HDU-3038-How Many Answers Are Wrong【 带权并查集 】题解,java实战项目论坛

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TT and FF are … friends. Uh… very very good friends -________-b

FF is a bad boy, he is always wooing TT to play the following game with him. This is a very humdrum game. To begin with, TT should write down a sequence of integers-_-!!(bored).

HDU-3038-How Many Answers Are Wrong【 带权并查集 】题解,java实战项目论坛_面试

Then, FF can choose a continuous subsequence from it(for example the subsequence from the third to the fifth integer inclusively). After that, FF will ask TT what the sum of the subsequence he chose is. The next, TT will answer FF’s question. Then, FF can redo this process. In the end, FF must work out the entire sequence of integers.

BoringBoringa very very boring game!!! TT doesn’t want to play with FF at all. To punish FF, she often tells FF the wrong answers on purpose.

The bad boy is not a fool man. FF detects some answers are incompatible. Of course, these contradictions make


【docs.qq.com/doc/DSmxTbFJ1cmN1R2dB】 完整内容开源分享

it difficult to calculate the sequence.

However, TT is a nice and lovely girl. She doesn’t have the heart to be hard on FF. To save time, she guarantees that the answers are all right if there is no logical mistakes indeed.

What’s more, if FF finds an answer to be wrong, he will ignore it when judging next answers.

But there will be so many questions that poor FF can’t make sure whether the current answer is right or wrong in a moment. So he decides to write a program to help him with this matter. The program will receive a series of questions from FF together with the answers FF has received from TT. The aim of this program is to find how many answers are wrong. Only by ignoring the wrong answers can FF work out the entire sequence of integers. Poor FF has no time to do this job. And now he is asking for your help~(Why asking trouble for himself~~Bad boy)


Line 1: Two integers, N and M (1 <= N <= 200000, 1 <= M <= 40000). Means TT wrote N integers and FF asked her M questions.

Line 2…M+1: Line i+1 contains three integer: Ai, Bi and Si. Means TT answered FF that the sum from Ai to Bi is Si. It’s guaranteed that 0 < Ai <= Bi <= N.

You can assume that any sum of subsequence is fit in 32-bit integer.


A single line with a integer denotes how many answers are wrong.

Sample Input

10 5

1 10 100

7 10 28

1 3 32

4 6 41

6 6 1

Sample Output










using namespace std;

const int maxn = 2e5 + 10;

int Sum[maxn], Fa[maxn];

void init(int n) //初始化


for (int i = 0; i <= n; i++)


Fa[i] = i;

Sum[i] = 0;



int find(int x) //查询


if (x != Fa[x])


int tmp = Fa[x];

Fa[x] = find(Fa[x]); //将x的父节点设置为根节点

Sum[x] += Sum[tmp];


return Fa[x];


int main()


int n, m;

while (cin>>n>>m)



int ans = 0;

while (m–)



高性能。 秒杀涉及大量的并发读和并发写,因此支持高并发访问这点非常关键。该笔记将从设计数据的动静分离方案、热点的发现与隔离、请求的削峰与分层过滤、服务端的极致优化这4个方面重点介绍。

一致性。 秒杀中商品减库存的实现方式同样关键。可想而知,有限数量的商品在同一时刻被很多倍的请求同时来减库存,减库存又分为“拍下减库存”“付款减库存”以及预扣等几种,在大并发更新的过程中都要保证数据的准确性,其难度可想而知。因此,将用一个节点来专门讲解如何设计秒杀减库存方案。

高可用。 虽然介绍了很多极致的优化思路,但现实中总难免出现一些我们考虑不到的情况,所以要保证系统的高可用和正确性,还要设计一个PlanB来兜底,以便在最坏情况发生时仍然能够从容应对。笔记的最后,将带你思考可以从哪些环节来设计兜底方案。


HDU-3038-How Many Answers Are Wrong【 带权并查集 】题解,java实战项目论坛_Java_02

HDU-3038-How Many Answers Are Wrong【 带权并查集 】题解,java实战项目论坛_Java_03


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