2021 latest Huawei Java school recruitment face-to-face questions, baidu Java interview questions and answers

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latest huawei java school recruitment

One 、 Electric surface :

Self introduction.

Project situation :

  • One of the most influential projects for you ( The questions about the project in the interview are all about the project )?
  • Why do you want to do this project ? Of this project ideal Who brought it up ?
  • How to realize the transmission and storage of big data in the project
  • Which part of the project is the most difficult to overcome ? How to conquer ?

A survey of basic knowledge :

  • The benefits of modularity
  • Htttp agreement
  • hashmap and concurrenthashmap Differences and advantages and disadvantages of the two
  • Yes MySQL Understanding , and oracle The difference between
  • View and cognition of design patterns
  • What are the design patterns
  • How to implement distributed caching
  • How to avoid deadlock in multithreading
  • Java Garbage collection mechanism
  • Yes Runtime Understanding

Pay great attention to the investigation of basic knowledge , Be sure to review and sort out the basic knowledge before the interview . The content of basic knowledge investigation will generally focus on the project content , When preparing the project introduction in the early stage, it is necessary to transpose properly , Think about the interviewer's questioning logic , Avoid setting yourself a trap .

2021 The latest Huawei Java Face to face examination questions , Baidu Java Interview questions and answers _ The programmer

Two 、 Field surface :

2021 The latest Huawei Java Face to face examination questions , Baidu Java Interview questions and answers _ The programmer _02

Background :

  • Why choose programming
  • When to start programming
  • How to teach yourself
  • Read those books
  • Project investigation
  • Whether members have ever had a dispute on a certain point during the operation of the project ? As Leader How did you solve ? Specific examples ?
  • The final effect of the project
  • Design patterns used in specific parts of the project and brief reasons for selection
  • What needs to be improved in the project and draw up an improvement plan

Questions to ask

Technical projects account for a considerable part of the time , From technology to individual team leadership in the project , From the ability to complete execution to the flexibility of thought , It's all the information the interviewer wants . therefore , You must prepare for your project in many ways , In the process of project review, we need to constantly think about improvement schemes and specific measures .

3、 ... and 、 HR Noodles :

  • avocation
  • Why not take part in the competition ?
  • Do you think you give full play to the advantages of team members as a team leader during the operation of the project ? Specific examples ?
  • How to view Ali's investment in big data ? What suggestions do you have for Ali's development ? What do you think of the development of ant gold clothes ?
  • Occupation planning , The direction of future work
  • Where is my hometown , Are you willing to develop in Hangzhou for a long time ?
  • Salary and employment situation

It's important to hide your mistakes properly , Because as an interviewer , It's hard for us to judge what deficiencies are intolerable for the company , If you play casually on the spot , It is prone to language loopholes , It is used as a starting point to expose its own defects . therefore , Carefully prepare all kinds of questions before the interview , Deliberate on language , Try to lead the topic in a direction conducive to yourself .

A summary of the interview questions of ant Jinfu

The ant gold dress Java On one side of the fence :

  1. HashMap&ConcurrentHashMap Let's talk about consensus hash Algorithm ?
  2. Optimism lock & Pessimistic locking ?
  3. Reentrant lock &Synchronize? Four characteristics of transaction ?
  4. A two-stage commit mechanism for transactions ?
  5. Cluster index & Nonclustered index ?
  6. Let's talk about the usage scenario of index with my own practical experience ( To say one is to give an example )?
  7. The current reading & Read the snapshot ?
  8. Class loading process ?
  9. The mechanism of parental delegation and the reasons for its use ?
  10. say something GC Algorithm ?
  11. Http&Https The difference between Https The core parameters and basic principles of thread pool. The tuning strategy of thread pool. What career plan do you have

The ant gold dress Java Two sides of gang ( Start with the project ):

  1. Talk about the projects you're involved in , Where is the technical difficulty ?
  2. Collections.sort Bottom level sorting ?
  3. Sort stability ?
  4. Ranking strategy for specific scenarios ?
  5. Http Request process ,DNS Three handshakes and four wave of hands are used to describe the use of thread pool and concurrency tools ?
  6. The principle of database index is frequent, how to analyze and solve the problem of recycling in the old age Spring IOC、AOP?
  7. Tell me about SpringBoot/SpringCloud Some applications of ?
  8. Block queues without java How to realize the self provided ,condition and wait You can't use the congestion window to talk about , Why use the principle of slow start algorithm load balancing ?
  9. Redis The problem of data consistency ( Distributed multi node environment & Stand alone environment )?
  10. Tell me about docker Containers ?
  11. How to achieve peak clipping under he Gao concurrency , Current limiting ?
  12. What career plans do you have ( Every interviewer has to ask this question , Three sides, too )

The ant gold dress Java Three sides of the post ( Mostly talk about life ):

  1. Understanding of middleware used in the project (Dubbo、MQ、Redis、kafka、zk) How is the server avalanche caused ?
  2. Have you had this experience before ?
  3. How to guard against ?
  4. Design ideas of high concurrency architecture the biggest problems encountered in previous projects and solution strategies the biggest setbacks encountered in life the biggest things encountered in life that make you feel the most successful what career plan do you have


ad locum , Due to the interview MySQL More questions , Therefore, it is here to MySQL As an example, summarize and share . But you often have to learn more than that , There is also the use of some mainstream frameworks ,Spring Source code learning ,Mybatis The learning of source code and so on need to be mastered , I've also sorted out these knowledge points

2021 The latest Huawei Java Face to face examination questions , Baidu Java Interview questions and answers _ The programmer _03

2021 The latest Huawei Java Face to face examination questions , Baidu Java Interview questions and answers _ The backend development _04

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