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3、RCS The development of technology


Let's get to know RCS The development of technology .

3.1 Tradition PC End IM The rise of , Make telecom companies ready to move

Let's put the time back 20 Many years ago . at that time ,PC The Internet is growing at an amazing speed , Brought unprecedented information explosion to mankind .

In especial ICQ、MSN、OICQ( namely QQ) And so on , Let people see the infinite fun of multimedia communication .

▲ Can you recognize this 3 individual IM Of , They are all old netizens

therefore , People think , Such an interesting way of communication , Can it be transplanted to mobile phones ?

3.2 IMS Appearance

3G Mobile communication standard , It was built in this context (2000 year 5 month ). from 3G rise , The key development direction of mobile phone has become data business , To meet the increasing demand of multimedia communication .

3G towards 4G In the process of development , Responsible for leading standard setting 3GPP organization , Considering that traditional voice call and SMS services also need to evolve to multimedia . therefore , stay 2002 Year of 3GPP Release 5 It is officially proposed in the version IMS.

Communication readers must be right IMS This word is very familiar . If it is a non communication professional reader , I can tell you the other and IMS Closely related words , That's what's really hot these years VoLTE(Voice over LTE).

Yes ,VoLTE Business , Is based on IMS Realized .

IMS Full name , be called IP Multimedia subsystem (IP Multimedia Subsystem). It includes a series of different communication device network elements .

IMS The network structure and business process of . about IMS The role of , We can understand that —— It helps 4G LTE This pure data network , Support for voice calls and SMS , And strengthen them ( Upgrade to multimedia ).

▲ IMS Namely 4G LTE One of the networks “ plug-in unit ”. With it ,4G To make phone calls and text messages

stay IMS On the basis of , It would not have been VoLTE and RCS.

3.3 RCS Appearance

2007 year ,RCS By a small part GSMA( Global Association of mobile communication systems ) Proposed by members , The purpose is to exchange multimedia messages between operators .

2008 year 2 month ,GSMA Formally established RCS project , And named it “home”. thereafter ,GSMA Multiple versions of RCS、RCS-e(enhance, Enhanced ) standard .

▲ GSMA, Can be understood as the global operators association , Mainly represent the interests of operators

RCS After the release , It has won the support of many operators around the world . In especial 2008 year 4G LTE After standard release ,RCS Become operators 4G Standard configuration of .

3.4 RCS In mobile terminal IM Continuous evolution under the pressure of

The same is 2008 Around the year ,iPhone And Android , Mobile communication enters the era of intelligent computer , Mobile Internet market starts to blow out .

2011 About years ago , With WhatsApp、LINE、Facebook Message As a representative of the OTT The emergence and rapid rise of communication tools , A large number of voice of traditional operators 、 SMS revenue .

therefore , Overseas operators rely more on RCS, I hope that we can OTT Software competing . at that time Vodafone、Orange、SKT、Verizon、O2 Overseas well-known operators have launched their own RCS Solutions and brands .

2016 year , For further promotion RCS Product development and global deployment of ,GSMA Launched RCS Universal Profile( General profile , abbreviation UP, It's a standard ), And several versions have been updated . Current version , Namely 2019 year 10 Released on Version 2.4.

▲ RCS and UP Version evolution of

3.5 RCS Development in China

Let's look back RCS Development in China .

China's 3G and 4G Construction started later than Europe, America, Japan and South Korea .3G Not to mention , late 8 year .4G It's late 5 year .2013 end of the year , It was issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology LTE Commercial license plate .

As LTE Active builder of , China mobile is 2014 year LTE At the same time of large-scale network construction , It's very important IMS、VoLTE、RCS Business value of .

Because Feixin's lessons from the past , China Mobile has been fully aware that the traditional operators are showing the trend of pipeline , Profit margin will be squeezed continuously , Urgent and OTT Preempt flow inlet , Looking for new business growth points .

2015 year , At home LTE After the initial scale of network coverage , China Mobile has made a significant advance in the number of provinces in China IMS and VoLTE Network construction progress , And actively promote the RCS Business validation and testing .

In fact, the three major domestic operators are not idle , stay 2017 year 4 It's finished in June RCS The three party (3 Big operators ) Interworking test specification compilation . among , China Mobile is more active , stay 2017 year 12 Monthly commercial RCS, contain Native、App、PC as well as SDK Four terminal forms .2019 Requirements of China Mobile Terminal Co., Ltd , All models in the terminal company for warehousing and sales should support RCS Native function .

With 5G The arrival of the , Things are different again .

