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latest java factory interview true

one side

1. You think the project used MQ What benefits did it bring you , What is the original intention of the design ? What disadvantages will it bring ? ( The project is highly targeted , Don't dwell on )

2. Type on the web page taobao.com, Go back to a page , What happened in the meantime ?

3. You said session and cookie, What's the difference between the two , What is the application scenario ?

4. Return the text of the interface , picture , link , Where do you think it came from , Or where to store it ?

5. Describe the TCP Three handshakes , Can I carry data during this period ? What are the consequences of carrying data ?

6. Describe four breakups , What is the state between the second and third ?

7. The way object All the methods of the class and their functions ( It's really all : clone, notify/all,finalize,wait, hashcode, equals, tostring, getclass )

8. What's the difference between abstract classes and interfaces ? Talk about your personal understanding .

9. Tell me more about it final keyword , Modifying variables , Method , What are the differences between classes ? Can think of any specific application field

Scenery ?

10. The way equals Method ,hashmap The bottom of the , Follow hashtable,concurrentHashMap What is it difference

11. The difference between static dispatch and dynamic dispatch ? Specific application scenarios ?

12.1 .8concurrentHashMap What has changed , What is the significance of optimization ?

13. hashmap except The number of settlement points is greater than 8, What else will tree ( I didn't think of this , Or maybe I didn't hear clearly )

14. hashcode Fang What are the characteristics of law ? hashset How is the underlying layer of the ? Why hashmap?

15. say something JVM Memory structure ( The question here is JMM Or the runtime constant pool )

16. You just said 1.8 After the method area is moved to memory, it becomes a meta space , Why move over ?

17. Then why is the constant pool not moved to memory , But transferred to the heap ?

18. Last question , Let's talk about the saturation strategy of the process pool

Because... Is used in the project MQ, So by the way , Fortunately, I didn't ask too deep questions , Then almost every question is a high-frequency test site ,2、4、5 This paper mainly investigates the communication process in computer network , For example, three handshakes / Four waves ,7-14 Investigate Java Basics , Then there is and JVM And multithreading related problems . If you need it, you can refer to this for targeted review .

Two sides

1. From the start of the project to now , Introduce your work and difficulties , How to solve the formula ?

2. Let's talk about the modules of the microservice architecture ? How they work together ?

3. Let you achieve a eureka, How will you achieve it ?

4. User authentication , Why use JWT, It's useless. session-cookie, Application scenarios ? Pros and ? What algorithm is used for encryption ?

5. Why use rabbitMQ, Nothing else mq?

6. Tell me what design patterns have been applied to your project ? What are the application scenarios of adapter mode ?

7. Let you achieve AOP, How do you achieve ?

8.spring Do you know anything about ? How it's spread ? How is it spread in the actual business of your project ?

9. For example, there are ABC Three things , Separate atomicity , The whole is also atomic ,A Transaction error rollback , The overall transaction will also be rolled back , How would you design it ?

10. ZooKeeper Yes Understand? ? redis and Mencache The problem of model selection ?

11. Before you webServer The project introduces the whole process ? How do you multithread ? socket relevant ?

12. How do you use thread pools ? How to select parameters ?

13. Do you give them a lovely name when you write threads ? Why do you have to ? What thread troubleshooting tools have been used ?

14. spring framework What are the modules ? What modules did you use ? How to use ?

15. Whether the function of a module has been extended during use ?

16. Let's talk about collection classes ( Thread safety perspective )

On the other side , You will find that the focus of the question has changed significantly , From the previous basic knowledge to Project framework Aspect , This round examines the use and understanding of architecture in the ordinary learning process , Now we all prefer microservice Architecture , Have you thought about the principle behind it ? I use it every day Spring, How much do you know about him ? We all know that message queuing is good , What's good about that ? These things can be touched in the actual project , But something that is often overlooked , It depends on whether you have a heart .

On three sides

1. Introduce the point cloud amplification tool project in detail

2. What is your understanding of distributed architecture ?

3. Have you ever encountered any difficult points in your project or learning process ? Then concentrate on research to solve his

4. Are there any good people around ? Is there anything worth learning , And what you're doing now ?

5. What books do you usually read ?

6. Have you learned some additional computer knowledge according to your interest ,Al field 7 ,

7. stay github What open source projects have you studied ?

8. What is your career plan ?

The three sides are the pressure surface , The so-called pressure surface means that the interviewer deliberately creates tension , To understand how job seekers will face working pressure . The interviewer was born hard 、 Impolite questions deliberately make the candidate uncomfortable , For a matter or problem Do a series of questions , Break the casserole and ask the end , Until you can't answer . Its purpose is to Determine the candidate's ability to withstand stress 、 Adaptability and interpersonal skills before stress .

The focus of this round is not on the investigation of Technology , It lies in the investigation of people . I always thought , The most important thing in an interview is Put your core competence on the table . The reason why I ask you the basics , Because technical ability is one of your core competencies , But it's not just technology . If you face pressure , How to get along with people , Whether there is a spirit of exploration , These are very important , After all, every boss likes employees who are more stressed and motivated .


Already said spring cloud alibaba, That's for the whole microservice Architecture , If you want to further improve yourself , What core skills should we master ?

Personally , For the entire microservice Architecture , image RPC、Dubbo、Spring Boot、Spring Cloud Alibaba、Docker、kubernetes、Spring Cloud Netflix、Service Mesh These are the most core knowledge , The only way for architects ! The figure below , It is the self drawn route system outline of microservice architecture , If you have friends who don't know what skills you should master , You can make a reference according to the outline drawn by Xiaobian .

2021 newest Java Dachang interview true questions ,kafka Getting started video _ The programmer

If you think the picture is not clear enough , You can also come to Xiaobian to share the original xmind file !

In addition to this micro service system outline , I also organize the strongest learning notes corresponding to the core knowledge points of each topic :

  • Reach the acme of perfection ——SpringCloudAlibaba.pdf

  • SpringCloud Microservice architecture notes ( One ).pdf

  • SpringCloud Microservice architecture notes ( Two ).pdf

  • SpringCloud Microservice architecture notes ( 3、 ... and ).pdf

  • SpringCloud Microservice architecture notes ( Four ).pdf

  • Dubbo frame RPC Realization principle .pdf

  • Dubbo The latest comprehensive and in-depth interpretation .pdf

  • Spring Boot Study the tutorial .pdf

  • SpringBoo The core book .pdf

  • The first Docker book - Full version .pdf

  • Use SpringCloud and Docker Practical microservice .pdf

  • K8S(kubernetes) Learning Guide .pdf

2021 newest Java Dachang interview true questions ,kafka Getting started video _ The backend development _02

in addition , If you don't know where to start learning , The editor also drew an outline of the corresponding knowledge architecture system for the core knowledge points of each micro service , But it's all exported xmind file , All the source files are here !

2021 newest Java Dachang interview true questions ,kafka Getting started video _ The backend development _03

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