Many resources are called in the Intranet environment ( database 、web Interfaces, etc. ) It's all through the intranet DNS Services for domain names -IP Mapping .

But often DNS After the mapping is modified , The resources connected in the application have not changed .

It used to be generally believed that linux Of dns Caching causes , A complete analysis was made today , give the result as follows :

1、Linux The local part of the system DNS The cache of

CentOS The system itself does not contain DNS Cache mechanism , Unless it's installed and started nscd service (name server cache daemon).

nscd After the service is started, it will default to all local dns Parsing makes a layer of cache , Expiration time defaults to 3600 second , Restarting the application will not reset nscd The cache of , Unless with /etc/init.d/nscd reload, Forced to refresh nscd cache .

Turn on nscd Services can greatly reduce application requests DNS Frequency of service , At the same time, to a certain extent, it can be used to DNS There is a certain fault tolerance for service failures . But the disadvantages are very obvious ,DNS Service mapping changes cannot be perceived by applications in real time , Every time the mapping is modified, it must be on all client machines reload nscd.

The above conclusion is approved by DNS The service log is verified .

2、JVM Local to the virtual machine DNS cache

Realize in A simple DNS Caching mechanisms , It used to be mistaken for Linux Of DNS cache ,jdk6/7 The default is cache 30 second .

The cache range is JVM Virtual machine process , That is to say, the same JVM In progress ,30 Only one domain name will be requested in seconds DNS The server once , Can greatly reduce the impact of the application on DNS Analysis of network loss and pair DNS The pressure of service .

The above conclusion is approved by JAVA Test program and DNS The service log is verified .

3、 Long connection processing ( Database link 、redis Connect 、zookeeper、activeMQ Connections etc. )

according to 1、2 Two conclusions , When Intranet DNS After a domain name mapping is modified , The app is at most 30 It's going to change in seconds . But this is not the case , The reason is that a lot of resources are “ A long connection ” The way .

For example, the database connection pool is a typical long connection , To ensure connection pool efficiency , We can't set the validity period of a single connection too short . As a result, this kind of long connection cannot respond quickly DNS The mapping of the server changes .

There is only one solution :DNS After the mapping of the server changes , Need to restart the application , So that the long connection follows the new DNS Mapping to build .

The above conclusion is approved by JAVA Test program and DNS The service log is verified .

Give me a break , Finally back to the origin :

In order to ensure that these long connection resources in the application can respond in time DNS Changes in mapping , At present, we still have to restart the application to solve the problem .

Linux Intranet environment DNS Modify the domain name to ,JAVA Can applications switch in real time

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