Redis changed its open source license, and many projects were no longer open source

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redis changed open source license

original text :Redis has a license to kill: Open-source database maker takes some code proprietary

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Redis Change the module open source license , We don't want to let the cloud providers make money for nothing …

Database manufacturer Redis Labs This week the company will develop Redis Module from AGPL Migrate to Apache v2.0 And Commons Clause Combined license , There are restrictions on the software covered by the license . A change in license means self-development Redis modular - RediSearch,Redis Graph,ReJSON,ReBloom and Redis-ML It will no longer be open source software , But the source code is available (source available).

The new license limits what cloud providers can offer to customers Redis Module capabilities ,Redis Labs May be the only service vendor to include these add ons . however ,Redis The database code still belongs to BSD license .

Redis Labs It is not the only company making such a change .5 month ,Neo4j Graph database in it AGPL Added in the license Commons Clause.

Redis Labs Co founder and CTO of Yiftach Shoolman Express :“ these years , Cloud providers sell cloud services based on open source projects , Hundreds of millions of dollars in profits , But they didn't actually develop these projects themselves , Such as Docker,Elasticsearch,Hadoop,Redis and Spark. This hinders the community from investing in open source code , Because any potential benefits go to the cloud providers, not the code developers or their sponsors .”

Aim to control

according to The Register Reports of , Open source licensing experts from the Idaho National Laboratory Paul Berg Think , This is In order to develop Redis The results of the module developers are handed over to Redis Labs To control , Not just helping open source developers .

Paul say :

This is a traditional proprietary software license , Designed to support the traditional business software sales business model . Because there is no successful enterprise to use it recently , Put it in danger of becoming obsolete

Although cloud services challenge the principles of open source licenses , But these principles are not about whether software developers can benefit from it . The widespread adoption of open source licenses , It makes the restrictive principle suffer from inherent economic disadvantage , Such as Commons Clause Adoption of .

The existence of open source licenses eliminates monopoly , Users can control the software themselves . But the problem with cloud services is , Cloud providers are not monopolized through intellectual property , But through logistics advantage (logistical advantages), A license that focuses on intellectual property cannot solve this problem .

License changes come under attack

OSI( Open source project organization )VM Brasseur Make complaints about Tucao Commons Clause The sales ban is not clearly stated , May face legal problems .OSI The president thinks , This license deprives software of its freedom .

One open source developer said :“ I can't profit from my open source work , But let other enterprises use your open source success to make huge profits , It does sound bad . but Commons Clause There is no solution to support open source software , It's turning open source software into proprietary software .”

Commons Clause The developer responded

Commons Clause Developer and FOSSA founder Kevin Wang Response Road :“ Draft Commons Clause It's to resist some bad behavior . Such as those using source code , Companies that don't compensate for open source code maintenance .”

and Google Director of software engineering Daniel Berlin Retort :“ It's not bad behavior . But this kind of agreement misunderstands the open source economic model , It's just trying to profit from it .”


Paul Berg Think , Open source apportions the cost of Technology , Just as cloud computing companies share the cost of infrastructure , Because of this , Open source projects will be more advantageous .Redis Labs Not necessarily in Commons Clause More benefits under protection . What do you think of that ?


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