Run around with money? Li Weijia fell into the storm of endorsement! In the face of collective hot discussion, personal attitude has become the focus of attention

Tencent Entertainment 2021-09-15 05:26:29
run money li weijia fell

The tranquility of the entertainment industry in September , It was broken after all .

No one thought of the first melon in September , Appeared again on Hunan Satellite TV , The key is still the host .

Some netizens also said :“ He is also the host of Hunan Satellite TV ”. null , It is not difficult to see that everyone is worried about Hunan Satellite TV . earlier , Because of the Qian Feng incident 、 Tianyuan event , The image of Hunan Satellite TV has also been greatly frustrated . Today, , Hunan satellite TV 《 Happy camp 》 The host Li Weijia was publicly scolded as an immoral artist , It can be described as slapping in the face , It sounds really amazing . even to the extent that , Many people say it's incredible .

It is precisely such a popular host , Now they are pointed at and scolded .

From the photos taken at the scene , It's also amazing .

At the gate of Hunan Satellite TV , Many people wear white clothes , It says on the back “ Li Weijia lost his virtue as an artist ”, At the same time, the scene shouted :“ Vivia , You lied to me for hard-earned money , Where is your conscience ?”. Because of the popularity of Hunan Satellite TV , So it spread quickly on the Internet , Netizens are also instant fryers , As the host, Li Weijia also fell into a storm .

According to the disclosure of netizens , Li Weijia's trouble this time is related to his endorsement .

It is reported that , A tea brand company endorsed by Li Weijia, the host of happy camp, ran away . In the eyes of many people , Li Weijia's endorsement led to many people being cheated . This point , In fact, I can fully understand . In recent years , Because there are not a few artists who have problems with endorsement . Wang Han and other star artists of Hunan Satellite TV also have problems with endorsement for many times , So that the image fell . even to the extent that , Many star artists don't want to be spokesmen , Or direct refusal and avoidance . After all , The risk factor is too large .

Of course , Some people also feel that we can't pursue star artists just because they are star endorsements , Instead, you should go to the license issuing agency .

The idea that , Obviously not .

First , To understand a little bit . just as , What netizens said : Star artists choose to speak , Is to use their public influence to increase sales . Fans may choose this product because it is the endorsement of the star . The problem with the product is that the star chose the wrong , Wrong judgment , The direction to the public is wrong , To damage the interests of buyers . While getting benefits , Also have to pay the corresponding responsibility .

After all , Star endorsements earn huge advertising expenses .

It can't be said that advertising expenses have gone into your pocket , If something happens, the star spokesperson should leave it clean ! thus , The endorsements don't need to be screened at all , Obviously, you can pick up as many as you come , And not responsible at all . Obviously , There can be no such good thing . Now that I'm a spokesman , There is no doubt that we also need to bear the responsibility .

This point , In the industry , In fact, it has long been controversial .

In an interview with the media, the president of China Advertising Association once said :“ Celebrity spokesmen should have responsibility and responsibility . Endorsement is not a personal act , Be responsible for the brand , Be responsible for your fans , Be responsible to society .” Obviously , Hunan Satellite TV 《 Happy camp 》 Host Li Weijia falls into the storm of endorsement, and the responsibility cannot escape .

Although everyone has different views , But so far, Li Weijia has not made any response . From the recent update frequency of Li Weijia's social circle , Although not explicitly stated , But obviously, the sudden public opinion is a little confused , Seems to be diving , Watch it change . After all , It's not a small thing .

Last time , The emergence of the Qian Feng incident , Hunan Satellite TV spoke for the first time .

The attitude of all walks of life towards Hunan Satellite TV is greatly praised . result , Unexpectedly, Hunan Satellite TV has been exposed to problems one after another .

Now , Host Li Weijia fell into a storm of public opinion because of the endorsement problem . Nearly a day has passed , Neither Hunan Satellite TV nor Li Weijia made any response . contrary , The happy camp program group did not respond . Regarding this , Many people also have a lot of views , Many people also focus on Li Weijia's personal attitude .

With the continuous fermentation of public opinion , Li Weijia's dynamic is also besieged by netizens .

From the message information of netizens , This time, host Li Weijia may completely overturn because of his endorsement .

At present, the regulation of the entertainment industry is constantly upgrading , Li Weijia has a problem at this node , If it is true, to a large extent, Li Weijia's hosting career will be over . In this way , It will undoubtedly affect 《 Happy camp 》 Program development . even to the extent that , Some people also began to help the happy camp find someone who can replace Li Weijia .

Facing the collective criticism of netizens , Many people also stood up to speak for Li Weijia .

Although many people speak for Li Weijia , But in most people's opinion, Li Weijia can't get rid of the relationship .

Regarding this , Some people also turned out the previous video of Li Weijia endorsing tea . In the video , Li Weijia also gave a push , Even publicly mentioned “ Our happy base ”, Now there is such a problem , If Li Weijia wants to completely get rid of the relationship, it is impossible . Not only will Li Weijia's personal design be greatly discounted , And it will also damage the image of the happy camp . The most important thing is Hunan Satellite TV , It's really one wave after another . For the frequent problems of Hunan Satellite TV , Netizens also said : Rollovers really ruin childhood . It is estimated that this sentence , It is also the voice of many people .

Of course , It should be reminded that rational restraint is needed at all times , After all, it's all your hard-earned money , Don't invest because it's a star endorsement , Be sure to understand everything , To avoid being deceived . As a star, we also need to strengthen our sense of responsibility , Now that something's wrong , Then we need to respond positively , Take responsibility , After all, responsibility is no small matter .

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