ::
C:\ ...> python install C:\ ...> python bdist_wininst
The following example should build a Windows Installation package , If you have the right tools . in any case , You have to have one C compiler . in addition , You have to set an environment variable (mysqlroot) This is a MySQL Installation path . In theory , It will probably get this information from the registry , But like I said ,
I don't do Windows, But I'll accept the patch to do that .

stay Windows On , You must certainly edit site.cfg, Because there are MySQL There's No... in the bag mysql_config.

And then start installing silently mysql, I went to the official website 5.5.7 Version of , Install verification connection DB Always report a mistake :ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'mysql'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

This Baidu , In the installation folder my.ini Increase in skip-grant-tables That's all right.

# The TCP/IP Port the MySQL Server will listen on

And then you can connect DB And access DB 了 , Now I think it's ok , However, during installation , Another mistake :

E:\Code\Python\mysql> install
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "E:\Code\Python\mysql\", line , in <module>
metadata, options = get_config()
File "E:\Code\Python\mysql\", line , in get_config
serverKey = _winreg.OpenKey(_winreg.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, options['registry_key'])
WindowsError: [Error ]

Possible solutions : open, Then comment out the two lines of code for the registry operation , And add a line of code :

#serverKey = _winreg.OpenKey(_winreg.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, options['registry_key'])
#mysql_root, dummy = _winreg.QueryValueEx(serverKey,'Location')
mysql_root = "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5" #MySQL Catalog

And then install , Another mistake :

Possible solutions : download MySQL Connector( Address : ), And then modify Code for :

#serverKey = _winreg.OpenKey(_winreg.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, options['registry_key'])
#mysql_root, dummy = _winreg.QueryValueEx(serverKey,'Location')
mysql_root = "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Connector C 6.0.2" #MySQL Connector C 6.0.2 Catalog <span style="color:#ff0000;">

Then perform the installation , Oh my god , It's a success .

import MySQLdb
if __name__ == "__main__":
test= MySQLdb.connect("localhost","root","root1234","mysql" )
cur = test.cursor()
cur.execute('show databases;')
for data in cur.fetchall():
print data

The results are as follows :

D:\Python27\python.exe D:/untitled/
('test',) Process finished with exit code

Learn before RF When I installed a third-party library, I have never been so cruel , It is also possible that the original version used at that time was a lower version python, And at that time, there were various compiling environments for programs on the machine , But there's a problem , There is no common way to install the third-party library quickly , Based on the experience of dog blood , Make the following summary :
1、 Take a look at the installation file before installation read me And download some instructions on the page ( Generally, the author will write installation manual and test Document , No matter what kind of operating system it is, it will be introduced more or less ).

2、 determine python Tripartite library supports python Which version of , Now look at python2.7.11 It's still very good .

3、 Determine which other environments and dependent software are needed when installing the third-party library .

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