One 、jQuery.Cookie.js The plug-in is a lightweight Cookie Management plug-in .

Special reminder , I found a special mistake today ,google Browser prompt :has no method $.cookie. It's a tip from the Firefox browser :$.cookie is not a function; Debugging for half a day , Finally find out why , If the same page is introduced twice or more jQuery The plug-in will report this error .

Usage method :

1、 introduce jQuery And jQuery.Cookie.js plug-in unit .

 <script src="jQuery.1.8.3.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="jquery.cookie.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

2、 function .

grammar :$.cookie( name , value ,[option])

(1) Read cookie value

$.cookie(cookieName) cookieName: To read the cookie name .

Example :$.cookie("username");  Read saved in cookie It's called username Value .

(2) Write settings Cookie value :

$.cookie(cookieName,cookieValue); cookieName: To set up cookie name ,cookieValue Represents the corresponding value .

Example :$.cookie("username","admin");  Will value "admin" write in cookie be known as username Of cookie in .

$.cookie("username",NULL); The destruction name is username Of cookie

(3) [option] Parameter description :

expires: Limited dates , It can be an integer or a date ( Company : God ). This place should also pay attention to , If you don't set this thing , After the browser is closed, this cookie Is failure

path: cookie The path to save the value , The default is the same as the creation page path .

domin:  cookie Domain name attributes , The default is the same as creating a page domain name . This place should be paid more attention to , Cross domain concept , If you want the primary domain name and secondary domain name to be valid, set ""

secrue: A Boolean value , Indicates transmission cookie When the value of , Whether a security protocol is needed .

Example :

 $.cookie("like", $(":radio[checked]").val(), {
path: "/", expiress: 7
A complete set and read cookie Page code for :
<html xmlns="">
<title>jQuery Study 2</title>
<script src="jQuery.1.8.3.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="jquery.cookie.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
$(function () {
if ($.cookie("like") == " Lau Andy ") {
$(":radio[value=' Lau Andy ']").attr("checked", 'checked')
else {
$(":radio[value=' Jacky Cheung ']").attr("checked", 'checked')
$(":button").click(function () {
$.cookie("username", $("#username").val(), {
path: "/", expires: 7
$.cookie("like", $(":radio[checked]").val(), {
path: "/", expiress: 7
<p><input type="text" id="username" value="" /></p>
<input type="radio" name="like" value=" Lau Andy " /> Lau Andy
<input type="radio" name="like" value=" Jacky Cheung " /> Jacky Cheung
<p><input type="button" value=" preservation " /></p>
cookie It's essentially a txt Text , So you can only store strings , Objects usually need to be serialized before they can be stored in cookie, And when you take it, you have to reverse the sequence to get the object .

$(function () {
          if ($.cookie("o") == null) {
              var o = { name: " Zhang San ", age: 24 };
              var str = JSON.stringify(o); // To serialize into a string and store it in cookie
              $.cookie("o", str, {
                  expires:7   // Setup time , If left blank here , The browser closes this cookie Is the failure .
              alert("cookie It's empty ");
          else {
              var str1 = $.cookie("o");
              var o1 = JSON.parse(str1); // Characters are de sequenced into objects
              alert(; // Enter the name value of the deserialized object


$(function () {

window.setTimeout(GetCookie, 1);

// Reading and writing Cookie--------------------------------------
        // Login successful , Log in name ; Open login page , Read the last login
        // Write Cookie
        function SetCookie() {
            if ($.cookie("MyWebSite.Login") == undefined || $.cookie("MyWebSite.Login") == null) {
                var o = new Array(0);// { loginName: $('#userName').val() };
                var str = JSON.stringify(o); // To serialize into a string and store it in cookie
                $.cookie("MyWebSite.Login", str, {
                    expires: 7   // Setup time , If left blank here , The browser closes this cookie Is the failure .( Company : God )
            else {
                var arr = $.cookie("MyWebSite.Login");
                arr = JSON.parse(arr);
                if (arr.indexOf($('#userName').val()) <= 0) {

var strNew = JSON.stringify(arr); // To serialize into a string and store it in cookie
                    $.cookie("MyWebSite.Login", strNew, {
                        expires: 7   // Setup time , If left blank here , The browser closes this cookie Is the failure .( Company : God )
        // read Cookie
        function GetCookie() {

var arr = $.cookie("MyWebSite.Login");
            if (arr == undefined) return;
            arr = JSON.parse(arr);
            if (arr.length > 0) {
                $('#userName').val(arr[arr.length - 1]);


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