What books are better for learning Java

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books better learning java

learn Java What book is better to read Every time I see online, there are many people who want to learn Java Technology partners are looking for books and videos . Although video learning materials are the first choice for many people to get started or improve programming , But book materials are for learners , It must also be seen . As a beginner ,Java Beginners of programming What kind of books are more suitable for reading ?

 learn Java What book is better to read _JAVA

1《 insane Java The notes 》

Suitable for self scholars .《 insane Java The notes 》 Similar to the teaching materials of training institutions , It is more suitable for planning to study deeply Java

Learners learn . Because the content of this book is more project-based , There are many practical methods , The middle rear part is slightly difficult , the

Suitable for learning with videos and other teaching materials .

2《Java Programming idea 》

Suitable for intermediate self scholars and trainers .《Java Programming idea 》 It has always been the most classic in the world Java Work , It is also a must for programmers Java Tutorials and reference books . Even an old bird who has been working for many years will read this book , Find out from it

Knowledge explanation , This book can not only be used as a tutorial , It can be used as a reference book , Many ideas and methods in this book are explained by power

Wei . Just like Xinhua Dictionary , Whether you are a self scholar or a trainer , It is suggested that everyone should have one . Of course , Junior self scholar , Reading this book may be a little laborious , Therefore, self scholars can learn for a period of time before reading .

3《Java The core technology 》

Most suitable for those who apply for training courses .《Java The core technology 》 It is divided into 2 volume , The first volume is the basics , The second volume is advanced features . This book , It is also suitable for self scholars and students in training institutions , It is especially suitable as a reference book for training students . Because the training institutions generally speak faster , More practical , Often combined with actual projects , Fast learning tends to ignore the basics and core principles , This book just makes up for .

4《Java From entry to mastery 》

Suitable for self-study . This book aims at zero basic explanation , Use examples to guide readers to further study , For self scholars , More appropriate , Can start from scratch , Gradually understand and learn step by step . in addition , This book has enough practical content , Self scholars, especially those with non academic background , It is easier to master the knowledge described in the book .

5《Java Development of actual combat classic 》

《 Famous teacher's Forum 1 Java Development of actual combat classic 》 This book is published by Tsinghua University Press . whole book 831 page , Equipped with a large number of videos and source code , There are also many small cases , Readers can learn and practice , Very suitable for self-study .

6、《Java Basic introduction 》

This book is a textbook for programming courses of computer related majors , It can also be used as Java Basic technical training materials , It is an entry-level textbook suitable for computer programming beginners . It explains in detail from the perspective of beginners Java A variety of technologies mainly used in development , It can help beginners develop good programming habits , Familiar with the use of development tools, etc .

 learn Java What book is better to read _JAVA_02

learn Java What book is better to read You can choose your own books , Learning in combination with video courses , And typing more code and doing more exercises , Such learning effect will be better .java I still need to practice more code , Think more , The lines , Any knowledge point, as long as you do it seriously , There is no rock that can't be taken down , Hard work , Believe in yourself , Then work hard , Will win .


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