Initial experience of Dubbo application level service discovery

roshilikang 2021-09-15 04:25:03
initial experience dubbo application level

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dubbo Introduction to application level service discovery

understand dubbo My friends know ,dubbo Of provider Register with the registry at startup ,consumer Consume from the registry .

at present dubbo The data registered in the registry is at the interface level , Application level service discovery is to register instances in the registry (ip+port), The only difference between the two is the granularity of registration .

As for why there is application level service discovery , There are several reasons

  • Align with industry mainstream microservice models , such as SpringCloud、Kubernetes Native Service etc.
  • Reduce registration data , Lifting performance

Why write this article

stay dubbo2.7.5 Application level service discovery is released in version

Official release note There is only one sentence mentioned in the article , The message is just two :

Support a new service discovery granularity : Application level service discovery Still in BETA edition And there is no official document on how to use it .

I searched the Internet for some articles , Just some Directional 、 Principle Introduction to , Such as 《Dubbo An important step in cloud Nativity - Application level service discovery analysis 》、《Apache-Dubbo- Service introspection architecture design 》( The official account is not , Searchable online , By brother ma ).

principle 、 Direction is important , But I want to try dubbo But I don't know how to configure it , So we'll build it from the fragments and source code on the Internet dubbo Application level service discovery demo

Experience application level service discovery

Environment building

Here's my common building dubbo Source debugging environment , Simple and effective .

Simply let dubbo Just one to run zookeeper As a registry .

Use docker To build zk Environmental Science :

docker pull zookeeper
docker run -p 2181:2181  -d zookeeper:latest

dubbo Source debugging environment , Just from github Download source code

git clone

Use the source code demo that will do ,dubbo There are many ways to run , annotation 、api、xml Methods such as , Choose what you are familiar with , There is no essential difference

Two kinds of service discovery

Interface level service discovery

dubbo The default is interface level service registration , Just find one provider Of demo Start it up , Let's have a look zk Data registered on

/dubbo In the catalog configmetadata yes 2.7 And then introduced “ Three centers ”, This is beyond the scope of this article , Temporary neglect

/dubbo/org.apache.dubbo.demo.DemoService It's a registered service , There is a temporary node hanging below


urldecode once


You can see that some metadata is registered , such as ip、port、interface、methods etc.

Application level service discovery

Configuration of application level service discovery , There is very little information available on the Internet , I've also looked through the materials here , Plus try it yourself , The resulting configuration , In addition to the configuration zk Address , You also need to turn on application level service discovery :


It's written in code like this

RegistryConfig registryConfig = new RegistryConfig("zookeeper://");
Map<String, String> params = new HashMap<>();

provider And consumer We all need to write like this , And consumer Still need to be in reference On the configuration services, Point to provider Of applicationName, It means you need to consume the app

ReferenceConfig<DemoService> reference = new ReferenceConfig<>();

RegistryConfig registryConfig = new RegistryConfig("zookeeper://");
Map<String, String> params = new HashMap<>();

zk The data registered on becomes /services Next

We found that the metadata registered in the service dimension is missing , So at this time consumer I'll start with provider Establishing a connection , And then get the metadata .


This article is introduced by examples dubbo The new version provides the ability of application level dimension service registration and discovery , It's just aligned with other existing microservice discovery models , We need to think deeply about how to use it in practice .

WeChat official account " Master bug catcher ", Back end technology sharing , Architecture design 、 performance optimization 、 Source code reading 、 Troubleshoot problems 、 Step on the pit practice .


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