2021 latest Java experience sharing, what java knowledge do we need to learn

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latest java experience sharing java

Alipay side

  1. Introduce yourself .
  2. What are the core designs involved in the project
  3. ArrayList and LinkedList Bottom
  4. HashMap And thread safe ConcurrentHashMap, And their advantages and disadvantages
  5. Java How to achieve thread safety
  6. Synchronized and Lock Which is better? ?
  7. HashMap Medium get() How are methods implemented ?
  8. HashMap What scenarios can be used ?
  9. JVM, Garbage collection mechanism , Memory partition, etc
  10. SQL Optimize , Common indexes ?
  11. What else do you need to ask .

02 Alipay two sides

  1. No self introduction , Ask directly what you have done Java Development related projects .
  2. Which technologies are familiar with ?
  3. Multithreading state diagram , How the state flows ?
  4. Deadlock , Deadlock cause
  5. Page locks 、 Optimism lock 、 Pessimistic locking ?
  6. How to ensure thread safety with optimistic lock ?
  7. Used thread pool , Corresponding benefits , How to use ?
  8. Two 10G The file of , There are some url, Memory only 1G, How to merge these two files , Find the same url?
  9. 1000 Multiple concurrent threads ,10 Taiwan machine , Each machine 4 Nuclear , Design thread pool size .
  10. Code question : Two ordered arrays , Duplicate number in array , Merge into an ordered array , Remove duplicate numbers .
  11. Talk about your strengths .

Alipay three sides

  1. jvm What does performance tuning do
  2. How to do database performance tuning
  3. Principle of distributed system :CAP, Final consistency , Idempotent operation
  4. High concurrency , How our system supports a large number of requests
  5. How the cluster synchronizes session state
  6. Commonly used NOSQL, There was a comparison ?
  7. What happens to avalanches , And how to deal with it ?
  8. Principle of load balancing
  9. Database transaction properties
  10. When communicating with colleagues , How to solve the conflict ?
  11. What do you think is lacking in work ?
  12. Do you have any questions ?
  13. Expected salary ?
  14. Why do you want to leave the current company ?

It's all around

2021 newest Java Face to face sharing , What else should we learn Java knowledge _ The programmer

Meituan comments on Senior Java one side ( technology , Telephone interview , about 40 minute )

  1. Self introduction. .
  2. Project introduction .
  3. Read about redis Source code and redis Cluster ?
  4. Distributed redis How to ensure thread safety ?
  5. Hashmap Principle , Source code ?
  6. Hashmap How does the back-end data structure shift in the case of addition and deletion ?
  7. hashmap Why is the capacity 2 The power of ?
  8. object Class the method you know ?
  9. You've rewritten it hashcode and equals Well , What to pay attention to ?
  10. jvm Memory partition , Why the new generation and the old generation ?
  11. There is one JVM Memory optimization ?
  12. Database index What's the difference between a primary key and a unique index ?
  13. The difference between a clustered index and a nonclustered index ?
  14. MySQL Storage engine innoDB and MyISAM The difference between ?
  15. Talk about stable sorting algorithm and unstable sorting algorithm ?
  16. Let's talk about the idea of quick sorting ?

Meituan comments on Senior Java Two sides **( technology , On-site interview , about 60 minute )**

  1. The difference between several kinds of thread pools ?
  2. aio,nio,bio Understanding ,NIO What are the core concepts of ?
  3. frequently-used NIO What are the frameworks , Advantages and disadvantages ?
  4. The four isolation levels of transactions ?
  5. jvm Scene question , Memory fragmentation occurs in the old age after tag removal many times , cause full gc, What could happen next ?
  6. MySQL innodb Of b+ Tree index , primary key , What's the difference between clustered indexes ?
  7. Four features of database ?
  8. MySQL What locks are in it , Row lock table lock , Optimistic lock ?
  9. MySQL How the deadlock of , Here are two examples .
  10. dubbo Inside zookeeper What does it do ?
  11. Table locks Row lock Optimism lock Features and differences of pessimistic lock ?
  12. What are the concurrent toolkits , How to use it ?
  13. Docker How do you usually use ?
  14. Kafka How to solve data piling up ?
  15. kafka The storage mechanism of messages ?
  16. How to use kafka Keep the message in order ?
  17. kafka How to ensure that messages are consumed only once in a concurrent situation ?

