We know rabbitmq It's a professional MQ product , And it's also a strict adherence to AMQP Protocol stuff , But to be coquettish , There must be something highly available , I'm going to tell you

once cluster The concept of ,rabbitmq yes erlang A finished product , So know how to build erlang Of node Cluster is ok 了 , He needs a unified cookie Mechanism ... The test environment of this article is as follows :



The screenshot is as follows :

One :cookie Mechanism

I just said , If you want to achieve cluster colony , It is necessary to ensure that all machines are equipped with cookie The content of the document is the same , That's the question ...cookie Where to? ? from rabbitmq You can find this on our website

In a word , Here's the picture :

ok, The official website is very clear , Now let's take a look at $HOME Where does the variable point to ...

[root@rabbitmq1 Desktop]# echo $HOME
[root@rabbitmq1 Desktop]#

Then I'll go and have a look (Centos1 .147) This is the best one /root Can I find , Here's the picture :

It's amazing , Hey , Now what we're going to do , Is to put Centos2 Of cookie Replace the contents of the file with Centos1 Of cookie Content .

Two : Use host mapping erlang node

Now? cookie The value is the same , Then it needs to be in /etc/hosts Add in host reference , convenient erlang Nodes discover each other , And then there's the 2 platform centos Add the same host Address :

3、 ... and :rabbitmqctl cluster command

Okay , We're all ready , You can restart the machine , Open our rabbitmq, There will be a surprise at this time ...

From the original localhost Change to the present rabbitmq2 了 , See? ~~~ Next, you can put two rabbitmq Open the .

1. stay centos1 Upper use rabbitmqctl cluster_status Look at the current state of the cluster

[root@rabbitmq1 Desktop]# rabbitmqctl cluster_status
Cluster status of node rabbit@rabbitmq1 ...
[root@rabbitmq1 Desktop]#

You can see , Current running-nodes There's only one of them , It just happens to be this machine erlang Node itself , Next let's see if we can connect to rabbit@rabbitmq2 Up ...

2. join_cluster command

Before this order , You need to transfer the rabbitmq close , Then proceed join operation , As you can see from the following figure , We've connected to centos2 Upper rabbitmq 了 ...

[root@rabbitmq1 Desktop]# rabbitmqctl stop_app
Stopping node rabbit@rabbitmq1 ...
[root@rabbitmq1 Desktop]# rabbitmqctl join_cluster rabbit@rabbitmq2
Clustering node rabbit@rabbitmq1 with rabbit@rabbitmq2 ...
[root@rabbitmq1 Desktop]# rabbitmqctl start_app
Starting node rabbit@rabbitmq1 ...
[root@rabbitmq1 Desktop]#

3. Use webui Take a look at the final effect

See no , Now our rabbitmq The cluster has been built successfully , If you have more machines , You can use this join Order to join , Very simple. ~~~

Four :mirror queue

As can be seen from the name , It means mirror queue , in other words queue It's synchronized across our machines , It can also be set in a simple way , Only need webui Of policy It can be set above ...

This setting indicates that if it is mytest The beginning of the queue is “ Image queue ”, Of course, it can also be implemented in code , And realize the function of automatic synchronization , as follows :

rabbitmqctl set_policy ha-all "^mytest" '{"ha-mode":"all","ha-sync-mode":"automatic"}'

5、 ... and : Use C# Drive connection

No matter how good cluster Finally, we need to use language driven connection , Only in this way can we really land , The driver I chose was official , You can nuget Download it from above :

Next I need to demonstrate to queue=mytest1 Push data in the queue , The highlight is that I'm CreateConnection The method is crammed with multiple ip Address ... The following code :

 class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
ConnectionFactory factory = new ConnectionFactory()
UserName = "datamip",
Password = "datamip",
AutomaticRecoveryEnabled = true,
TopologyRecoveryEnabled = true
}; // First step : establish connection
var connection = factory.CreateConnection(new string[] { "", "" }); // The second step : Create a channel
var channel = connection.CreateModel(); var result = channel.QueueDeclare("mytest1", true, false, false, null); for (int i = ; i < int.MaxValue; i++)
channel.BasicPublish(string.Empty, "mytest1", null, new byte[]); Console.WriteLine("{0} Push successful ", i);
} Console.Read();

Finally, let's take a look webui, You can see clearly that the news has entered rabbitmq Cluster ...

Okay , So much for this article , I hope it will help you ~~~

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