To give 5G Network makes more spectrum space , Operators must speed up 2/3G Back off of network . And attached to 2/3G Traditional voice and SMS services on the Internet , Must move to as soon as possible LTE and IMS On the Internet .( At home LTE Mature coverage of network ,IMS Completion of construction of , bring RCS It's a good time to launch .)

meanwhile , face OTT Continuous suppression of business , Operators also hope to pass the RCS Make a last fight . therefore , That's it “5G news ” Joint release of business .

The name “5G news ”, Mainly hope to use 5G The brand of , reflect RCS Generation difference between business and traditional message business .

4、RCS What kind of functions and experiences can be realized ?


Let's talk about RCS What kind of functions can be realized , And the user experience , How to let 3 Big operators rekindled the competition for wechat, etc IM Confidence of giants .

4.1 Operator pairs RCS Function orientation of

China mobile is 2014 Year was based on RCS Put forward 「 Three new 」 The goal is . Three new things in it , refer to : New call 、 New news and new connections , Refers to the phone on the mobile phone , SMS , Address book .

  1. “ New call ” With VoLTE At the core , Enhance user call quality and experience ;

  2. “ New news ” Seamless integration of multiple media and message formats , Seamless and traditional short / MMS interworking ;

  3. “ New connections ” Based on the real mobile phone number , Building a new social life 、 Public information service entrance .

Actually , It's clearly given RCS Function and positioning of .

In general , Operator pairs RCS There are two kinds of application scene positioning :

  • One is message interaction between individual users ;

  • One is the message interaction between enterprise users and individual users .

4.2 RCS Message interaction and wechat between ordinary users IM comparison , The advantages are not obvious

Aimed at the scene 1( That is, message interaction between individual users ),RCS Support point-to-point messages , Support mass distribution 、 Group chat , Voice support 、 picture 、 Video multimedia message , Send location is also supported 、 Business CARDS etc. , It even supports message cloud backup and burning after reading .

RCS The following message types can be supported when chatting with individual users of ( Follow IM It's like ):

These functions are similar to our current wechat ,RCS It doesn't show any advantages . Considering user habits and other reasons ,RCS It's hard to pry the dominance of wechat , In the future, it may be mainly in an auxiliary position .

More concerned by operators and the whole industry , It's actually a scene 2( That is, the message interaction between enterprise users and individual users ).

4.3 RCS In the context of message interaction between enterprises and individuals , There's a lot of imagination

2017 year ,GSMA stay UP2.0 Introduced in the specification MaaP, Also released MaaP white paper , Clearly put forward the orientation A2P(Application to Person) Industry news “RCS Business rich media news (RCS Business Messaging)”, That's what we call the scene 2.

▲ RCS Business rich media news

MaaP, Namely Messaging as a Platform, Message as platform .

RCS Business rich media news , Provide message interaction interface between enterprise and individual users , Increased interaction capabilities based on pictures, videos, etc , Convenient for enterprises to output personalized services to users .

For example, ticket hotel reservation query 、 Logistics query 、 A series of light application functions such as online purchase order query , Both can pass RCS Business rich media message realization .

RCS The value of business rich media news lies in , It provides a new channel for enterprises and users . With this channel , Enterprises can reach users . Users can also access the service .

In a sense , It's like a little program 、 WeChat official account ( Service number ), Even call the customer service center .

In order to achieve RCS Business rich media news , Operators set up their own networks MaaP Capacity enhancement open platform and Chatbot chatbot . Open platform for enterprises API Interface , To provide services .

The technical architecture is like this :

4.4 RCS Have common IM The advantages that we don't have

Operator response to “5G news ”( namely RCS technology ) So confident , Source code, some of its unique advantages .

4.4.1)RCS advantage 1: It needs to be installed separately APP

It does not need to be separately installed by a third party APP, Mobile phone native support . This greatly reduces the user's threshold for use , It also saves the promotion cost .

▲ Everyone's cell phone , These three icons are indispensable

Although most mobile phones currently do not support 5G news , But in the future, major manufacturers will upgrade the software of mobile phones , Support RCS UP 2.4 After specification , Can support . Even if you're not 5G mobile phone ( But at least 4G mobile phone ), Can also support .

4.4.2)RCS advantage 2: No account registration required

RCS Business and mobile number are directly related , The user number is the account number , Without registration .

This also reduces the complexity of users using the business , It not only solves the problem of identity authentication , We got it through “ Platform Island ”( There is no need to register an account with each merchant separately ).

▲ Mobile number is account number , No.1 general

4.4.3)RCS advantage 3: No need to add friends

RCS Firmly grasp the social golden key of user's address book , No need to add friends , Social networking in a hurry .


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