Meituan comments on Senior Java Three topics **( technology , On-site interview , about 60 minute )**

  1. Project introduction .
  2. The most technically difficult project , Introduce the related core design process .
  3. Distributed redis How to ensure thread safety ?
  4. redis The way of persistence and the difference ?
  5. zookeeper How to implement distributed locks 、 How to implement other distributed locks ?
  6. kafka The architecture of , How to use kafka Keep the message in order ?
  7. What does database optimization include ?MySQL The optimization of the , Two examples of your optimization .
  8. redis Which version is used ?
  9. How to build redis colony ?
  10. redis How to synchronize master and slave ?
  11. redis Distributed lock considerations ?
  12. redis The way of persistence and the difference ?
  13. redis Persistence methods and differences ?
  14. my sql When the data volume is large, it needs to be divided into tables ?
  15. my sql Common storage engines and differences ?
  16. zookeeper The role of : Distributed lock 、 Registration Service Center ?
  17. zookeeper How to implement distributed locks 、 How to implement other distributed locks ?
  18. Solutions for distributed transactions ?
  19. How to achieve single sign on ?
  20. How to realize seckill system ?
  21. In the work , It's hard to solve the technical bottleneck , Your solution ?
  22. Technology selection , A new technology and a stable old technology , How would you choose , What factors will be considered ?

Meituan comments on Senior Java Four questions (HR, On-site interview , about 30 minute )

  1. Introduce yourself .
  2. My strengths and weaknesses .
  3. Why do you want to come to meituan , How much do you know about meituan ?
  4. The Internet companies in my heart are in order .
  5. I met some problems that I couldn't solve at work , How do you deal with ?
  6. What new technology are you learning recently
  7. What path and method do you go through , To learn and touch a new technology ?
  8. What is the future career plan ?

A lot of spelling Java R & D post 4 Interview process and questions

2021 newest Java Face to face sharing , What else should we learn Java knowledge _Java_02

one side

  1. What are the components of thread pool , Which thread pools , How to use , And what are the rejection strategies
  2. Write an algorithm , The hierarchy traverses the tree and outputs the hierarchy of each layer
  3. Write a question , Postorder traversal of binary trees , non-recursive algorithm .
  4. When will multithreading deadlock happen , Write an example
  5. say jdk1.8 in , Yes hashMap The optimization of the , Yes concurrentHashMap The optimization of the
  6. How to solve hash Conflicting , And if there's a conflict , How the hash Find the target value in the table
  7. Yes 1000 Data exists hashmap in , What's the actual quantity , Consider load factor and capacity expansion
  8. common RPC What are they? ? Corresponding differences and performance comparison ?
  9. The switching conditions of user mode and core state of operating system and why to switch
  10. Communication between threads , Asynchronous queues , Message delay acquisition

Two sides

  1. MySQL How to do master-slave replication
  2. MySQL The index of , Use B+ The benefits of tree indexing
  3. MySQL Performance review and how to optimize
  4. Redis How to do caching
  5. Redis Persistent operation of
  6. How to use it redis Processing hot data
  7. TCP Three handshakes , What's wrong if there's no third handshake .
  8. How to implement distributed lock

On three sides

  1. cap Do you understand , What do you mean respectively
  2. Network programming nio and netty relevant ,netty Thread model of , Zero copy implementation
  3. Redis Single thread or multi thread ?Redis How to do the distributed cluster of ?
  4. What are the distributed message queues (Kafka etc. )? What have you used ? Specific application in what scenario ?
  5. How to do load balancing , Why do you do this , You know about avalanches .
  6. Talk about peak clipping in high concurrency scenarios , The realization of current limiting ?

Four sides (HR)

  1. Why job hopping ?
  2. What is the expected salary ?
  3. How to look at overtime ?
  4. How do you usually learn technology , except Java relevant , I'm going to learn about other technologies ?
  5. What are the plans for the next few years ?

Kafka Practical notes

About this note , In order not to affect everyone's reading experience , I can only show some chapters and core screenshots in the article

2021 newest Java Face to face sharing , What else should we learn Java knowledge _Java_03

  • Kafka introduction
  • Why choose Kafka
  • Karka Installation 、 Management and configuration

2021 newest Java Face to face sharing , What else should we learn Java knowledge _ The backend development _04

  • Kafka The cluster of
  • first Kafka Program
  • 2021 newest Java Face to face sharing , What else should we learn Java knowledge _ The programmer _05

afka The producers of

2021 newest Java Face to face sharing , What else should we learn Java knowledge _ The backend development _06

  • Kafka The consumer
  • In depth understanding of Kafka
  • Reliable data transmission

2021 newest Java Face to face sharing , What else should we learn Java knowledge _Java_07

2021 newest Java Face to face sharing , What else should we learn Java knowledge _Java_08

  • Spring and Kalka Integration of
  • Sprinboot and Kafka Integration of
  • Kafka The practice of cutting peaks and filling valleys
  • Data pipeline and streaming ( Understanding can )

2021 newest Java Face to face sharing , What else should we learn Java knowledge _Java_09

  • Kafka The practice of cutting peaks and filling valleys

2021 newest Java Face to face sharing , What else should we learn Java knowledge _ The programmer _10

This article has been  CODING Open source project :【 A big factory Java Analysis of interview questions + Core summary learning notes + The latest explanation video + Actual project source code 】 Included

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  42. Data structure must be an example to understand dynamic programming (with universal Python code)
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