The sales volume in September broke the record: Weilai and Xiaopeng both exceeded 10000, with an ideal month on month decrease of 24.7%

Oriental Information automobile 2021-10-14 07:40:56
sales september broke record weilai

Just enter the 10 month , The new forces of car making car enterprises can't wait to announce 9 Sales figures for the month . No accident , All are year-on-year growth .

The first 1 name Weilai car, Weilai car 9 Monthly sales volume is 10628 car , It has set the highest monthly sales record . An increase of 125.7%, rose 80.7%. After two consecutive months of low sales , Finally in the 9 In June, Weilai automobile regained the title of sales champion from the ideal automobile . among Wei to ES6 Sales of 5260 car , Wei to EC6 Sales of 3390 car , Wei to ES8 Sales of 1978 car . This year, 1~9 month , The cumulative sales volume of Weilai automobile is 66395 car . so , In the new forces of car making car enterprises , Weilai automobile is still the king .

The first 2 name Xiaopeng car Xiaopeng car 9 Monthly sales volume is 10412 car , Like Weilai car , It also set the highest monthly sales record ever . An increase of 199%, rose 44.3%. front 9 Months , The cumulative sales volume of Xiaopeng automobile is 56404 car . among , Xiao peng P78 In sales 7512 car , continuity 5 The sales volume reached a new high last month , Cumulative sales have exceeded 5 Thousands of cars . With Xiaopeng P5 The listing of , I believe in the fourth quarter , Xiaopeng's car sales will reach a new high .

The first 3 name Nezha car, Nezha car 9 In sales 7699 car , Year-on-year growth 281%, rose 16.4%.1~9 month , Nezha's cumulative sales volume is 41427 Vehicles . since 360 After the company's strategic investment in Nezha automobile , In recent months, Nezha's car sales have been rising ,8 Monthly sales exceed Weilai ,9 The monthly sales volume is super ideal , The development momentum is very rapid . Go on like this , Nezha automobile has a tendency to enter the first-line brand of the new power of car making .

The first 4 name Ideal car ideal car 9 In sales 7094 Vehicles , An increase of 102.5%, fell 24.7%. Tell the truth , Ideal car 9 Month on month sales fell , Not at all 9 Monthly sales difference , But the ideal car sales in the first two months were so good . That ideal car is optimistic that ,10 The monthly sales volume will exceed 10000 units . result , The ideal car sales can not exceed 10000 units , And the chain also fell sharply , Was overtaken by Nezha's car . end 9 End of month , The cumulative sales of ideal cars are 55270 car .

The first 5 name Zero run car Zero run car 9 In sales 4095 car , An increase of 432%, fell 8.7%. Before this year 9 Months , The cumulative sales of zero running cars are 34731 car . In the past 8 month , The year-on-year growth rate of Zero car sales is as high as 720%. The reason why the sales volume of Zero run cars can grow rapidly in recent two months , Mainly relying on zero running T03 The car , Because the price is cheaper now , The main target is the low-end market . overall , The new power of car making is in car enterprises , First tier brands “ Wei Xiaoli ” Pattern , It can't be broken in a short time , Whether it's brand influence or sales . Copyright notice : This article is the original of car review , Please contact authorization for reprint , Reprint is strictly prohibited without permission , In addition, no plagiarism or embezzlement in any form is allowed , Otherwise, the legal liability will be investigated . Some pictures of the article are from the Internet , The copyright belongs to the original author , If you use your work , Please contact us for payment or delete .

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