"Anti Mafia storm" Wang Zhifei's love history is really wonderful: he divorced Zhang Xinyi and married a 14-year-old wife

Tencent Entertainment 2021-09-15 08:12:55
anti mafia storm wang zhifei

today , It's me who tore off the mask of scum men and scum women .

《 Black storm 》 It's too high !

May thinks the play proves that the characters are big or small , Of course, there are many starring roles , But not necessarily brilliant , Supporting roles can also stand out .

Like Wang Zhifei , stay 《 Black storm 》 Li plays Gao Mingyuan , He's male number four , But the circle powder is countless , Play a pervert so charismatic , Every white hair is a play .

However, it is expected that Wang Zhifei performed so well , He's a real old drama bone , There are several characters out of the circle .

Wang Zhifei made his debut very early ,1987 In, he acted the first play in his life 《 Good Dad Bad Dad 》, In this age of debut , Old opera bone is worthy of the name , This year he has 56 Year old .

《 Highlight the encirclement 》 in , Play the role of A Tang long, a young commander of the division with modern military concept , With this role, he won the supporting actor loved by the audience of Golden Eagle Festival ;

《 Silent witness 》 in , Played a villain , Chen Junwei, Professor of criminal psychology ;

《 The Qin Empire 》 in , Wang Zhifei plays the great reformer Shang Yang ;

Wang Zhifei is very decent , It's convincing to play a positive role , Once you play the villain , There is another feeling of being a gentle scum , Plus excellent acting , It's hard to keep people away .

however , How high is the character , How much you want to blind yourself after you know the actor himself , Wang Zhifei definitely deserves “ Cheating on men who play with women's affections ” Two words .

At the stage when he doesn't have a name , I met my ex-wife Li Jian , The two soon got married and had a son .

Probably Li Jianwang , After getting married, Wang Zhifei passed 《 Highlight the encirclement 》 became angry , Then the play continues .

By convention , At this time, the drama of abandoning the wife of chaff will be staged , Wang Zhifei is not immune , Besides, there is a catalyst .

2005 year , Wang Zhifei met when filming Zhang Xinyi , The two worked together 《 The wind blows the clouds, the stars move 》.

Wang Zhifei plays a playboy , Because I fell in love with a top card in Shanghai beach , Abandon wife and son , This number one card is played by Zhang Xinyi .

As a result, the play and reality completely coincided , at that time 39 Year old Wang Zhifei also fell in love with only 23 Year old Zhang Xinyi .

According to the news , When filming, Zhang Xinyi likes to stick to Wang Zhifei , It's over , The two people hit it off and came together .

Wang Zhifei can't let go of the vitality brought by young Zhang Xinyi , Maybe Zhang Xinyi can't refuse Wang Zhifei's status and resources .

Wang Zhifei filed for divorce from his ex-wife , Originally, Li Jian disagreed , But a forced twist is not sweet , In the end, I left .

Don't look so mean to your ex-wife , Wang Zhifei is quite good at Zhang Xinyi .

Buy her a house 、 decorate , Even helped Zhang Xinyi win his Beijing hukou , The work at home is all inclusive , Spoiled Zhang Xinyi into a princess .

Of course, what's more, it provides all kinds of resources for her little girlfriend , Wang Zhifei's film and television play , Most of them brought Zhang Xinyi , It has greatly opened up the popularity of his girlfriend .

Even 《 Beijing love story 》, It is said that Wang Zhifei helped sign the contract , Through this play , Zhang Xinyi became famous .

Probably inspired by Wang Zhifei's abandonment of his wife and son , After Zhang Xinyi became popular , Soon dumped his old boyfriend who had been in love for seven years .

The old man's terror is right here , Seeing that Zhang Xinyi has decided to go , Wang Zhifei made a breakup statement , He stepped on it in a strange way , Secretly poked and accused Zhang Xinyi of cheating .

After Zhang Xinyi left , Wang Zhifei was not sad for long , Just with the actress Zhang Dinghan Meet and love , This pair is different from 14 A couple of years old soon entered the palace of marriage .

Now 8 Years have passed , The couple still love each other , I had a pretty good time .

May wants to talk more about Zhang Xinyi , Wang Zhifei hinted at her cheating , In fact, I didn't wrong her .

Wang Zhifei's breakup statement was in 2012 year 3 It was sent in January , And Zhang Xinyi is 2011 Shooting in 《 PIFF 》 When I met the director Shu Peng Yang .

It was because Zhang Xinyi and Yang Shupeng were photographed walking hand in hand in the supermarket , Just let Wang Zhifei write down that shady breakup statement .

However, Zhang Xinyi directly denied his relationship with Yang Shupeng , But the face came too fast, like a Tornado , Just denied it for two months , The two directly received the marriage certificate .

It seems that the combination of male director and actress should be quite matched , But their marriage didn't last long , A year and a half later , Zhang Xinyi dumped Yang Shupeng again .

Because three months before the divorce , Zhang Xinyi is shooting 《 Princess Jieyou 》 when , I met my husband Yuan Hong now .

2014 year 10 Month and Yang Shupeng divorced ,2015 year 5 month , He made public his relationship with Yuan Hong .

Happy people may speak freely , Zhang Xinyi, who was favored by Yuan Hong, said on the program that he regretted his marriage with Yang Shupeng , It was too willful , I don't love myself , I should have been with Yuan Hong earlier .

Make Yang Shupeng angry , Directly tweeted , Big rude words .

So Zhang Xinyi and Wang Zhifei are half weight , Don't say anyone is disgusting , Almost. , Everyone is trying to get something from each other , It's a pity that they can't be together forever , And a lot of others .

Yuan Hong should listen to his mother , Don't let Zhang Xinyi shoot , Or one day, I'll be careless , I became a descendant of Wang Zhifei and Yang Shupeng …

But people who fall in love probably don't care about the wonderful stories of their other half , I hope I can cherish the present happiness .

May wants to say :

Do you care if your partner has ever been married ?

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