Reading notes of JavaScript advanced programming (3rd Edition) 4

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reading notes javascript advanced programming

The fifth chapter Reference type

One 、Object

1、 establish :
  • new Operator followed by Object Constructors
var person = new Object(); = "Nicholas";
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  • Object literal
var person = {
name : "Nicholas"
var person = {}; // And new Object() identical = "Nicholas";
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Object literals are also the preferred way to pass a large number of optional parameters to a function

function displayInfo(args) {
var output = "";
if (typeof == "string"){
output += "Name: " + + "\n";
if (typeof args.age == "number") {
output += "Age: " + args.age + "\n";
name: "Nicholas",
age: 29
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2、 visit
  • Dot notation
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  • Square brackets mean :

Can pass Variable To access properties ; The attribute name can contain Non alphanumeric Of , Using dot notation will make mistakes ; The attribute name is Keywords or reserved words , Using dot notation will make mistakes , You can also use square brackets .

var propertyName = "name";
alert(person["first name"]);
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Two 、Array

ECMAScript Each item of the array can hold any type of data , The size of the array can be adjusted dynamically , That is, it can grow automatically as data is added to accommodate new data .

1、 establish :
  • Array Constructors
var colors = new Array();
var colors = new Array(20);// Appoint length attribute 
var colors = new Array("Greg"); // Delivery contains 1 term ( When a value is numeric , As length; Otherwise, it is treated as an array item )
var colors = new Array("red", "blue", "green");// Pass the contained items 
var colors = Array(3);// It can be omitted new The operator 
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  • Array literal :

Represented by a pair of square brackets containing array items , Multiple array items are separated by commas

var colors = ["red", "blue", "green"]; // Create a containing 3 An array of strings 
var names = []; // Create an empty array 
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2、 visit

Square brackets and provide corresponding values based on 0 Digital index of

var colors = ["red", "blue", "green"]; // Define an array of strings 
alert(colors[0]); // Show first item 
colors[2] = "black"; // Revise the third item 
colors[3] = "brown"; // Add a fourth item 
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By setting this property , You can remove items from the end of the array or add new items to the array

var colors = ["red", "blue", "green"];
// remove 
colors.length = 2;
alert(colors[2]); //undefined
// add to 
colors.length = 4;
alert(colors[3]); //undefined
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4、 Transformation method

All objects have toLocaleString()、toString() and valueOf() Method .

  • toString(): Returns a comma separated string concatenated by the string form of each value in the array ;
  • valueOf(): Return or array ; actually , In order to create this string, we will call each item of the array toString() Fang

Law .

  • join(): Use different delimiters to construct this string ;
5、 Stack method ( Last in, first out )
  • push(): Receive any number of parameters , Add them to the end of the array one by one , And return the length of the modified array ;
  • pop(): Remove the last entry from the end of the array , Reduce the length value , Then return the removed item .
6、 Queue method ( Last in, first out )
  • push()

  • shift(): Removes the first item in the array and returns it , At the same time, reduce the array length by 1.

  • unshift(): Add any item to the front of the array and return the length of the new array ;

  • pop()

7、 Reorder method
  • reverse(): reverse
  • sort(): By default ,sort() Method to arrange array items in ascending order .sort() Method will call the toString() Transformation method , Then compare the resulting string .
var values = [0, 1, 5, 10, 15];
alert(values); //0,1,10,15,5
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After transformation , Compare strings , It does not satisfy the sorting of values . therefore sort() Method can take a comparison function as an argument , So that we can specify which value precedes which value .

function compare(value1, value2) {
if (value1 < value2) {// Returns a negative number if the first parameter should precede the second 
return -1;
} else if (value1 > value2) {// Returns a positive number if the first parameter should be after the second 
return 1;
} else {// Return if two parameters are equal 0
return 0;
function compare(value1, value2){// Ascending 
return value2 - value1;
var values = [0, 1, 5, 10, 15];
alert(values); //0,1,5,10,15
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8、 Operation method
  • concat(): First create a copy of the current array , Then add the received parameters to the end of the copy one by one , Finally, return the newly constructed array . Does not affect the original array
  • slice(): Accept one or two parameters , That is, to return the start and end positions of the item . With only one parameter ,slice() Method to return from the

Parameter to specify all items starting at the end of the current array . If you have two parameters , This method returns the item between the start and end positions , But it doesn't include the end position . Does not affect the original array

  • splice(): Delete (2 Parameters , The location of the first item to delete and the number of items to delete ); Insert (3 Parameters : The starting position 、0 Number of items to delete 、 Any number of items to insert ); Replace (3 Parameters : The starting position 、 Number of items to delete 、 Any number of items to insert ). Returns the item removed from the original array ( Array )
9、 Location method

Receive two parameters : The item to find 、( Optional ) Index indicating the location of the search start point ; Returns the position of the searched item in the array , Return if not found -1.

  • indexOf(): Look backward from the beginning of the array
  • lastIndexOf(): Start at the end of the array and look forward
10、 Iterative method

Receive two parameters : Functions to run on each item 、( Optional ) Scope object to run this function —— influence this Value . The parameter function has three parameters : Value of array item 、 The position of the item in the array 、 Array object itself . Does not affect the original array

  • every(): Run the given function for each item in the array , If the function returns... For each item true, Then return to true.( Boolean value )
  • some(): Run the given function for each item in the array , If the function returns true, Then return to true.( Boolean value )
  • filter(): Run the given function for each item in the array , Return this function will return true Array of items from .( Array )
  • forEach(): Run the given function for each item in the array .( No return )
  • map(): Run the given function for each item in the array , Returns an array of the results of each function call .( Array )
 var numbers = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1];
var everyResult = numbers.every(function (item, index, array) {
return (item > 2);
alert(everyResult); //false 
var someResult = numbers.some(function (item, index, array) {
return (item > 2);
alert(someResult); //true
var filterResult = numbers.filter(function (item, index, array) {
return (item > 2);
alert(filterResult); //[3,4,5,4,3]
var mapResult = (item, index, array) {
return item * 2;
alert(mapResult); //[2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2]
numbers.forEach(function (item, index, array) {
// Do something 
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11、 Merging method

Iterate over all items of the array , Then build a final return value . Receive two parameters : A function called in each item 、( Optional ) Initial value as the basis of consolidation . The parameter function receives 4 Parameters : Previous value 、 Current value 、 Index and array objects for items ; Any value returned by the function is automatically passed to the next item as the first parameter . The first iteration occurs on the second term of the array , So the first argument is the first item in the array , The second parameter is the second term of the array .

  • reduce(): Start with the first item in the array
  • reduceRight(): From the last item of the array
 var values = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];
var sum = values.reduce(function (prev, cur, index, array) {
return prev + cur;
alert(sum); //15
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