Five minutes to understand MySQL index push down

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minutes understand mysql index push

Hello everyone , I'm the third , Share a little knowledge today —— Index push down .

If you're in an interview , hear MySQL5.6”、“ Index optimization ” Words like that , You're going to get To , The question is “ Index push down ”.

What is index push down

Index push down (Index Condition Pushdown, abbreviation ICP), yes MySQL5.6 New features of version , It can reduce the number of queries back to the table , Improve query efficiency .

The principle of index push down optimization

Let's take a brief look at MySQL General structure :

MySQL About the architecture

MySQL The service layer is responsible for SQL Syntax parsing 、 Generate execution plan, etc , And call the storage engine layer to perform data storage and retrieval .

Index push down Of Push down In fact, it means that part of the upper layer ( Service layer ) Responsible things , To the lower level ( Engine layer ) To deal with .

Let's take a specific look at , Before use ICP Under the circumstances ,MySQL Query for :

  • The storage engine reads index records ;
  • According to the primary key value in the index , Locate and read the complete row record ;
  • The storage engine gives the records to Server Layer to detect whether the record meets WHERE Conditions .

Use ICP Under the circumstances , The query process :

  • The storage engine reads index records ( Not a complete line record );
  • Judge WHERE Whether the condition part can be checked with the columns in the index , Condition not satisfied , Then process the next row of index records ;
  • Conditions met , Use the primary key in the index to locate and read the complete row record ( It's the so-called back table );
  • The storage engine gives the records to Server layer ,Server The layer detects whether the record meets WHERE The rest of the condition .

Specific practice of index push down

The theory is abstract , Let's take a practice .

Use a user table tuser, Create a union index in the table (name, age).

 User table

If there is a need now : Search out the The first word of the name is Zhang , And the age is 10 All users at the age of . that ,SQL This is how the statement is written :

select * from tuser where name like ' Zhang %' and age=10;

If you understand the leftmost matching principle of index , Then you know that this statement is used when searching the index tree , Only use Zhang , The first record found that meets the condition id by 1.

B+ Tree union index

What are the next steps ?

Not used ICP

stay MySQL 5.6 Before , The storage engine finds... Through the federated index name likelike ' Zhang %' Primary key of id(1、4), Scan the table one by one , Go to the cluster index to find the complete row record ,server The layer then analyzes the data according to age=10 Screening .

Let's take a look at the diagram :

 not used ICP

You can see that you need to go back to the table twice , Put us in another field of the joint index age wasted .


and MySQL 5.6 in the future , The storage engine is based on (name,age) Joint index , find name likelike ' Zhang %', Because the union index contains age Column , So the storage engine directly federates the index according to age=10 Filter . Scan the table again according to the filtered data .

Let's take a look at the diagram :

 Use ICP Schematic diagram

You can see that you only went back to the table once .

In addition, we can also look at the implementation plan , notice Extra In a column Using index condition, This is the index push down .

| id | select_type | table | partitions | type | possible_keys | key | key_len | ref | rows | filtered | Extra |
| 1 | SIMPLE | tuser | NULL | range | na_index | na_index | 102 | NULL | 2 | 25.00 | Using index condition |

Index push down usage conditions

  • It can only be used for rangerefeq_refref_or_null Access method ;
  • It can only be used for InnoDB and MyISAM Storage engine and its partition table ;
  • Yes InnoDB For storage engines , Index push down is only applicable to secondary indexes ( Also called secondary index );

The purpose of index push down is to reduce the number of table returns , That is to reduce IO operation . about InnoDB Of Cluster index Come on , Data and index are together , There is no such thing as going back to the table .

  • Conditions that reference subqueries cannot be pushed down ;
  • A condition that references a storage function cannot be pushed down , Because the storage engine cannot call the storage function .

Related system parameters

Push is enabled by default under index conditions , You can use system parameters optimizer_switch To check whether the controller is on .

View default status :

mysql> select @@optimizer_switch\G;
*************************** 1. row ***************************
@@optimizer_switch: index_merge=on,index_merge_union=on,index_merge_sort_union=on,index_merge_intersection=on,engine_condition_pushdown=on,index_condition_pushdown=on,mrr=on,mrr_cost_based=on,block_nested_loop=on,batched_key_access=off,materialization=on,semijoin=on,loosescan=on,firstmatch=on,duplicateweedout=on,subquery_materialization_cost_based=on,use_index_extensions=on,condition_fanout_filter=on,derived_merge=on
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Switch state :

set optimizer_switch="index_condition_pushdown=off";
set optimizer_switch="index_condition_pushdown=on";

Reference resources :

[1].《 MySQL Technology insider InnoDB Storage engine 》

[2]. 《MySQL actual combat 45 speak 》

[3]. MySQL Index push down (ICP) Simple understanding and examples

[4]. Read what is MySQL Index push down (ICP)

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