Another uncle circle man is angry! The high-quality acting skills make people admire and achieve the highlight of the ending of spring in Jade House

Tencent Entertainment 2021-09-15 06:02:40
uncle circle man angry high-quality

《 Yulouchun 》 It should be a group portrait costume work with good heat and high discussion recently ! Each character in the play can be brought out alone to form a scene , The one worth tasting !

But what I didn't expect was that the last big winner of the play was Master Sun Xun , Moreover, Zhang Lei, the actor of this role, was ridiculed by netizens as a high-quality actor .

At first, the audience's most comment on Sun Xun was “ High ranking imperial court officials ”, Then around him is “ Is it a good person or a bad person ” The question of …… This character doesn't make many appearances , But each scene left a lot of classic famous scenes for the audience ……

If Sun Xun had to define a word, he might as well be a good old fox .

Royal fear , The imperial court is careful , The balance within the family is all in this elder . Zhang Lei really grasped Sun Xun's role as a big parent in the feudal period , Have the capacity to , Also have the self-restraint .

Sun Xun in the court hall is a representative of the sun family , So many times we see Sun Xun like this ……

And so on ……

Family honor 、 Neither his position nor the official rank of the court allowed Sun Xun to bend his back !

Facing all officials and colleagues , Sun Xun doesn't represent himself ! He wants to think for the Emperor , And measure for the family ……

But you think the good minister is the kind of atmosphere in the prime minister's belly that can support a boat and the spirit of passing away with a smile ?

wrong ! Sun Xun does not hide the connotation of yin and Yang ……

I haven't lost against Lord Liang ! The kind of wise, sober and double tall !

Although Sun Xun acted vigorously in the court , relaxation ! But Sun Xun at home is just like this ……

Flowers and birds 、 Grass insect , Funny ! Such a bent back 、 The small movements of stretching have added a lot of loveliness to Sun Xun, the high-ranking chief auxiliary .

In particular, Sun Xun's relationship with his wife is really the best description of mutual respect ……

Eyebrows and eyes 、 The movement and the tone of voice are the feeling of gentle, elegant and cultured ! The funniest thing is that when Sun Xun faced his wife ……

The face of others is like this ……

But when it comes to Zhang Lei's highlight , Still have to mention 《 Yulouchun 》 The end of .

Zhang Lei's handling of the details of Sun Xun's role in the last act of the finale is simply the peak , It's the kind of shock he's completely convinced of . Because Sun Xun wants to play , Sever the women in the family 、 Send off ……

The expression of parting with his wife really touched and restrained , The love story of middle-aged people has no dog blood , On the contrary, it is the touch of the overall situation ……

And the expression of grief in the face of his son's incomprehension and disappointment with his son , The dignity of an old father with tears in his eyes but not left from the beginning ……

And the farewell after being poisoned and drunk by the Emperor , Drink it all and die after falling to the ground ……

This game is over , Zhang Lei put an old man in a high position , But still in the imperial court 、 The kind of good officials who are the people showed up ! The character is ambitious , Facing the official career will kill your first love , But this character also has loyalty , In the face of the enemy, they are willing to join hands with their daughter-in-law 、 Join hands with the imperial court to offer their family as a bet ……

Zhang Lei gave this character a lot of humanity , Emotional processing makes the character vivid 、 Richness and fullness , Will make mistakes 、 Make mistakes ……

Will also wear a business mask ……

The role of Sun Xun is really surprisingly cute ! Zhang Lei really makes this character a lot of fun !

In addition, the handsome of Sun Xun in the play is also the charm recognized by the audience , Especially the lie detection ability when solving a case is simply too high , With courage and the dignity of everyone !

But you know what ! Compared with Sun Xun's handsome appearance when he solved the case , It's Zhang Lei's modern noumenon appearance, everyone !

Many netizens know 《 Yulouchun 》 Sun Xun found out that he was 《 The truth of silence 》 The villain Hu Yilang ……

It's also 《 The bugler is in place 》 The handsome officer Wang Jinying ……

In fact, Zhang Lei's appearance is that kind of standard uncle temperament , In terms of role shaping, it is positive or negative , It can be gentle and elegant, but also sinister and terrible ……

But if you've seen the real base without the character , It will be found that his highly malleable temperament is due to his personal charm precipitated after years . His facial features belong to simple three-dimensional , There is not much style to define , This appearance has become the best plasticity in his role .

Plus his own experience and experience , Let his whole temperament have an exposed maturity and elegance , So when there is no role, the base is basically like this ……

Now that I think about it , Zhang Lei is called a high-quality actor by netizens , Maybe it's because of “ role ” Your shaping ability ! Whether it's the external image setting , Or the closeness of the character , Zhang Lei pulled down the characters and presented them to the audience in a reductive way !

This kind of quality can only be achieved by actors with solid business skills ! What do you think? ?

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