Java and cloud native dating

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java cloud native dating

Activity Introduction

At home Java Still the king of Technology , It is supported by rich ecology and complete development tools , But into the cloud age Java Is there any chance ? Cloud primordial is not for Java born , but Java Or a giant in the cloud age . This activity was conducted by three members of the community Java Open source big cards are native to the cloud Java Speaking of ecology , Bring you... Through their own work scenes Java Hot technology sharing , Such as Spring Cloud、 Open source 、 And big data . Hope for Java Programmers bring a lot of dry goods !

Introduction to guests


2008 year 7 month 1 Join in IBM Guangzhou Branch has worked so far , As a senior technical consultant , Mainly responsible for WebSphere Series of products and cloud computing 、 Technical support related to the Internet of things , Focus on new product features 、 System performance tuning 、 Difficult analysis and problem solving . As an open source technology enthusiast , It has a high popularity in the computer community , Organize and plan many community activities and gatherings , Carry out various activity planning, technical exchange and publicity of relevant topics , There are better IT The influence and interaction popularity of the technical circle . And with a marathon 、 badminton 、 Bicycle 、 Photography and other activities are used as the media to organize the offline or online interactive communication of technicians , Increase the fun of work and life .
Microsoft's most valuable expert ,IT Technology communicators , Cut in ( Bili, Bili 、 Today's headline 、 Trill etc. )30 Thousands of fans . Published 《J2EE Record the whole development process 》、《 Write your own development tools 》、《 The programmer's SQL SATINE 》、《 Zero basic interest study C Language 》 Etc .
Ma Hongbin is a big data startup Kyligence Start up members of 、 Technical partner ,Apache Kylin Members of the project management committee (PMC). stay Kyligence Successively served as an architect 、 Director of research and development 、 Vice president of research and development 、 Lead researcher 、 Chief preacher, etc . In the direction of Technology , He focuses on enterprise level 、 Cloud native data architecture 、 ecology 、 product . He has been in Strata、HBaseCon And other industry conferences at home and abroad , Share his research progress and industry understanding on behalf of the company .
stay Kyligence Before , Ma Hongbin has successively worked for Microsoft Research Asia 、eBay China R & D Center , yes 《Apache Kylin Authoritative guide 》 Co author of .
Lu Jianhui , Microsoft cloud technology evangelist , exceed 10 Annual cloud primary , Artificial intelligence , Experience in mobile applications , Education , Finance , Provide medical application solutions . At this stage, Microsoft , Preach technology and related application scenarios for technicians and different industries .

Schedule of activities

13:00-14:00 Online preheating
14:00-14:50 《 Cloud native Cloud Native》
Yu Limin - IBM Senior technical consultant

Topic introduction :

  1. What is cloud native technology ?
    Purpose : Give play to the advantages of cloud platform elasticity and distributed architecture
  2. Cloud native implementation
    Microservice architecture
    Containerization and rapid operation
    DevOps Continuous delivery
  3. Technical platform support
    Cloud computing is the foundation of cloud nativity
    The technical framework of each development language supports
    With Java The programming language is an example
    From virtual machine to containerization
    Kubernetes Resource management scheduling
    Open source communities and commercial companies promote
  4. Summary and discussion
    The new project 、 Try new technologies ?
    How to quickly migrate applications to cloud platforms ?
    How to make full use of migration tools ?

14:50-15:40 《 “.NET The programmer ”?“Java The programmer ”? Don't button your hat

Yang Zhongke - Microsoft's most valuable expert

Topic introduction :
.NET The strange current situation of the development community : A desperate .NET, hold Java Be the enemy .
We are programmers , No qualifier .
Java、GO What does technology mean for individuals and Microsoft ?
Java and .NET Comprehensive comparison of .
understand .NET Of programmers Java Learning Roadmap .
How to mix... In a project .NET and JAVA.
About .NET The idea of ecological construction ( Technology ecology and technology community ).

15:40-16:30 《 Research on storage performance of big data applications on cloud 》

Ma Hongbin - Kyligence Technical partner

Topic introduction :
With the development of Cloud Computing , Applications on the cloud show diversity . Big data services as an enterprise IT An indispensable part of Architecture , It can well adapt to the scalability and flexibility of the cloud , Bring users a more convenient experience of using data products . however , To build high-performance data services in the cloud native environment , The challenges to the storage architecture are significantly different from those of the local computer room .
The cloud's native storage computing separation architecture enables computing resources and storage to scale independently , Bring flexibility and lower cost at the same time , It also destroys “ Data locality ”, It brings great challenges to the performance of big data system .
This sharing puts forward... From the perspective of storage architecture “ soft affinity ” The concept of , Readjusted the cloud storage architecture , The preliminary performance test results are given . We hope to explore the impact of cloud storage and computing separation on big data performance , discuss “ soft affinity ” Possible space for solutions .

16:30-17:20 《 Experts face to face 》

host : Lu Jianhui - Microsoft cloud technology evangelist
Yu Limin - IBM Senior technical consultant
Yang Zhongke - Microsoft's most valuable expert
Ma Hongbin - Kyligence Technical partner

Topic introduction :
Talk more about... With three experts Java Development trends in China ,Java The future of Ecology , And the discussion of cloud primordial .

Event organizer


Microsoft Reactor To help developers , Technology enthusiasts , Better learning .NET Core, C#, Python, Data Science , machine learning ,AI, Blockchain , IoT Technology , Every Wednesday to Saturday , organization 3~5 Online sharing activities . Welcome to study with us .

Scan code and pay attention to Microsoft MSDN, Get more Microsoft first-hand technical information and official learning materials !

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