After the grand finale of spring in jade mansion, after reading many comments, I began to sympathize with white deer

Tencent Entertainment 2021-09-15 07:49:16
grand finale spring jade mansion

8 The moon screen is unusually lively , Several major dramas were launched at the same time , have a lot of “ a hundred flowers contend in beauty 、 Schools of thought contend ” The feeling of , I have to say , The rise of domestic dramas .

But in the 8 A TV play broadcast in June , Most of them are modern dramas , Or a time play , such as 《 Black storm 》《 The ideal city 》《 The children of the Qiao family 》 etc. ,《 Yulouchun 》 Became the only child of ancient costume drama .

although 《 Yulouchun 》 It's been a big finale for days , Has entered 9 On the , However, the popularity of the TV play is still the focus of the audience after dinner .

The focus of many audiences' heated discussion , Make complaints about Lin Shaochun, the female protagonist of Tucao white deer. , Usually actors make complaints about them. , There's only one reason , That is, the actors are too bad , Screw up the role .

However, the acting skills of white deer are commendable , Didn't screw up the role of white deer , Make complaints about the reason , Because she's so good , Shaping Lin Shaochun into a “ Rare strange woman in the world ”.

So there are many comments in the audience's comment area , The audience gave the TV play all kinds of new names , such as :《 Lin Shaochun's growth in fighting monsters 》《 Lin Shaochun's promotion 》, Perhaps the most recognized by the audience is 《 Lin Shaochun and her 1000 A way 》.

Let's take a look at Lin Shaochun , Her performance in the play , It's really a smart star , Every time I encounter difficulties , Always turn a bad luck into a good one , Find a way to crack it .

At first, Lin Shaochun , To clear up his father's grievances , So she studied drama with her teacher , Want to take the route of the golden list , The purpose is to see the emperor , To overturn his father's case .

Seeing that this road doesn't work , Lin Shaochun soon changed his method , I have to say that she is very adaptable , She began to take the draft route .

The whole process of the draft , Full of hidden rules , Others can reward the painter with silver , But Lin Shaochun has no money , So he used his intelligence , He won a chance for himself .

Near the time of meeting the Emperor , Lin Shaochun knew that his father was wronged , So there's another plan , Make your face allergic , He finally lost the election .

No burden , Lin Shaochun is willing to marry sun Yulou , I didn't expect this time , The elders of the sun family are very opposed to this marriage .

Own happiness , Fight for it yourself , Lin Shaochun is not in a hurry , She adopted a circuitous strategy , Think about making more money first , Finally, when the sun family encountered difficulties , Lin Shaochun officially appeared , Helped the sun family solve their difficulties .

This is the time , The elders of the sun family are grateful to Lin Shaochun , So Lin Shaochun relies on his own strength , He married sun Yulou openly .

A marriage without parental blessing is unhappy , Therefore, Lin Shaochun will not do such a thing , She used her own tricks , Both helped the sun family , It also makes the sun family convinced of her daughter-in-law .

After marriage , Although Lin Shaochun seems to live a happy life as a young grandmother , But it's actually a housekeeper .

Big and small things at home , All need her , For example, big brother sun Shijie cheated on Taoyao , She is more attentive than Wu Yuehong , Tried every means , Finally let tao yao show his true face .

It is precisely because Lin Shaochun is too capable and clever in the play , So after the finale of the whole TV series , Lin Shao Chun became the focus of many netizens make complaints about it. .

Make complaints about what is being tucking away , That's why they think TV dramas are too mythological about the role of Lin Shaochun , Just for the image of the big heroine , Lin Shaochun likes to mind his own business , Never do anything pretentious , It's a wonderful role .

Chasing a play is always fun , There is no need to go online , But more and more viewers make complaints about Lin Shaochun. , Some even make complaints about the role of the white deer. , I make complaints about these people. , Is too much .

To put it bluntly , These make complaints about excessive confidence. .

Film and television drama is an art , Art can be made up , But don't forget , Art comes from life .

Since the , How many outstanding women are there in China , such as : Wu zetian 、 Fan Lihua 、 Li qingzhao 、 Ban Zhao et al , These talented women use their own wisdom , Did many great things that shocked the world .

Own mediocrity , But learn to accept the excellence of others , Not to mention in film and television dramas , Why can't you accept a clever Lin Shaochun ?

So I saw many netizens make complaints about them. , Lin Shaochun in the play is too clever , I think this role is too mythical , I think it's funny , Even sympathize with Lin Shaochun and the actor Bai Lu , Obviously, it is a happy thing for actors to play a role well , However, because some people are unwilling to accept the excessive intelligence of others , And make complaints about the army of Tucao. , I really feel helpless .

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