[Java multithreading] Java multithreading skills

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java multithreading java multithreading skills


1. The concept of process and multithread and the advantages of thread

1.1 So what is thread ?

1.2 So why use multithreading ?

2. Using multithreading

2.1 Inherit Thread class

2.2 Realization Runnable Interface

2.3 Instance variables and thread safety

1. The concept of process and multithread and the advantages of thread

When it comes to multithreading, you have to mention “ process ” The concept , stay “ Baidu Encyclopedia ” The process is explained as follows :

process (Process) A program in a computer is about a running activity on a data set , Is the system resource allocation and scheduling of the basic unit , Is the foundation of the operating system architecture . In early process oriented computer architecture , A process is the basic execution entity of a program ; In modern thread oriented computer architecture , A process is a container for threads . A program is an instruction 、 Description of data and its organization , A process is an entity of a program .

A process is the basic unit of operation managed by the operating system .

1.1 So what is thread ?

Threads can be understood as subtasks running independently in a process . Thread refers to the process of program execution , An execution unit capable of executing program code . stay Java In language , Threads have 4 States : function 、 be ready 、 Suspend and end .

At the operating system level , The execution of the program is based on the process , Each process will have multiple threads executing concurrently without affecting each other .

1.2 So why use multithreading ?

(1) Using multithreading can reduce the response time of programs . In the case of a single thread , If an operation is time-consuming , Or wait a long time , At this time, the program will not respond to operations such as mouse and keyboard , After using multithreading , This time-consuming thread can be allocated to a separate thread to execute , So that the program has better interactivity .

(2) Compared with the process , Thread creation and switching are less expensive . Since starting a new process, this thread must be allocated a separate address space , Build many data structures to maintain thread code segments 、 Data segment and other information , Threads running in the same process share code segments 、 Data segment , The cost of starting or switching threads is much less than that of processes . At the same time, multithreading is very efficient in data sharing .

(3) many CPU Or multi-core computer itself has the ability to execute multithreading , If you use a single thread , Will not be able to reuse computer resources , Cause a huge waste of resources . therefore In a multiple CPU Using multithreading on a computer can improve CPU Utilization ratio .

(4) Using multithreading can simplify the structure of the program , Make the program easy to understand and maintain . A very complex process can be divided into multiple threads to execute .

【 notes 】: Multithreading is asynchronous , So don't put IDEA The order of the code is the order in which the thread executes , The thread is called at random .

2. Using multithreading

stay Java in , There are two ways to implement multithreaded programming ,

  • One is Inherit Thread class ,
  • The other is Realization Runnable Interface .

2.1 Inherit Thread class

public class Thread implements Runnable

From the above source code can be found ,Thread Class implements the Runnable Interface , There is a polymorphism between them .

Actually , Using inheritance Thread Class to create a new thread , The biggest limitation is that it does not support multiple inheritance , because Java The characteristic of language is single root inheritance , So in order to support multiple inheritance , It can be realized Runnable How to interface , Carry out and inherit at the same time . But with The nature of threads created in these two ways is the same , There is no essential difference .

example : Create a custom thread class MyThread.java, This class is inherited from Thread, And rewrite run Method .

public class MyThread extends Thread {
public void run() {

The running class code is as follows :

public class Run {
public static void main(String args) {
MyThread mythread = new MyThread();
System.out.println(" End of run !");

When using multithreading technology , The result of running code has nothing to do with the order of code execution or calling .

【 notes 】: If you call more than once start() Method , It will appear Exception in thread “main” java.lang.IlleagelThreadStateException.

Thread.java Class start() Method notice “ Thread Planner ” This thread is ready , Waiting to call the thread object run() Method . This process is actually to let the system arrange a time to call Thread Medium run() Method , That is to make the thread run , Start thread , have Asynchronous execution The effect of .

If you call code thread.run() It's not asynchronous execution 了 , It's synchronization , Then this thread object is not given to “ Thread Planner ” To process , But by the main Main program to call run() Method , That is to say, we must wait run() The code in the method can only be executed after execution .

【 notes 】: perform start() The order of methods does not represent the order in which threads start .

2.2 Realization Runnable Interface

Using inheritance Thread Class to develop multithreaded applications is limited in design , because Java It's a single inheritance , Multiple inheritance is not supported , So in order to change this limitation , You can use the implementation Runnable Interface to achieve multithreading technology .

Constructors Thread(Runnable target) Not only can it be introduced Runnable Object of the interface , You can also pass in a Thread Class object , It's quite possible to make a Thread Object run() Method is called by another thread .

example : Create an implementation Runnable The class of the interface MyRunnable, The code is as follows :

public class MyRunnable implements Runnable {
public void run() {
System.out.println(" Running !");

2.3 Instance variables and thread safety

The instance variable in the custom thread class can have... For other threads share and Do not share Points , This is a very important technical point in the interaction between multiple threads .

Here's a “ Non-thread safety ” Example :

public class MyThread extends Thread {
private int count = 5;
public void run() {
System.out.println(" from " + this.currentThread().getName() + " Calculation ,count = " + count);

Operation class Run.java The code is as follows :

public class Run {
public static void main(String[] args) {
MyThread mythread = new MyThread();
Thread a = new Thread(mythread, "A");
Thread b = new Thread(mythread, "B");
Thread c = new Thread(mythread, "C");
Thread d = new Thread(mythread, "D");
Thread e = new Thread(mythread, "E");

The above code , Think of multiple threads processing at the same time count The situation of , produce ” Non-thread safety “ problem .

In fact, this example is a typical sales scenario :5 A salesman , Each salesman can't get the same remaining quantity after selling a product , Only after each salesperson has sold out one item can other salespeople continue to reduce the number of new remaining items 1 operation . In this case, it is necessary to synchronize multiple threads , That is to say, it is necessary to queue up in order 1 operation . Change the code as follows :

public class MyThread extends Thread {
private int count = 5;
synchronized public void run() {
System.out.println(" from " + this.currentThread().getName() + " Calculation ,count = " + count);

By means of run Method before adding synchronized keyword , Make multiple threads execute run When the method is used , To deal with in a queue . When - One thread call run front , First judge run Is the method locked , If locked , Indicates that another thread is calling run Method , You have to wait for other threads to run After the method call is completed, you can execute run Method . In this way, the queued call run
Purpose of method , That is to say, we have reached the goal of pairing count Variable minus 1 The effect has been achieved. .synchronized You can lock any object or method , And the code that locks is called “ Mutual exclusion zone ” or “ A critical region ”.

When a thread wants to execute the code in the synchronization method , The thread first tries to get the lock , If you can get this lock , Then this thread can execute synchronize Code inside . If you can't get this lock , Then the thread will keep trying to get the lock , Until you can get it , And there are multiple threads competing for the lock at the same time .

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