do JDBC request , First of all, understand this JDBC What is the object , Then look for the database connection to the response URL And database driver .

database URL:jdbc:sqlserver://;databaseName=ebank

Database driven

download sqljdbc4.jar Put it in apache-jmeter-2.6\lib below

Sqlserver Drive pack (jar) name :


-- Download and unzip sqljdbc4.jar Put in apache-jmeter-2.6\lib below

The method I use is to specify the driver class by connecting to the database , Some people use JTDS The driver class of the open source community , Different driver classes correspond to jar Different , Be sure to pay attention to .

Connect to the database and specify the driver class ( You can download the standard version of sqlserver drive )

ClassName ="";

Access database Url = "jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://localhost:1433;DatabaseName=db_JXC;SelectMethod=Cursor";

JTDS The driver class of the open source community ( I don't know where to download ,JTDS The open source community ?)


DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://localhost:1433/"+"library"," user "," password ");


Driver class

Database URL










Ingres (2006)









In the above table are the collected database driver classes and URL Format

add to JDBC Default connection request , That is to say MS sql Connection information : database URL( Different driver classes have different connection strings )、MSSQL Driver class 、 Database username password .

add to JDBC request , Here is the stored procedure statement that I executed . Parameterization is used in the statement

Parameterization uses jmeter Control for , No function assistant .

And also used assertions in this script , because JDBC Request ( stored procedure ) There is one of them. SQL Return value , If returned to 1, The stored procedure is executed successfully

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