2021 latest Java interview written test, distributed ID generation algorithm in Seata project of source code analysis

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latest java interview written test

Maven Authoritative guide

First , This book is suitable for all Java Programmers read . Due to automated build 、 Problems such as dependency management do not exist only in Java The world , So not Java Programmers can also benefit from the book . Whether you've never touched Maven、 Or has it been used Maven for ages , Or want to expand Maven, Can get valuable reference suggestions from this book . secondly , This book is also suitable for project managers , It can help you be more standardized 、 Manage more efficiently Java project .

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  • The first 1 Chapter pairs Maven It gives a brief introduction , This paper introduces... Through some familiar examples for programmers Maven What is it? , Why Maven. It is recommended that all readers read it to get an overall impression .
  • The first 2~3 Chapter is right Maven An introduction to , These contents are very helpful for beginners , If you are already familiar with Maven, You can skip .
  • The first 4 This chapter introduces the background and cases used in this book , Many later chapters will be based on this case , Therefore, readers are advised to browse at least once .
  • The first 5~8 This chapter elaborates on Maven Core concept of , Including coordinates 、 rely on 、 Warehouse 、 Life cycle 、 plug-in unit 、 Inheritance and multi module aggregation , wait , Each knowledge point has actual cases , The reader is advised to read .
  • The first 9 Chapter introduces the use of Nexus Establish private service , If you want to use Maven, This is essential .
  • The first 10~16 This chapter introduces some relatively advanced and discrete knowledge points , Including testing 、 Continuous integration with Hudson、Web Project and automated deployment 、 Automated version management 、 Flexible construction of intelligent adaptation to environmental differences 、 Site generation , as well as Maven Of Eclipse plug-in unit m2eclipse, wait . Readers can read selectively according to their actual needs and interests .
  • The first 17~18 Chapter describes how to write Archeype and Maven plug-in unit . General Maven Users often don't need to contact these knowledge in practical work , If you need to write a plug-in extension Maven, Or need Archetype Maintain your project skeleton to facilitate team development , Then you can read the contents of these two chapters carefully .

Chapter one :maven brief introduction

  • What is the maven
  • Why maven
  • maven And extreme programming
  • Misunderstood maven

2021 newest Java Interview written test , Source code analysis Seata Distributed in the project ID generating algorithm _ The programmer

Chapter two :maven Installation and configuration

  • stay Windows Installation on maven
  • Based on UNIX On the system maven
  • Install directory analysis
  • maven Installation best practices

2021 newest Java Interview written test , Source code analysis Seata Distributed in the project ID generating algorithm _ The programmer _02

The third chapter :maven Getting started

  • To write POM
  • Package and run
  • m2eclipse Easy to use
  • NetBeans Maven Plug ins are easy to use

2021 newest Java Interview written test , Source code analysis Seata Distributed in the project ID generating algorithm _Java_03

Chapter four : Background case
The fifth chapter : Coordinates and dependencies
Chapter six : Warehouse
Chapter vii. : Lifecycles and plug-ins
Chapter viii. : Aggregation and inheritance
Chapter nine : Use Nexus Create a private service
Chapter ten : Use Maven To test
Chapter 11 : Use Hudson Continuous integration
Chapter 12 : Use Maven structure Web application
Chapter 13 : version management
Chapter 14 : Flexible build
Chapter 15 : Generate project site
Chapter 16 :m2eclipse
Chapter 17 : To write maven plug-in unit
Chapter 18 :Archetype

2021 newest Java Interview written test , Source code analysis Seata Distributed in the project ID generating algorithm _ The programmer _04


ad locum , Due to the interview MySQL More questions , Therefore, it is here to MySQL As an example, summarize and share . But you often have to learn more than that , There is also the use of some mainstream frameworks ,Spring Source code learning ,Mybatis The learning of source code and so on need to be mastered , I've also sorted out these knowledge points

2021 newest Java Interview written test , Source code analysis Seata Distributed in the project ID generating algorithm _ The backend development _05

2021 newest Java Interview written test , Source code analysis Seata Distributed in the project ID generating algorithm _ The programmer _06

This article has been  CODING Open source project :【 A big factory Java Analysis of interview questions + Core summary learning notes + The latest explanation video + Actual project source code 】 Included

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