Recently, I found a problem when I was doing company customization , Using wechat voice API Wechat report error when you're on the Internet , The error message is :the permission value is offline verifying

But the weird thing is : The same code in our company's products will not report this error , The interface can be called correctly . But on the client's server ,wx.config If the parameters in it are configured as the customer's wechat enterprise number, an error will be reported .

Discovery by query , WeChat JS-SDK The appendix 5 The possible causes of this problem have been explained

By checking , Find out 23 No problem , So focus on the first .

Through wechat web Debugging tool discovery wx.config Sure enough, the report was wrong , Error code invalid signature, It means the signature is wrong

Go to wechat again JS-SDK Check the error inside and find the following description

Through wechat WeChat JS Interface signature verification tool To verify , It is found that the result of the background calculation is consistent with that of the tool , The background algorithm is correct .

Then we focus on the parameters of generating signature

Because there was no problem in the company's products before , So we think the first three parameters are OK , Maybe the last one url There is a problem with the parameters , So through a search, we inquired about the following aspects .

1、 confirm url The page is complete url( Please on the current page alert(location.href.split('#')[0]) confirm ), Include 'http(s)://' part , as well as '?' hinder GET Parameters of the part , But does not include '#'hash Back section ,url It's dynamic .

2、 Go to the background of wechat enterprise number to confirm whether the trusted domain name is correct and in line with the rules .

result , We found that all the configurations were OK , There's no problem with the algorithm , But there are still mistakes , therefore bug The solution to the problem has come to a standstill .

So began to ask all kinds of questions , Look for , Asking in a group is a sentence from the great God “ Reverse proxy ”, Let the desperate situation have a ray of life , Background students said that our project is mapped to our company's server through reverse proxy .

therefore , Found through background debugging , Sure enough, the secret key was generated url A domain name is not a trusted domain name , It is the domain name set by the reverse proxy , So , The problem is finally solved .

Wechat enterprise No jsSDK wx.config newspaper invalid signature error , Lead to api Interface is not available for more related articles

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