Java programmers must master 10 open source tools!

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java programmers master open source

This paper mainly introduces Java Some basic and advanced tools for programmers . If you are an experienced Java Developer , You may be familiar with these tools , But if not , Now is a good time to start learning these tools .

Java There are many tools in the world , from Eclipse,NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA Wait for the famous IDE Start to Java Developers should know JVM Analysis and monitoring tools , Such as JConsole,VisualVM,Eclipse Memory Analyzer etc. .

For all that , In this paper , I will Focus on the application of various Java Common tools for developers , For example, the core Java Developers and Web Developer .


Atlassian Of JIRA It is one of the most important tools in the field of agile development . It is used for error tracking , Problem tracking and project management . If you follow the agile development approach , for example Sprint and Scrum, Then you have to understand JIRA. It allows you to create Spring Loop and track the progress of software development .

JIRA It is based on Java Architecture management system , because Atlassian Male The company provides free defect tracking services for many open source projects , So in the open source world , Its awareness is much higher than other products , And it's easier to use .

2. Git

Git yes Java Another essential tool for programmers , It is a free open source distributed version control system , Designed to quickly and efficiently handle project version management from very small to very large .Git Easy to learn , Small footprint , With super performance .

first Git Is developed to assist Linux The process of kernel development , But discovery has been used in many other free software projects Git.

3. Jenkins


Jenkins It's a use. Java Write the open source automation server . It helps automate software development , For example, compiling a project , Run unit tests , Integration testing , Generate documents and upload artifacts in local and remote repositories . It is mainly used for :

● continued 、 Build automatically / Test software project , Such as CruiseControl And DamageControl.

● Monitor some scheduled tasks .

It's one of the most popular tools for continuous integration in projects . If you haven't started using Jenkins, Let's start now .

4. Selenium

Selenium yes Web One of the best software testing frameworks for applications . It provides a playback tool for authoring tests , No need to learn test script language .Java Developers can use Selenium To test their HTML and JSP file .

It's also for Web Browser automation provides a variety of tools and Libraries .Selenium Now exists 2 A version , One is called selenium-core, One is called selenium-rc .

5. Groovy

Groovy It's based on JVM Agile development language , It is a combination of Python、Ruby and Smalltalk Many powerful features of . You can use it to write build scripts , The test script , You can even use things like Gradle and Spock Such a popular framework .


Spock Is suitable Java and Groovy A test framework for the application . Because of its JUnit Run the program ,Spock With most IDE, Build tool and continuous integration server compatible . If you want to improve your unit testing skills , So much time to study Spock It's always right .

7. Maven

If you are an experienced Java Developer , Then you must know very well Maven 了 ,Apache Maven It's a build and project management tool , Based on the project object model (POM) The concept of ,Maven Can be used to manage project generation 、 Reports and documentation .

Maven Another useful feature of is dependency management , Because we are Java A large number of third-party libraries are used in the project , So manually manage each JAR And its dependencies can be very cumbersome ,Maven Download the correct... For you automatically JAR To help you solve problems

8. Gradle

Gradle It's based on Apache Ant and Apache Maven Concept of project automation build tool . So is it Android Default build tool for .

It introduces based on Groovy Domain specific language of (DSL), instead of Apache Maven Used to declare project configuration XML, This is conducive to the configuration of project dependency and user's project customization

Why choose Gradle stay Ant or Maven? Because it combines the best features of other build tools , For example, it has Ant Flexibility and control ,Ivy Dependency management for ,Maven Configuration and plug-in conventions , And can be in Ant Upper use Groovy DSL. This makes it Java The best build tool for the project .

9. Docker

Docker Is an open source application container engine , Allows developers to package their applications and dependencies into a portable container , Then post to any popular Linux On the machine , You can also implement virtualization .

Containers are completely sandboxed using the sandbox mechanism , There will be no interface between them ( similar iPhone Of app). Almost no performance overhead , It's easy to run in machines and data centers . most important of all , They don't rely on any language 、 Frame or packaging system .

10. Linux

Beginners Linux Best from Linux Command line basics start ,Linux Is a free and open source class Unix operating system , Play an important role in your career , every last Java Developers should learn Linux.

If there are other tools you haven't learned , Then don't miss it. Learn it quickly .

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