Random namely :java.util.Random,

ThreadLocalRandom namely :java.util.concurrent.ThreadLocalRandom
SecureRandom namely :java.security.SecureRandom

Q:Random Is it thread safe ?
A:Random It's thread safe , But the performance may be low under multithreading .
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Q:ThreadLocalRandom Why so soon? ?
A: In fact, this look at the source code to know .. because Random Used a lot of CAS Class ,ThreadLocalRandom It's not used at all .

Q: Why in the case of high intensity requirements , Do not use Random?
A: Especially in the case of generating captcha , Do not use Random, Because it's linearly predictable . I remember a news story about a XX Website , To show its fairness , Open its source code , As a result, the random number predictable vulnerability was attacked . So in the situation of high security requirements , Should be used SecureRandom.
Reference resources :http://www.inbreak.net/archives/349

Q: Theoretically, random numbers generated by computers are pseudo-random numbers , So how to generate high-intensity random numbers ?
A: Generate high-intensity random numbers , There are two important factors : Seeds and algorithms . Of course, there are many algorithms , But how to choose the seeds is a key factor . Such as Random, Its seed is System.currentTimeMillis(), So its random numbers are predictable . So how to get an approximately random seed ? Here's a very unique idea : Collect all kinds of computer information , Such as keyboard input time ,CPU The clock , Memory usage , Hard disk free space ,IO Time delay , Number of processes , Number of threads and so on , To get an almost random seed . In this case , In addition to the possibility of cracking in theory , In fact, there is no possibility of being cracked . As a matter of fact , Today's high-strength random number generators are implemented in this way .
such as Windows The random number generator under :
Linux Under the /dev/random:
According to the SecureRandom Of Java doc, Speaking of in class unix Under the system , It could be using /dev/random, To achieve .

Other interesting things :
The fastest security required generation UUID Methods ( Be careful , The intensity is not high , It's possible to repeat ):

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  1. new UUID(ThreadLocalRandom.current().nextLong(), ThreadLocalRandom.current().nextLong());  

On a website , Forget the source .

Randomly generated functions that generate random numbers ?
Whether a random number generator can be used to generate a series of random code , And then as a new random number generator ? It seems that strength is transmitted , It doesn't seem to make sense .

from :http://blog.csdn.net/hengyunabc/article/details/9913143

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